With Nano’s release comes loads of drama. However, he isn’t the only thing on Guzman’s mind. Also, Polo nearly kills again.

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With Nano’s release comes loads of drama. However, he isn’t the only thing on Guzman’s mind. Also, Polo nearly kills again.

Director(s) Sílvia Quer
Writer(s) Jaime Vaca
Air Date 9/6/2019

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It’s Not Easy Having A Good Time: Omar, Ander, Lu, Rebeca, Cayetena, Guzmán, Nadia, Polo, Nano, Sandra, Samuel

It’s Halloween, and to help her daughter make friends, Sandra invites Rebeca’s entire grade. That doesn’t go over well, nor Sandra pushing the idea that Samuel and Rebeca are closer than they actually are. Yet, with Nano causing a ruckus at school, and Guzmán still unable to get his hands on him, he pushes everyone to go to Rebeca’s party. Even though Rebeca has issues with Lu, her new friend Cayetena, and hasn’t barely spoken a word to him.

Speaking of Cayetena, someone finally discovers her truth, and it is Rebeca. The one who she calls Vulgar so often. Yet, between Lu in one corner, and convincing Polo she is in his corner, she builds up a safety net just in case she ever falls from grace. No clear signs, however, if the rope will be tight when she slips or is pushed.

Leaving Omar and Ander. At first, it seemed Omar and Ander’s main issue with Ander dealing with Polo’s reveal and being tortured what to do about it. Yet, it seems the bigger issue might be seeing Omar too much now. He is very domestic, sounds a bit like Lu, hence why she may like him, and in his freedom, he exposes someone Ander doesn’t seem attracted to.

But, he doesn’t want to trade in this journey he can now be on. For while, yes, Nadia is now the child stuck in the shop, stuck with Yusef and their mom, there is a “Better you than me” attitude. At least since Omar had suffered in silence so long.

Smiling Makes My Face Ache: Ander, Omar, Lu, Guzman, Carla, Samuel, Nadia, Yusef, Valerio, Rebeca, Polo, Cayetena

During the party, as you can imagine, things aren’t that fun and happy for our leads. Ander is unhappy since Omar has gone camp and had them go as Frank N Furter and Rocky. Which, for Ander, is a bit too camp and leans towards a side of queerness he isn’t comfortable with. Leading to Omar thinking they are at the beginning of the end.

Luckily, he isn’t alone in facing the end of a relationship. Lu is outright broken up with, and the devastation is swift. Making it where Valerio finally has the opening he has long waited for and makes his move – One that is discovered by Samuel. Someone who questions Carla’s involvement with the money that was given to free Nano. Which she attempts to make seem like it was her doing, her idea, but he reads her. He has taken such good note of her patterns that she feels naked in a public space and is forced to retreat.

Speaking of feeling seen, though Yusef has been aware that Omar may have had desires for men, Rebeca sending a picture to Nadia, and Yusef seeing her phone, of Omar as Frank N Furter is a bomb he wasn’t expecting. Maybe one similar to his oldest daughter’s actions when she left and seeing the life she decided to live? Either way, it leads to him speaking on how happy he is Nadia is a good girl and puts a weight on her similar to what Omar felt when Nadia was trying to fit in with the rich.

It isn’t all bad, however. Polo and Cayetena grow closer. They even go to the party as a couple. Mind you, an inappropriate costume of JFK and Jackie O after JFK was assassinated, but they aren’t American so why would they care? They just want to be fashionable yet dark, and Cayetena just wants a rich boyfriend to help legitimize her dream. One she talks to with Rebeca who avoids revealing her truth, but only because she wants to understand the lie.

Don’t Dream It. Be it: Nadia, Guzman, Carla, Samuel, Rebeca, Cayetena, Nano, Ander, Polo

Despite Rebeca and Cayetena have their heart to heart, she sees an opportunity to further shield herself by reporting Nano coming to Rebeca’s party. Now, why is he there? Well, if you remember, Nano used to be into some seedy activities in season one, and it seems Sandra was one of the higher-ups he worked for. So, with that in mind, he doesn’t want Samuel involved with Sandra or Rebeca. However, Rebeca assures Nano that Samuel isn’t a pawn for a scheme and, despite how he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, she is looking out for him.

