Elite: Season 2, Episode 7 “84 Hours Missing” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Samuel riding his bike.
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The final night before Samuel went missing is explored, as well as the last night of Lu trying to salvage any of her relationships.

Director(s) Dani De La Orden
Writer(s) Abril Zamora
Air Date 9/6/2019

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You Better Be Careful: Omar, Rebeca, Sandra, Samuel

With Omar presenting a warning to Samuel about Sandra and her business, as well as getting on him about pushing him to quit dealing, it leads to some questions. Mostly the kind Samuel decides to present to Rebeca, who speaks to Sandra, and this leads to Omar’s friend, who warned him about Sandra, ending up in the hospital. Presenting what Samuel thinks is a stern warning but Rebeca plays down the idea.

The Scam Of The Year: Cayetena, Victoria, Lu, Polo, Ander, Guzmán

After Victoria loses all of her work because of the dress Cayetena stole, Polo and Cayetena come up with a fundraiser for a fake company. One which was supposed to just be small but with Cayetena getting Lu involved, it blows up. Leading to many of the parents, including Polo’s, getting involved and while that brings in a lot of money, it also creates a dangerous situation.

However, it isn’t just Cayetena’s fundraiser that might be an issue but Guzmán not telling his parents he and Lu are broken up and her inviting them. Thus, he feels the need to play up the idea they are still together, and it goes well at first. Also, since Ander is there, and what Samuel said is on Guzmán’s mind, he explores the idea that Polo may have done something. Which, despite how much it weighs on him, and the original threat to tell Guzmán, Ander lies. Thus giving Polo another day to worry about someone, maybe even Ander down the line, revealing his secret.

Scorched Earth: Lu, Guzmán, Carla, Cayetena, Nadia, Yusef, Samuel, Teodoro, Valerio

Lu airing out everyone who has recently done her wrong.

Lu doesn’t like being lied to. She also doesn’t like the idea of not being in on any lies going on. So upon the discovery of Cayetena’s lie, when she is trying to invite Cayetena’s mom to the fundraiser, she decides between that and a video of Guzmán and Nadia having sex, it is time to go off. So, first, she exposes Cayetena and handles her. She follows that up with noting her breakup with Guzmán, reveals Carla and Samuel are having sex, and then is done with her cathartic release.

However, with Lu’s reveal comes a whole lot of issues. The first being that she effectively exposed her best friend, her ex, embarrassed his family and made it so Omar and Valerio are the only people left in her life. Which, luckily for Valerio, means that, like when they were younger, she will go to him for love, affection, and sex.

As for everyone else? Well, Nadia wants to reveal the truth to Yusef but still is in fear of following her sister or brother’s footsteps. Not to imply Omar or Mae are doing terribly, but it isn’t like either are stable enough to take her in. Also, Guzmán, like her, has been hot and cold so the idea of showing up to his door and expecting a place to stay is a bit much. Not to forget, she is still on the conservative side so going from a hot and cold relationship to living together isn’t ideal.

Though, speaking of bad relationships, there is also Samuel and Carla’s which isn’t helped by either Lu’s reveal or Carla learning Samuel recorded their conversation and tried to use it to exonerate Nano. Yet, there is something about him, their dynamic, which leads to her forgiving him and wanting things to work. Leading you to wonder if more men approached Carla, and she wasn’t seemingly against making the first move, would Samuel stand a chance?

Carla at Cayetena's fundraiser.

Well, she may find out soon since one could gather that her father, with knowing Samuel thinks Polo did something, and what he has done to his daughter, sends goons after him. Assuming they aren’t Sandra’s people or their enemies.


What’s To Follow Lu Airing Out Nearly Everyone?

What we’ve seen for most of the show is Lu taking care of other people and their problems. Her trying to keep Guzmán happy, entertained, and providing him with enough freedom so that he doesn’t feel smothered. So with her feeling betrayed, isolated a bit, and desperate enough to jump into Valerio’s bed, what’s next for her? The same drama, but less filter, or is she so over everyone and their nonsense she may just ice them out?

Can Nadia & Guzmán Be Together At Last?

While we don’t have the same amount of back and forth as the first season, there is still Nadia and Guzmán as a possibly legitimate couple who could become something, but both are playing games. Well, Nadia is fearful, and Guzmán has long had Lu as a stand by, but that seems to be over. So will they finally be out, open, and live their best lives? Surely Yusef doesn’t think between what happened with his two other children, combined with what happened in season 1, Nadia is as innocent and as good as he wishes, right? Surely this man can’t be that naïve or willingly ignorant?

On The Fence

Does Lu Not Realize Valerio Played A Role In Her Dreams Falling Apart?

Valerio has made his feelings and intentions with and for Lu clear, and he is her brother. Does she not piece together all this was done because of him? Is this a showing of how even she is susceptible to being so lonely she’d settle and do what is beneath her to feel some form of love and acceptance? I mean, while this does damn Nadia, and gave Lu leverage, she painted the sex as her being cheated on. Valerio, knowing how destructive Lu is, gave her the ammunition to expose herself, make a fool of herself, and make her someone to pity.

Which leads you to wonder, when she originally stopped their tryst, what was the trigger? Him doing drugs, seeing other girls, or just the realization they are related? Because, with them possibly starting things up again, it makes you wonder if she has reached that point where she doesn’t give a f*** and rather be with someone loyal, even if they are blood.

Ander Covering For Polo

Ander lying to cover Polo.

Anyone else just want this cover-up to be over as much as the Samuel mystery? Maybe it is because we’ve known for so long Polo did it and they’ve dragged it out over 7 hours? Perhaps it is the fact Polo, similar to Carla, doesn’t have much in the way of charm or charisma so him being almost a focal point seemed wasted on an actor who is either too green or may feel too limited by the writing? Either way, I was hoping like they just threw Cayenetta’s secret away they’d do the same for Polo.

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