Ander embracing Omar.

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As Lu continues to drown, Samuel may have finally gotten what he needs. Also, whether Omar and Ander will break up is decided.

Director(s) Sílvia Quer
Writer(s) Carlos C Tomé
Air Date 9/6/2019

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This Is The Real Me: Cayetena, Polo, Guzmán

After Polo becomes a bit distant and forces Cayetena to chase him, Guzmán decides just to rip off the bandaid and say Polo isn’t interested. Which isn’t the whole truth. It is more so a problem of her living or presenting, this fairy tale life while Polo is under constant threat of losing his. Either due to Guzmán ripping his head off or someone putting the pieces together and him going to jail.

SCayetena and Polo, after Cayetena reveals her truth.o, to try and win him back, Cayetena exposes her life to Polo. Which, in speaking her truth, leads to him seeing something in her worth keeping. Also, worth saving.

Love Causes Fear & Brings People Together: Ander, Omar, Rebeca, Sandra

Something is going down, but Sandra doesn’t give specifics. She just makes sure Rebeca is well shielded from the possible, maybe fatal, outcomes.

As for Ander and Omar? Well, Omar continues to exhibit traits and a style that Ander doesn’t take an interest in, which continues to spell the beginning of the end for them. However, with Omar standing up to Ander’s father, that is a major turn-on since he got aggressive. Perhaps explaining why Ander decides Omar is going to top him, rather than how they usually do it.

Face The Truth: Lu, Valerio, Nadia, Guzmán, Nano, Samuel, Ventura, Laura

With knowing Guzman and Nadia had sex, so comes Lu trying to get a comeuppance in forcing Nadia to fail the upcoming exams to make herself feel better. Problem is, Valerio, who doesn’t really have friends, has grown close to Nadia, so he gives her his shared secret with Lu to take her down. Which works, but also leads to some awkwardness between Nadia and Valerio.

Valerio warning Nadia he has ammunition that can be used against Lu, but it may make her hate him.Also, it leads Lu to believe Samuel, who she was trying to make peace with, revealed her secret. So, naturally she threatens his life, and the idea she was involved with his disappearance is pushed. However, there is also the question of what happened to Nano?

Well, the answer is, after speaking to Laura, scaring the daylights out of her, and trying to convince her of his innocence, Ventura is pissed. Then when he reveals what happened to Guzmán, he is pissed. Making it so he instigates a fight with Nano but Nano doesn’t take the bait.

But, with seeing Guzmán ready and willing to start something like that, even coming to Nano’s home, as Nano did his, it puts Nano on edge a bit. However, Guzmán showing up at Nano’s house allows Samuel to intercept him and reveal a recording he made with Carla that makes her sound suspicious.


Cayetena Revealing Her Truth

Cayetena’s secret wasn’t really that interesting. It isn’t like her mom consistently worked for this one person, and we got to understand, fully, how she pulled off her ruse. Also, with us barely seeing her mom, not getting to know her grandfather, or know the family’s history, it hasn’t really made her double life all that appealing.

Victoria as she sees Polo and Cayetena talk.So with her revealing the truth to Polo, who is in desperate need of a friend, maybe things will kick up?

Guzmán Knows The Truth

With Guzmán hearing Samuel’s recording of Carla, and this push that Polo killed his sister, you have to wonder what he may do with that? Things have been awkward for a while, and Guzmán hasn’t been able to put his finger on it. But with this, will he see this as Samuel trying to redirect his attention or a valid alternative? Also, considering how Guzmán has shown himself to be someone who will beat someone’s ass, on sight, does that apply to rich kids or just those who don’t have money?

A Realization Of How Lonely & Vulnerable Everyone Is

The fact Valerio sees Nadia as a friend is a bit strange, isn’t it? They’ve talked a handful of times and yet, to combat his sister, he reveals to Nadia his deepest secret. To a stranger, he says what would destroy the woman he loves, and is seems to want a relationship with, all to protect a stranger? It’s weird yet, it seems universal that these people, especially the rich, aren’t desperate but lonely.

How else would you explain Carla going back and forth with Samuel? You think she can’t get some D from someone else? Polo, at a time, may have jumped for the opportunity, and all those parties she goes to? I get she likes being in the power position, getting to swat people like flies for daring to approach her, but let’s be honest – what does she have to offer beyond money and her body? Have we heard of her, this season at least, doing well in her studies? Has she shown some form of wit or personality? No.

Like Lu, and so many others, she gets caught up in what’s convenient that she ends up forgiving despite all the nonsense. Which, when you really think about it, is depressing and makes you wonder how terrible the lives of the rich would be, on this show, if they were poor.

I bet you a handful of them would have been pregnant more than once.

What’s Wrong With Sandra?

We don’t get our hopes up anymore when something is happening in Rebeca’s household. At this point, she is a disappointment. However, with Sandra making it sound like something is going to go down, and it being established Nano worked with Sandra, and she may not be as friendly as she seems, maybe she can compensate for the lack of interest her daughter brings?

It’s good to stay optimistic, right?


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