Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Season 2/ Episode 6 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As Genevieve goes on a date, Matilda spends the night with Drea, and both situations are fairly awkward…

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Title Card - Everything's Gonna Be Okay Season 2 Episode 6

As Genevieve goes on a date, Matilda spends the night with Drea, and both situations are fairly awkward…

Episode Name Regal Jumping Spider
Directed By Rachael Holder
Written By Dana Donnelly, Josh Thomas
Aired (FreeForm) 5/6/2021

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Like Dating A Huge Child – Nicholas, Alex

With Genevieve on a date and Matilda away at a lodge with Drea, Nicholas was left home alone, and like an untrained puppy, he ripped through the house. Alex is the first to discover this, and with him still not done when it comes to Nicholas, he rolls his eyes and walks away.

Just Trying To Make It Last – Drea, Matilda

As Drea noted to Nicholas in a previous episode, she knows she and Matilda likely won’t be forever. However, this doesn’t mean she isn’t going to try to come up with ways so that their relationship can last as long as possible. Case in point, Drea invites Matilda to her family cabin so that she can show her cooking skills and independent skills, in hopes that will make her a more attractive partner.

For while she knows she can’t give Matilda what she sexually needs, maybe romantically to an extent, she still has value. The kind she hopes translates in ways Matilda will like, even love, so that, even if she has the need to have sex with men from time to time, she doesn’t need everything else they could give quite yet.

It Was Awkward, But Wonderful – Oscar, Genevieve

So Oscar and Genevieve have a date at an art exhibit in a warehouse, and it is so wonderfully awkward. If it isn’t Genevieve buying Oscar various Aerosmith items, it is him taking off his shirt and her reaction. Then there is them sitting in front of a vagina, or him asking get to know you questions which lead to her revealing her parents are dead.

Genevieve and Oscar holding hands
Genevieve and Oscar holding hands

Yet, despite how bad this could all come off on paper, it is perfect for them. They even touch hands, and Genevieve initiates a kiss! Granted, when Oscar goes for a kiss at the end of the date, he gets curved, but it seems Genevieve might have just been a bit overwhelmed by everything and couldn’t handle more.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

We all just want something so basic, so why do we go to these great lengths to achieve it?
— Oscar

Commentary/ Review

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I don’t think I’ve seen such a realistic first date, on television, in my life. It was awkward, but with an ebb and flow where both sides gave room for the other to have mistakes or weird moments, it was cute. And considering how Genevieve can be very pensive, it was a bit shocking to watch her initiate what potentially was her first kiss.

Now, take note, Genevieve could have had the thought in her head of wanting to get it over with, and I don’t blame her. However, considering she went, enjoyed herself, and even when Oscar went overboard, she still was kind of endeared by him. I think this is a win, don’t you?

Oh, but I would be remiss in not mentioning one of the first things Oscar talks about, which made him officially my favorite boyfriend/girlfriend of the show. When talking to Genevieve, just after entering the art exhibit, he brings up the idea of not necessarily having a role model for romance and his fear of doing things wrong or going overboard. When I tell you that these two make me feel SEEN! Oh my god.


What Drea reminds us is that certain things are universal. For example, when you have someone in your life who you don’t feel like you have a real secure relationship with, you will do what it takes to prove your worth to them, even if they give you the minimum. Case in point, just like Nicholas is with Alex sometimes, Matilda has crafted a relationship where she is to be treated as the prize while Drea does her best to keep her for as long as she can.

Which, in some ways, is sad since the amount of effort Drea makes to make Matilda happy is sweet. But it does often feel like Drea is less of Matilda’s choice vs. the only option she really has right now. Then, when you pair that with how Drea speaks about their relationship, and it almost makes Matilda seem like the bad guy.

Matilda and Drea in a cabin together
Matilda and Drea in a cabin together

Yet, a part of you gets it. Both want what they seem to feel would be difficult to find due to a multitude of reasons. So, with that in mind, they’d rather the comfort of each other than the possibility of failing with someone else. And considering Matilda just had a major failure in life, Drea is her safe space where she can’t fail, and for Drea? Well, Matilda is the potential love of her life. Someone who accepts her for who she is and all the quirks which comes with it. Which, as noted, considering all that is asked to be with Drea, there could be a fear no one but Matilda may love her because of instead of despite of.

Low Point

Increasingly Wondering When Alex Is Going To Breakup With Nicholas

Does Nicholas, on occasion, try? Yes. However, more often than not, it just seems Nicholas and Alex are in two entirely different places emotionally, mentally, and in life, and sex might be the only middle ground they have. And unlike with Matilda and Drea, there is no dressing this up, romanticizing it, or trying to spin what is happening here.

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Increasingly Wondering When Alex Is Going To Breakup With Nicholas - 64%
Drea - 87%


With a beautiful date and a slightly heartbreaking trip, Everything's Gonna Be Okay goes beyond maintaining as it steps things up a bit.

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