Elite: Season 2, Episode 8 “0 Hours Missing” [Season Finale] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Polo's face upon his return to school.
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People are forced to tell the truth as accusations fly left and right. However, some aren’t ready for the truth, or there isn’t enough evidence to substantiate it.

Director(s) Dani De La Orden
Writer(s) Breixo Corral
Air Date 9/6/2019

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So This Is Rock Bottom: Valerio, Lu, Nadia, Yusef

With the sex tape of Nadia and Guzmán spreading, Nadia has hit rock bottom and is coerced to tell her dad what happened. Luckily, however, recognizing he is down to his last child, shows far more leniency than he did with Mae and Omar. So that is handled rather quickly.

But, when it comes to Valerio, he decides to follow Lu’s lead and destroy every friendship and relationship he has. He reveals to Nadia he took the video, which surprisingly doesn’t lead to her smacking him – because she is classy, and then exposes Lu. How? Well, since he is made out to be this Black sheep, the weirdo, screw up, what have you, he pushes his father to see Lu is to.

Valerio as he uses his foot to pleasure Lu.

This is done by him using his foot to pleasure Lu, under the table, during a rather large family dinner, and cluing their father in on it. Which leads him to flip out. Now, as for why he did this? Well, a final hoorah of sorts. He sees who Lu is, and she isn’t the woman he once loved so he decided the only way to kill his feelings and the opportunity for them to be alone was to expose what they had. Even if it meant doing so in a way which was reckless and honestly dangerous.

Just When You Think It Has Come Altogether: Samuel, Guzmán, Inspector, Carla, Polo, Ander, Omar

So, we find out Guzmán and Samuel concocted a plan to push Carla to out Polo as Marina’s murderer. An idea which works, but almost didn’t. For while the inspector couldn’t find the killer on her own, she did find Samuel hiding in Guzmán’s grandparent’s home. However, he explained the plan, she went for it, Carla snitched, and Polo was arrested.

Thus, after a long period of holding a secret that was eating him up inside, Ander is free, and his relationship with Omar can properly recover.

It All Falls Apart: Polo, Inspector, Guzmán, Cayeneta, Samuel, Carla

*Sigh* just when you think it’s over, Cayeneta steals the murder weapon and hides it in her room, Polo denies Carla’s confession, and Guzmán is forced to see Polo walk back in school like nothing happened. But, at the very least, Samuel now doesn’t have Guzmán for an enemy. Granted, Carla is now officially done with him, but maybe that could mean Rebeca has something, or someone, to do next season? After all, now Elite can have another season of them trying to prove Polo is a murderer.


Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where is Nano and shouldn’t Christian be back by now?
  2. Was it Sandra’s competition or Carla’s father which tried to kill Samuel?


Guzmán Finally Not At War With Samuel

While it is weird for Guzmán to shake hands and embrace Samuel, it is also the most growth we’ve seen all season. Well, outside of someone relationship dynamic.

Omar & Ander Got Through Their Rough Patch

Isn’t it wonderful the simplest relationship on the show is the gay couple? Yeah, Ander may have, depending on how you look at it, cheated on Omar by jacking off with Polo, but outside of that bump, their drama is minimal. They don’t have a consistent third wheel trying to bump one of them out, a back and forth because they are trying to use one another, or anything over the top. Yeah, Omar being in the closest, then strutting out in heels, was a bit much for Ander. However, he is in a discovery phase so he deserves a break.

Low Point

Now There Is A Reason For A Third Season

Marina's Grave

They are milking this show with very little to suck from the teat. This show barely was able to come up with a compelling 8-hour story this season. Can you imagine another? What are they going to do, cover spring semester and graduation? While trying to take Polo down? Can’t they just make a wrap-up movie rather than possibly introduce new people and waste money which can go to another project?

So Rebeca Is Just Unimportant?

It’s nice they connected Rebeca’s family to the tragic accident that allowed Samuel, Christian, and Nadia to go to the elite school. Also, trying to tie her and her family to Nano’s storyline of season 1. However, in the long run, doesn’t it feel like they didn’t know what to do with her but felt they needed new characters to boost the season?

Yet, what has she done but pine over Samuel, without making any real notable moves, and maybe push Omar and Nadia to be a little reckless? Even her whole, helping Samuel get to Carla thing was minute. So here is hoping they either push out this character or beef them up.

On The Fence

Where We Left Off With Nadia & Lu

Generally speaking, we weren’t left with any clear direction of what could happen in season 3 with these characters. Likely there will be teams differing in who will be against Polo, help take him down, or just avoid him, but beyond that? Nothing. Which sucks especially for Nadia and Lu since they are such strong draws to the show yet we aren’t given a clue of what’s next for them.

Yusef and Iman before hearing about Nadia's video.

Will Nadia finally be with Guzmán? Can Lu move on from stirring up drama and maybe focus back on her academics or something else? Heck, can Nadia’s older sister come visit or Nadia go see her in secret? There is so much they, and generally most of the characters, could do, but they aren’t being tapped and, honestly, it might be time to give up hope.

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