Elite: Season 1/ Episode 8 [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Wanna know what happened to Marina on June 1st, sometime around 9:30 PM? Who was with her at the time? The person who did it? Network Netflix Director(s) Ramón Salazar Writer(s) Carlos Montero, Darío Madrona Air Date 10/5/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from…

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Wanna know what happened to Marina on June 1st, sometime around 9:30 PM? Who was with her at the time? The person who did it?

Director(s) Ramón Salazar
Writer(s) Carlos Montero, Darío Madrona
Air Date 10/5/2018

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What Led To The Incident

We know the suspects and what their reasons could be. With Nano, it is the unsent text about not wanting to go anymore which could have driven him to murder. For Samuel, it is being rejected repeatedly. Nadia, it is Marina coming for her family and nearly destroying it. Guzman, well, because Marina betrayed her family after all they put up with, covered for her, and more. Polo, well Marina took away the ability to easily see the love of his life. Lu? She kept her from being the best and bested her. That can’t be easily forgiven. Carla? Well, Marina tried to destroy her family despite everything their families have gone through together and they have.

The list goes on and on but there is but only one truth.

What Had Happened Was: Polo, Guzman, Samuel, Nano, Marina, Carla, Christian

June 1st was the last day of school and was going to be the day Marina ran away. Her father had planned her abortion for the day after and to avoid that, and get away, she agreed to leave with Nano. They were to go to Morocco and live there. Maybe have Samuel and Christian visit over the summer. However, those plans didn’t come to past.

On that night, because of Lu and Nadia unable to do their exams, Marina won the award to go to Florida and the statue. She then left to wait for Nano to pick her up at the pool. On the same day, Carla tries to push Christian to break into Marina’s locker to get her bag and thus get the watch. He refuses because he wants to be her equal. Also on that same day, Samuel disowns Nano after being attacked. Leading him to plead with Guzman to do something, for he can’t convince Nano, but Guzman rather let his sister fall on her ass. As Nano said about Samuel, when he knew Marina would break his heart, there was the belief she needed to get hurt.

Who would have known that the reason she’d get hurt though is because of Guzman? With him saying to Polo he has to do something big to save his relationship with Carla, Polo decides to get the watch from Marina. At first, he tried to just by asking, but then Marina called him pathetic. She also said Carla was using him and eventually, he snapped. One hit to the head and she was left bleeding. Thus bringing Nano to discover her, and for her to die in his arms, and Samuel to see him running from the scene of the crime.

Elite Season 1 Episode 8 Season finale Nano and Marina

Jumping back to Polo, he goes looking for Carla, who is having sex with Christian, and they stop once they hear him yell. From there, he reveals what he has done and so begins the crafting of an alibi. One he keeps up and Christian helps mold by giving Polo a change of clothes. But, to add insult to injury, despite what was done, Carla makes it clear that she will not go back with him. Then, to keep Christian on board, it seems she offers a key to her world. It’s just up to him to decide how badly he wants to be one of them.


Elite Season 1 Episode 8 Season finale Carla

I think we all need to respect Carla’s gangster in this. When she told her dad she knows what to do, she sounded unsure. Like she was trying to convince him and herself. However, she mastermind the hell out of this situation – all with a steely gaze and barely any freaking out. Carla pushed Polo, knowing what he is capable of thanks to the Pablo beating, to get the watch and kill the only person who had the willingness to be a true traitor to the rich. All the while, she covered her tracks. Long has there been issues between her and Polo, and with every public kiss with Christian, she knew that would cause drama. It would also give Polo an alibi.

Plus, with this murder, it means Polo has to back down. His grand gesture backfired for now Carla has all the power in their, whatever they have. Thus allowing her to move on without having to worry about him being vengeful or getting in the way. Unlike the petty things everyone else has on each other, she has a murder hanging over Polo’s head.

Though, at the same time, Christian has the truth over hers. Bringing back the need to address how desperate Christian really is to have access to fame and fortune. First, it was by letting Polo have sex with him. Now, as noted in the next topic, Nano is going down for the murder and Christian is keeping his mouth shut. Showing you, as the saying goes, “These hoes ain’t loyal.”

