Samuel Elite Season 2 Episode 2 34 Hours Missing

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There is a reveal about what happened to Samuel, as we see Guzman let loose and someone gets seduced

Director(s) Ramon Salazar
Writer(s) Carlos Montero
Air Date 9/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
Cayetana Georgina Amoros
Laura Rocio Munoz-Cobo

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This Family Has Been Through A Lot: Guzman, Laura, Lu, Omar, Yusef, Nadia, Rebeca

Laura (Rocio Munoz-Cobo) talking to Guzman.
Laura (Rocio Munoz-Cobo)

It has been over three months, and Guzman still lashes out at people and questions why is he the only one visibly hurting? Why does no one understand, even his mother, Laura? But, the thing is, she, and others, have this desire to move on. Which Guzman can’t because he is dealing with a mix of blaming himself for not stopping Samuel, or his brother, if not questioning if they killed his sister. Which Lu tries to help with but there is only so much she can do.

A lesson Yusef is struggling to learn himself. Despite his medical situation, he tries to work and more, and this leads Omar and Nadia to push him to sit, relax, but that causes an issue. Mostly in where the line is between taking care of their father but not sacrificing their lives? Which Rebeca complicates to a point since she pushes Nadia to go out there, maybe lose her virginity, and also pushes Omar to be with Andler.

Mind you, this isn’t to imply she says they should abandon their shop and their dad, for she helps with inventory. However, she does push them to do more than serve their parents whims, and that may cause trouble.

She Has the Answers I Need: Rebeca, Carla, Samuel

But it isn’t just in Nadia and Omar’s life Rebeca is starting to have influence. With Samuel thinking Carla is the key to his brother’s release, he plans to seduce her for information. Problem is, Samuel doesn’t have the personality or look to impress Carla. So even with Rebeca helping him train, there is the question of what can he really do?

The answer? Be persistent. It wears her down, especially after an event commiserating Marina’s death. Which leads to him confronting her, having sex with her, and maybe from that, he may learn something? Or just be used as a human sex toy?

Get Loose With It: Omar, Guzman, Lu, Ander, Polo, Cayetana, Valerio

Cayetana (Georgina Amoros) after being tricked into hosting a hang out with Lu.
Cayetana (Georgina Amoros)

Thank to Valerio’s influence, Guzman avoids going to the mass for his sister and instead heads to Cayetana’s house. Now, who is Cayetana? Well, she is the new girl, who Lu is vehemently jealous of, and who she wants to expose or takedown, similar to what she tried to do to Nadia. However, no sooner than she arrives, sits, and is ready to ask probing questions, maybe explore, Valerio and Guzman show up.

Then, later on, Ander and Polo, and at that point Lu is just trying not to get thrown into the pool, keep the boys from going over the top, and shush Valerio from revealing their history. Which, in the long run, she succeeds in doing. Ander and Polo take Guzman home, and mess around, since Ander is tired of dealing with Omar being in the closet. As for Valerio, he retires after having his fun, though likely will be hitting up Cayetana later.

Leaving the question: Did Lu get what she wanted at all? Nope. Instead, she made a friend. A friend who is actually just the housekeeper, and doesn’t live the life she has on Instagram, so her winning over Lu was sheer luck.


What Guzman May Do If He Learns The Truth About Polo

Guzman is an angry young man with privilege. The kind where he can punch a student in front of everyone and not get suspended or even a slap on the wrist. So imagine what he could do to Polo. Someone who may have money, yeah, but doesn’t necessarily have the protection of anyone. Not to say, if Guzman went to fight Polo, Ander may not try to stop him, but even with them having a moment together, could Ander really hold Guzman back?

Low Point

Why Does Carla Seem So Wooden?

Carla talking to Lu.

Is she written to be this way or is it just the actress? Whether going back and forth with Lu, at the event for Marina, or dealing with Sam, there isn’t much in the way of expression. It’s like she has Botox and is on some form of anti-depressants that just completely numb her out. So, at best, she can be exasperated, but anything beyond that is asking too much.

On The Fence

Cayetana’s Lie

We both know Elite is dramatic. Last season had makeups and breakups damn near every other episode. Now, as for this Cayetana situation, the main thing that could make or break it is how they flesh out her backstory. If we see a poor side of the city, beyond the poor we’re hinted Samuel is, then maybe she’ll add value. However, if she is just showing up and trying to maintain this façade? Then, somewhere down the line, she ends up exposed? I can’t say her role will be worth it.

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Cayetana’s Lie - 75%
Why Does Carla Seem So Wooden? - 65%
What Guzman May Do If He Learns The Truth About Polo - 80%


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