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Emerald City: Season 1/ Episode 5 "Everybody Lies" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As West interrogates Dorothy and learns one very pertinent bit of information, Jack and Lady Ev grow closer.

Topic 1: Who I Really Am (Lucas)

Despite Eamonn believing his men are mistaken when it comes to their accusations against Lucas, nee Roan, while Lucas searches for Dorothy he comes across one of the men he faced off against. With said soldier speaking about Nimbo, Lucas killing ten men, and hiding something in a wagon, it seems something clicks. Thus leading to him turning himself over to Eamonn’s dismay.


I’m starting to believe that in a world where women and people of color, as well as queer people,  are on the rise, white guys have to do better. Lucas, to me, is a bore on his own. Just as much as The Wizard is. Yet, with it being noted that Lucas was hiding something and willing to destroy his reputation in the process, you have to wonder what that thing was? Could it have been a witch, perhaps Tip? Maybe even Karen? Amnesia has always been an annoying plot device and the way it is being used for Lucas is probably one of the worse methods I’ve seen in some time.

Though, again, with this being an ensemble show and Lucas being dull as a sack of freshly made breaks, why should I expect the one thing which could make him worth noting having some effort behind it.

Topic 2: “I’ve always wanted a friend, I just didn’t know where to get one” (Jack, The Wizard, and Lady Ev)

It has become clear that the Beast Forever is to return and if Emerald City is to survive it that the Kingdom of Ev will need to be their ally. However, being that when it happened last, when Lady Ev was a child, The Wizard did nothing as her kingdom drowned, she has no interest in providing any sort of resource. If anything, she will just be someone to tell the story of the city’s destruction. Though with The Wizard, thanks to Dorothy’s capture, being reminded that bullets exist, he may not need the land of Ev after all.

Switching from business to personal, Jack has a moment with Lady Ev. Being that she says he is indentured to her because of the metal, he asks what is his purpose? Of which she says to be her friend which apparently she has always wanted but never had. Thus forcing Jack to school her that you don’t buy friendship but earn it and strangely she seems ok with what he says. Especially after he saves her from a bunch of hoodlums and seemingly has begun the process of falling in love.


Being that I don’t know Oz’s story past what I assumed is the over-exploited first book, it makes Lady Ev and her kingdom an utter mystery to me. Yet, one thing which seems to be clear is that her kingdom is more than likely rich while Oz is predominately working class. Hence why, so it seems, the witches are still revered with respect for, if you are a woman, they are probably the largest employers. Think of how many girls West protects and employs, as well as Glinda? Hell, East we only saw her main protector but she owned a huge castle. Who is to say like her sisters, she wasn’t always someone who primarily, if not exclusively, employed women?

And I say this recognizing we have seen only two rooms within the kingdom of Ev, but considering the Wizard is asking resources from them, likely being money, weapons, and people, needless to say, the Land of Oz is the third world country asking the industrial power for assistance.

That all aside, I’m quite interested where this Lady Ev and Jack romance may go, especially since it seems inevitable that Jack and Tip will meet again. Much less, being how entitled Lady Ev seems, it would be safe to assume she is the jealous and possessive type.

Topic 3: Are You A Good Witch or A Bad Witch? (Mistress of the West, Dorothy, Tip and Glinda)

With Ojo bringing Dorothy to West in order to free his wife, a request ultimately unfulfilled, she decides to torture the truth out of Dorothy. Most of which Tip watches with conflicted feelings. On one hand, Dorothy freed her and that led to her becoming a girl. Yet, on the other hand, if she doesn’t do something then Dorothy will likely be killed.

But before talking about Tip getting Dorothy her freedom we must mention what West draws out of Dorothy: A memory. One in which we see the witch of the East and Glinda argue about something and East send Glinda flying. Also, there is a mention of a secret. All of this leads to increased distrust between the last two witches and with Tip helping Dorothy escape, and West hinting at secrets and what she knows with Glinda, it seems like a race to find Dorothy may have begun.

Though with Dorothy escaping to The Wizard’s personal room and turning off his Pink Floyd cassette, and him noting she has returned, it seems there are so much bigger things to talk about then Glinda’s secret.


I find it so hard to comment on this show at times. The reason being, they don’t have characters you love to hate and the ones you may take interest in, they aren’t in lead roles. Tip is now attached to West and isn’t likely to be trained to be a witch. She is just going to be some brown sidekick. Then with Lady Ev and Jack, her shine comes from being untapped like the rest of these characters. Which, honestly, she could easily lose her luster for, let’s face it, the writing and acting isn’t at that point where you are in awe what’s so ever. Perhaps explaining why this was once cancelled and likely just brought back because NBC had a slot to fill

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. The Mistress of the South seemingly was the mother to all witches, over 1000 of them according to West.

Collected Quote(s)

Cynicism is just an unpleasant way of telling the truth.

—           “Everybody Lies.” Emerald City

I’ve always wanted a friend, I just didn’t know where to get one.

—           “Everybody Lies.” Emerald City

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