Genevieve may have a boyfriend, Matilda possibly has sex with everyone in the house and Nicholas? Well, Alex increasingly is given reasons to break up with him.

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Genevieve may have a boyfriend, Matilda possibly has sex with everyone in the house and Nicholas? Well, Alex increasingly is given reasons to break up with him.

Episode Name California Banana Slugs
Directed By Rachael Holder
Written By Vivienne Walshe
Aired (FreeForm) 4/19/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Oscar Christian Valderrama
Eric CJ Jones

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Should I Break Up With Nicholas? – Lyndsey, Eric, Alex, Nicholas

With Alex and Nicholas having issues due to Nicholas’ inability to apologize, things aren’t terrible, but they certainly are not good. Because of this, Eric, Alex’s father, is all for Alex breaking up with Nicholas. However, between Lyndsey and Alex feeling that is a bit drastic, it seems Alex is going to hang in there.

Eric (CJ Jones) talking to Lyndsey and Alex
Eric (CJ Jones) talking to Lyndsey and Alex

Granted, there is less and less a compelling reason to stay with Nicholas, but Alex wants to try and find one.

The Weirdest Hookup Ever – Matilda, Drea, Nicholas

So, Matilda finds a guy to hook up with, a Black guy since that’s her thing, and Drea is cool with it. Mind you, is Nicholas? Hell no! The man is 26, everyone is in the house, and to make matters worse, as much as it is supposed to be NSA sex, Matilda introduces people, forces Nicholas to show him his insect collection, and then assumingly, they have sex.

Now, as for how Drea feels? Well, Nicholas has a chat, and she treats it as a concession. She is asexual, and Matilda isn’t so, to lengthen the time they will be together, this is the price she has to pay, and she’s okay with it – for the most part.

Nothing Is Like The First Time – Genevieve, Oscar

While Alex and Nicholas are going through another rough patch, and Drea and Matilda are making due, Genevieve is having something good happen to her – her first love. The young man, who introduced himself previously, gets her on the phone, and the conversation is awkward but cute. And while it is still a pandemic, it seems they are going to plan a date in the near future.

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Genevieve and Oscar

With Alex being in a relationship with a stunted man and Drea knowing that her relationship with Matilda isn’t going to last forever, Genevieve and Oscar might be our only hope. Mind you, no relationship is perfect, and each relationship on Everything’s Gonna Be Okay has value in either representation of asexuality, relationships that contain autistic people, or even Genevieve’s, which is so awkward it is authentic.

Oscar (Christian Valderrama) talking to Genevieve
Oscar (Christian Valderrama) talking to Genevieve

Which I LOVE since Genevieve continues to be the gold standard for what it means to be average. Maybe a tad awkward, but not done in such a way you end up a pixie dream girl type. Genevieve is your best friend in school who you seemed to be one of the few people to realize how awesome she is. She is the type of character Hollywood often fumbles because they think everyone has to have one extreme trait or else people can’t connect with them, laugh at them, or have a reaction.

However, sometimes, all you need is a person who tries, stumbles, but isn’t necessarily venturing towards something great. Just getting through life is hard enough.

Drea’s Conversation With Nicholas About A-Sexuality

Asexuality isn’t really talked about beyond social media. Even then, like Nicholas, many struggle with the idea that a person can have 0 sexual interest in a person yet have a romantic interest. This is why representation is so important, for while you can find many YouTubers and social media personalities, there is something about not finding those people strictly in their bubbles.

What I mean by that is, as diversity and representation goes beyond labels, and we’re presented with actual people, it is important to see them integrated and not just isolated to their communities. Don’t get me wrong, their communities deserve to be seen and brought with them. However, the strength of representation is being your most authentic self, even when you are the only one, or one of the few, who looks, acts, or loves like you do.

So Drea normalizing that, without it becoming some grand speech, is a major thing.

Alex Being Pushed to Realize Nicholas Is A Bad Partner

I like Alex, I do, but his relationship with Nicholas and his family is uncomfortable. At times it is terrific, and they seem to like and want to include Alex. But between Alex potentially overstaying his welcome to the girls feeling he might be using Nicholas, it seems Alex is walking a tight rope. So while he isn’t likely going anywhere, and has mentioned his issues with the relationship built with Nicholas and his sisters, maybe he may need to learn when to tap out – for he deserves better.

The Struggles with Being a Parent

Nicholas’ struggle with being a guardian could get you in your emotions. Take note, he is only used to his relationship with his mom, which is very dependent and unhealthy. So Matilda pushing back, Genevieve pushing back, and saying mean things to him? It gives you a taste of the struggles. Add in he is effectively a single parent, with Alex being unable to really say much if anything? It means it is all on him to guide these girls, try to create some sense of discipline, and deal with them pushing back. Which you can see takes its toll on his relationship with Alex sometimes.

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The Struggles with Being a Parent - 84%
Alex Being Pushed to Realize Nicholas Is A Bad Partner - 83%
Drea's Conversation With Nicholas About A-Sexuality - 87%
Genevieve and Oscar - 88%


Genevieve having a boyfriend is a major thing! However, with a limited amount of relationships she can look up to, it seems she’ll have to forget her own path.

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