Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Season 1 Episode 6 “Harvester Ants” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Matilda’s ability to give consent is dived into as no one is sure what is appropriate for her.

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Title Card - Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 1 Episode 6 “Harvester Ants”

Matilda’s ability to give consent is dived into as no one is sure what is appropriate for her.

Directed By Silas Howard
Written By Marissa Berlin
Aired (FreeForm) 2/13/2020

Episode Recap

So Was It Rape?: Nicholas, Matilda, Genevieve, Zane

Being that Matilda is a girl, was drunk, and is autistic, the whole situation between her and Zane is made into a complex thing. Add in Zane is 18, and you then have statutory rape put into the situation. But, what makes it go from bad to worse is what we saw Genevieve do in the last episode, Nicholas being involved since Genevieve attempted to hurt Zane, and now Matilda being confused. Mind you, not about what happened with Zane, necessarily. She doesn’t agree with the assumption she was raped.

However, why is everyone refuting her ability to give consent is a major issue. One everyone dances around to the point that Matilda questions what is rape, beyond this violent act, and does it even matter if she is high functioning if it means she is still seen and treated as if she wasn’t? Despite all the effort she makes into presenting as atypical?

A Sleepover: Drea, Matilda

With all the drama between her and her family, a sleepover with Drea, allegedly their first, is kind of nice. Especially since Drea opens up about her own exploration of sexuality, in terms of kissing Jeremy. An idea Matilda looks down upon since she considered Jeremy a loser. But, for Drea, who didn’t like the kiss, she thinks it is the first step in learning what she likes. Which includes the question if she likes boys or not.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I can’t give you the rules, I can just give you my opinion.
— Nicholas

Review/ Commentary

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Touching On Topics In Ways Not Previously Explored

Matilda trying to understand why everyone thinks she was taken advantage of.
Matilda: But I’m the one that used him!

The whole consent conversation, beyond Matilda drinking, is one of the things we don’t hear about when it comes to male representation of people with autism. Neither on “Atypical” nor “The Good Doctor” do we hear about Sam or Shaun’s ability to give consent. Them having sex is applauded, given advice for, and seen as a major milestone. With Matilda, from her brother to sister, it is assumed she was raped, and that is despite everything she repeatedly says.

And this is by no means disregarding her drinking or feeling heartbroken over Luke. But, this really does challenge people to ask, when it comes to the double standards between men and women, is there no exception? Also, take away the drinking and heartbreak, would Nicholas or Genevieve consider Matilda able to give consent or, as Matilda pushed, does it not matter she is high functioning? Do they simply believe, no matter how she strives to understand social customs, she will always be someone who will need them and have to intervene on her behalf?

Low Point

Alex and Nicholas’ Vacation

While fully understood they needed something to lighten up an episode focused on a dark topic, there came a point where you have to wonder why that wasn’t a deleted scene. Granted, it shows a less cute side to their relationship and shows Nicholas is an ass, but it was also such a jarring shift. Though, I will admit, considering Nicholas paid for it all, it does push you to wonder how Alex feels and handles dating a guy with money who sees him as his dream guy.

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Touching On Topics In Ways Not Previously Explored - 95%
Alex and Nicholas’ Vacation - 65%


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