Title Card (Alternate) - Euphoria Season 1, Episode 1 Pilot [Series Premiere]

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After watching Euphoria’s season 1 finale, there are some things we’re left to question. Here are a handful of things which need answers.

  1. What happened after the breakdown Nate had post his dad pinning him down? Also, considering how violent we’ve seen Nate, is it that he can hurt a girl like Maddy, and someone like Tyler, but can’t fight his dad?

  2. How is Ashtray and Fez after Mouse’s associate sees blood on the money?

  3. After Lexi asked Cassie how do you decide who you wanna hook up with, and was eventually told to do whoever she wants, who did she go after? Assuming she went after someone.

  4. Where did Marsha, Nate’s date from the dance, come from? Was she the daughter of one of Cal’s friends? Also, outside of her ass being exposed on the dance floor multiple times, did anything else happen to her?

  5. Have Cassie and McKay officially broken up?

  6. Did Maddy officially break up with Nate?

  7. Where did Rue get the drugs for the line she snorted and considering she saw her dad thereafter, did she OD again? Possibly die?

  8. If Cassie and McKay did break up, does that mean we won’t see him in season 2?

  9. With Kat and Ethan kissing, recognizing they may not last forever but be perfect for now, is she going to continue being a cam girl?

  10. With Cal advising Maddy to leave Nate alone, even confronting Nate, does this mean he is coming to terms he is a horrible person and his son is slowly, but surely, becoming like him?

  11. When Nate was dealing with erectile dysfunction, was that just him realizing he is no longer attracted to Maddy, a random occurrence, or was his mind shifting in what it really wanted?

  12. With Ashtray being Fez’s little brother, is he the legal guardian or their comatose grand mother?

  13. What are Nate’s mother and brother like?

  14. What happened to Fez and Ashtray’s parents?

  15. How did Mouse come into Fez’s life?

  16. We got to know Maddy, Kat, and Cassie, but who is BB? What’s her story? Is her home life better than the others?

  17. Where were the chaperones during the dance?

  18. Were the bathrooms at the school always that big? They didn’t seem that huge when Rue escaped to them after being coerced to talk about her summer.

  19. How much danger is the Black dude who danced with Maddy in?

  20. Why didn’t Jules get off that train, or even say to Rue they didn’t have to go, once Rue was having second thoughts?

  21. Is it that Jules isn’t into monogamy, and just loves love, or is Rue someone who might be consistent in her life but not someone she is necessarily passionate about?

  22. What did Leslie (Rue and Gia’s mom) and David talk about when their kids left?

  23. Considering how much drugs the cops should have found, how is Fez not in jail and Ashtray still in his custody? If not the unresponsive grand mother? Unless Ashtray is way older than he looks.

  24. Is Nate really going to get away with all he has done? His dad too?

  25. Could it be Jules feelings for Anna are strictly based on her pursuing Jules? Considering Jules issue with masculinity and trying to conquer femininity, was one of the main reasons Jules wanted to seek out others not because she doesn’t believe in monogamy but wanted to experience, like her perception of being a woman, someone pursuing her with confidence, but kindness, unlike Rue who was adorably shy but not that aggressive? Making it so Jules had to confront her feelings about being how boys are often portrayed while Rue got to play the more feminine role?


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