Jules’ episode gives us a quick recap of her years up until 16 and leaves us worried if Nate, or even Cal, will make her into a statistic.

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Jules’ episode gives us a quick recap of her years up until 16 and leaves us worried if Nate, or even Cal, will make her into a statistic.

Director(s) Sam Levinson
Writer(s) Sam Levinson
Air Date 7/7/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ethan Austin Abrams
Luke Will Peltz
Young Jules Clark Furlong
David John Ales

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You’ve Been A Bad, Bad Boy: Cassie, McKay, Maddy, Nate, Luke, Kat, Ethan

Very few people end the night happy or satisfied. Cassie, for example, gets told by McKay, due to Nate’s presence, they are just hanging out. That’s despite saying he loves her, the sex, meeting her family, her spending the weekend at his school, all of that. So, she decides to hang out with Maddy, get some molly, and masturbate on a carousel. Also climax but let’s not talk about that.

Let’s talk about Maddy going off on Nate’s family and confronting him about the d**k pics on his phone. Also, the bruise he leaves on her neck because he is a big-time psychopath. How about that and wondering does her family care about her outfit choices, or they figure it is her body so she can accessorize it how she wants? Never mind does she just put enough makeup on to hide the marks or do they really just not care?

Bringing us to Kat. With her newfound confidence, she is in a better place. So when you add Ethan’s continued interest, she is a happy girl. However, with Ethan talking to one of his sister’s co-workers, who is skinny and modelesque, she decides to hook up with the infamous Luke. A dude with a big d**k and possibly no future.

Life Before Rue: Jules

In many ways, Jules’ life was similar to Rue. At a young age, she found herself talking to a psychologist, dealing with a lot of medications being shoved at her, but rather than a drug addiction she became a cutter. Which wasn’t due to a parent dying, or her parent’s eventual divorce, but negative body image issues. In fact, Jules didn’t like her body since she was 7 or 8, probably got heavy into cutting around 11 but seemingly that might have died down when she was 13. Why? Well, that is when she started transitioning and by 16, feeling rather comfortable, and looking for love, she used sex to try to find it.

Young Jules (Clark Furlong) during a group therapy session.
Young Jules (Clark Furlong)

Life After Rue: Jules, Nate, Cal, Rue, Gia, David, Ali

However, then she found Rue. Which isn’t to say her dad, David, isn’t a loving father who supports her. It’s just different to have the love of a stranger, especially someone who isn’t family and didn’t know you before your transition. Which is why Nate was so exciting since he was more than a hookup. He said the kind of things you see in YA novels, shows, and stuff like that. So, of course, it was hard not to get giddy. Also, hence why Cal was forgiven since Jules has been with enough married, engaged or dudes who claim to be 100% straight to know they got some issues. Also, that said issues could get her killed, so she doesn’t push it.

Yet, Nate didn’t seem that way when he was masquerading. However, when they finally meet, things can be seen two different ways. The way Nate pushes it, all he did was so that he could get Jules to stop or else she could face child pornography charges for sending nudes of herself. Yet, there is the alternative that Nate wants Jules, but he can’t bring herself to like them. Though, who knows, it could be a sexual fetish more than anything. He could just fantasize about someone being pre-op trans femme or a cross-dresser? Who knows.

All we know is that Gia is starting to smell herself and rebel a bit, and it takes a reminder of what Rue went through to wake her up. Also, it becomes clear that while Jules may not have romantic feelings for Rue, she has become her safe place, her refuge. And it’s a mutual feeling. One which Ali warns Rue about since he thinks she is replacing the euphoria of drugs with the euphoria of unrequited love and platonic intimacy.

Ali not being the most helpful person, but giving Rue hard truths.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • It has been approximately 3 weeks since things began in the show’s timeline.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Kat going to end up pregnant?
  2. Should we see Jules mom as a bad person? The cutting came from a negative self-image, but there remains the question of how her dad get custody in the divorce? Unless it was just because she likes him more?



The Fear You Get For Jules

Not since Game of Thrones has my heart rate went up out of fear a character could die. For if it wasn’t Cal stalking her like a serial killer in an 80s horror movie, it was Nate. Someone who has shown, by the way he treats Maddy, to have a hot temper. Especially when it comes to his sexuality and things which set it off. So between them being alone, her near a pool of water, and her calling him the f word, I was pretending I was Catholic and crossing myself. Also doing a mild prayer, since this is only a TV show.

Yet, I think the fear speaks volumes to not just Jules’ part in Rue’s life, but the direct relationship Jules can have with the viewer.

Realizing No One On This Show Has Healthy Relationships Until Recently

Most people on this show are between 16 and, adding McKay, let’s say he is 19. Yet, none of them seem to have any healthy relationships among their peers, or who they’ve dated. Take Kat. Maddy, and the other girl have likely been roasting her behind and making her feel uncomfortable for who knows how long. And while they’re cool, they have that kind of relationship which helps you understand why when Kat can find alternatives, be it Jules, Ethan, whoever, she spends time with them rather than still tag along with Maddy or BB (who still is an utter mystery).

The same goes for Rue. While we have no idea if she has ever dated, let’s take note her former best friend was her drug dealer. Someone who, on credit, gave her the drugs which likely led to her OD’ing. And while there is Lexi and maybe others who care about Rue, Lexi may even have a crush, who are they? Where were they? And it goes on and on with this show. Whether you speak on Cassie, Maddy, I’d even through McKay’s b***h ass. Since clearly, one of the major issues in a lot of these friendships and relationships isn’t just lack of support but enabling bad behavior. Thus allowing that person to be abused and others. Sometimes even, in terms of McKay, someone who is not only a better person around you, but making you a better person.

Rue asking Jules if she is okay, considering she just snuck into her window.
Rue: Are you sure you’re okay?

On The Fence

I Badly Want A Fez Episode

While it would be cool to get a Lexi, Gia, Ethan, and maybe even see things from Leslie’s point of view, to break up it just being about the teens, I need a Fez episode pronto. So one can only hope he might end up the season finale since I think this show could revisit what led up to Rue OD’ing, maybe tie that with why her and Lexi aren’t that close, and how Fez ended up dropping out of high school. Not to forget, becoming Rue’s dealer and getting his little brother deeply involved. Assuming Ashtray wasn’t already dealing and is using Fez so he doesn’t have to deal with clients if he doesn’t have to.

Ali’s Chat With Rue

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought and hoped Ali could become a father figure to Rue. However, now I’m backing away from that. Primarily since he seems a bit too callous and with the way he was talking about Jules, I get what he meant by Rue switching drugs for Jules’ affection, but I think she needs less tough love right now. Not to say he should baby her, but I feel like he says the type of things which are borderline triggering.

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