But that isn’t enough for him so, after overseeing Carla and Samuel talk, he goes after her. Which leads to Samuel beating the hell out of him before Guzmán shows up. And that sucks for Guzmán since Nadia just rejected him, out of fear of how being with him could break her father’s heart, so he is quite upset and could use an outlet.

One that nearly was going to be Polo, since Ander grows tired of their secret more and more, but that doesn’t happen. However, in a fit of rage, Polo does nearly strike Ander with a bottle of alcohol. Yet, the rage he feels, it dissipates before he can strike and Ander, surprisingly, is forgiving despite a known murderer nearly striking him. Possibly with the intention to kill


Nadia & The Pressure She Is Under

Nadia learning Guzman broke up with Lu.While Yusef is still a bigot, his actions help you understand the immense pressure Nadia operates on. She is the youngest of three, and with the oldest daughter gone, middle child, the only son, gay, she is the last hope. She is seen as the one who determines if there were two bad apples or if Iman and Yusef were simply bad parents. An idea which is hard to force your parents to face, so Nadia would rather sacrifice her joy to make her parents happy.

It, in a way, shows how the immigrant experience, no matter the country, is universal. While the children love and want to partake in all the opportunities their parents afford them, they are given their own form of oppression or lack of mobility. Maybe not of the same variety as their parents, but they can’t experience the full privileges they are supposed to have.

Lu’s Low Point

Between losing Guzmán and the discovery of her relations with her brother, Lu is hitting the ground and she isn’t running. Luckily, with her relationship to Omar, who she strangely accepts as a whole, she didn’t land on her face. Also, with Cayetena having her back, she’ll have someone to pick her up. Never mind the grandest of distractions since Cayetena has Polo, and that means, if Lu wants to be petty, she has something to shove into Carla’s face.

But, what matters most here is Lu can move on from Guzmán, hopefully not be wrapped up in her brother’s drama, and perhaps have a non-romantic storyline again.

Realizing Ander Liked Omar’s Unavailability

Being unavailable sometimes makes people more attractive. Look at the Samuel situation for Carla and Rebeca. Carla likes when Samuel gets machismo and stands his ground, and that innocence, that pushes away Rebeca’s lifestyle, draws her to him. However, when it comes to Omar, in his freedom comes a new person Ander seemingly is struggling to love. Maybe because Omar’s truth is more fluid than Ander’s and Ander liked the quiet, brooding, sort of dangerous, masculine vibe Omar formerly had? Perhaps even liked the chase and the rare moments they had, for it made those moments special in comparison to now where Omar is there and there is this guilt involved.

Lu and Omar after Lu was dumped and Omar assumed he'd be soon.Because, think about it, Ander pushed Omar to be out, open, and didn’t calculate a safety net. And while, yeah, Omar getting kicked out doesn’t directly deal with his sexuality, you can’t deny it wasn’t a factor. How else would you explain Nadia getting away with so much but Omar getting kicked out for going out once and leaving money in the register?


Has Carla become a favorite amongst the cast? No. But, Samuel has livened her up a little bit. Primarily in helping you understand how diverse the elite women are on this show. For while there are those like Rebeca and Lu, very extroverted, judgey, and how they come at people from either being old money or new money, then there is Carla. She leans more towards Cayetena’s persona, but quiet about her power.

Mind you, the kind of power which is more so exhibited in sex, followed up by her financial power, if need be, but there is something about Samuel reading her which is noteworthy. Maybe it is because she feels seen by him and, as we’ve seen repeatedly this season, feeling seen is frightening to most of the elite. After all, they pay so much, whether legit elite or like Cayetena, to put on a persona, that to be stripped bare, and not for sex, is frightening. It may even lead, in Carla’s case, her feeling predictable and boring. Two things she doesn’t want to seem like, hence her attraction to extroverted and intriguing people.

On The Fence

Could We Get More From Rebeca?

While Rebeca is a nice alternative to the rest of the “Marchioness,” she feels rather basic. Maybe due to her suffering from, like most, dealing with the weight that is being a love interest before individual development? However, things could turn around. With her mother being connected to the troubles Nano was facing in season one, that could push her story further. Also, with some hint of what happened to her dad, that can be explored.

But, we’ve seen this before. A character who, like Nadia and Lu, has a lot of potential but still finds herself caught up and the back and forth of the latest relationship drama. So here is hoping her look and attitude won’t be the sole thing that allows her to stand out still.

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