As Matilda challenges Nicholas on what he thinks she is capable of, Genevive is dealing with Barb being desperate for attention.

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As Matilda challenges Nicholas on what he thinks she is capable of, Genevive is dealing with Barb being desperate for attention.

Episode Name Wooly Bear Caterpillar
Directed By Rachael Holder
Written By Thomas Ward
Aired (Freeform) 5/13/2021

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Barb’s Struggle – Genevieve, Alex, Nicholas

With Genevieve dealing with the overzealous Oscar, it seems Barb has felt neglected, and thus she faked her grandmother dying. However, rather than make this something she only told Genevieve, she told everyone, so when her grandmother liked a post she put online, the jig was up, and now everyone hates Barb.

This leads to two reactions. Nicholas is pro dropping Barb for what she did, and Alex thinks Genevieve should reach out. Ultimately, Alex wins, but Genevieve isn’t really excited or happy about it at all. Especially when she gets voicemail.

The Desire To Propose – Matilda, Toby, Suze, Nicholas

With Matilda believing she found the one, so comes the desire to propose to Drea, which no one thinks is a good idea, but struggle to say that to Matilda. Why? Well, for Toby, it is because he loves love, and with Suze thinking he may have been inappropriate around her, learning this isn’t the case, and he is asking him for his daughter’s hand in marriage? Well, it is too exciting.

Suze ready to talk about this proposal thing
Suze ready to talk about this proposal thing

As for Suze? It seems she has grown tired of playing the bad guy, so she’d rather Nicholas do it. Problem is, Nicholas is a coward, so he tries his best to avoid breaking his sister’s heart until he has no choice.

The Struggle To Break A Young Girl’s Heart – Suze, Nicholas, Matilda

However, even when presented that he doesn’t have a choice, he fumbles. How? Well, he presents Matilda and Genevieve’s mother’s ring in hopes the significance of that will lessen Matilda’s desire to marry Drea. However, with the fear of becoming a statistic in the back of her mind, specifically being unmarried and alone, Matilda sees the ring as the perfect symbol of her love. Thus, once more, Nicholas fails.

Which for Suze, it doesn’t entertain her at all his failure, yet it seems, to avoid being the bad guy, she isn’t going to say anything to Drea or Matilda about the situation and will just be on the sidelines for now.

Commentary/ Review


Understanding Matilda’s Fear

While it is easy to think Drea is getting the most out of this relationship, let’s not forget Matilda gets a good deal as well. First and foremost, take note that Matilda’s attempts to be in a relationship with a boy have failed thus far, and the sex she has had had no emotions attached. Secondly, it’s a pandemic, so finding someone new would be hard. Then when you factor in Matilda lost her scholarship, is searching for a new dream, and Drea is the only thing that makes her consistently feel upbeat; now it makes Drea someone Matilda needs to lock-in.

Matilda crying after Nicholas says she can't marry Drea
Matilda crying after Nicholas says she can’t marry Drea

Not to forget, when you add Matilda being autistic, and how that ruined Julliard for her, and the constant fear of becoming a stereotype looming in her head? It’s easy to understand her fear and her almost desperate need for this win.

On The Fence

Realizing How Much Of An Ass Darren Is

Is it nice to talk about the fictionalized dead? No. However, I want you to imagine all your estranged father leaving you is the opportunity to raise your two sisters with who you aren’t necessarily close with. Yes, they know who you are, and you have a relationship, but it is by no means at the point where you are lovey-dovey, and they come to see you as much as you come to see them.

So when Nicholas revealed Darren left him nothing, that felt like an ass**** move, on top of a means to humble and justify Nicholas’ actions. What I mean by that is, more often than not, Nicholas is immature to the point of being asinine. So to insert how his father essentially didn’t plan anything out for his future birthdays, it seems like an act for you to feel sorry for him. Perhaps even be like Alex and give him a pass despite all of Nicholas’ worst traits. Which feels a bit manipulative.

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