The Guilt(y) & The Future: Samuel, Polo, Carla, Christian, Guzman, Lu, Nadia, Omar, Ander, Yusef

After the detective asking all their questions, Samuel’s testimony leads to Nano being the accused killer and him being taken. With that, Polo breathes a sigh of relief, as does Carla, and Christian has a weight added onto his conscious. As for everyone else, there is some attempt to move on. Though, for many, it is either difficult because of personal reasons or other people.

Starting with Guzman, on sight, he is ready to beat Samuel and blame him for introducing Nano to his sister. Yet, Samuel reminds him he tried to get him to help. To say something, but he didn’t. Something Guzman takes to heart. Leaving Lu, warning Samuel to not come back and Samuel roughly grabbing her and letting her know that, what she thinks is their school, it is also his now and they don’t own it.

Elite Season 1 Episode 8 Season finale Guzman

And while you may think those words would lead to Lu just making plans to take Samuel down, then she sees Guzman on a ledge. After nearly downing a bottle of alcohol, he seems ready to kill himself but, luckily, Lu talks him down. She not only talks him down but finally, albeit dealing with a drunk Guzman, gets him to admit he needs her for more than just sex or a scheme. Giving her something which is truly the ultimate prize and worth way more than a trophy, a trip to Florida, or anything else in her life.

But, jumping back to the audacity of Samuel, he isn’t the only one who shows some oomph. Ander quits tennis and Nadia faces her dad about going to school. He, after making a deal with Guzman, seems okay with it as long as studying is her only focus. However, she rejects that deal and wants no conditions. She wants to be a normal student and as soon as her dad says they changed her, she rejects that notion. She replies, if anything, she may just be discovering her true self instead of maintaining this idea of being his little girl who does solely what he pleases.

Oh, and as for Omar? With Anders quitting tennis, it means the 10-minute trip Yusef makes to the bank each day is the time they can spend together. Which Nadia seemingly is willing to cover him for. Leaving some people achieving the one thing they fought for all season and others in a stupor they may not recover from anytime soon.


Elite Season 1 Episode 8 Season finale Samuel

I’d watch a season 2. I won’t pretend and say I think it’ll be really exciting, for Marina’s death felt very anti-climatic, but with shedding the thing which caused criticism, maybe that clears the way for this show to be better. Take note, the poor kids seemingly have the upper hand now. Christian is with Carla, as he wanted, but at a price. Nadia stood up to her father in a way which made him respect and acknowledge her. May eventually inspire Omar to tell the truth and maybe, if May hears how things are changing, it could inspire her to come back.

Now, I won’t pretend to have much interest in Samuel learning the truth, but it could be redemption for how bleh the mystery was handled this season. Samuel still being an outsider allows him to see everyone with new eyes. Perhaps see them as Marina did and analyze everyone’s motive and how they felt about her. Do an investigation that doesn’t seem like it took about a week. Then, as he uncovers who covered up what, questioning is he willing to destroy all those lives for the sake of one. For when Polo goes down he takes down Carla. If Carla goes down, that means Christian’s dreams are destroyed.

Also, if Polo gets revealed to be the killer, that means Guzman has to own up he pushed Polo to do something drastic to win Carla back. And considering we saw him suicidal just on the thought he might have been involved, imagine if it became factual. That would then effect Nadia and her possibly losing her first love, as well as Lu who finally got the man to admit he loved her. Leaving the only ones unscathed maybe Ander and Omar.

So whether Samuel would be willing to tip those dominoes should be interesting to see. As well as how Yusef handles a more independent daughter and a son who, eventually, you know, is going to get caught. Never mind another daughter who is bound to return.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How does Omar and Nadia’s mother feel about all this?
  2. Does Lu live alone, with staff, or what? She and Christian, are the only characters whose parents we haven’t met and, for Lu in particular, outside of them being diplomats, we know nothing.
  3. Who did Guzman get the bail money from?
  4. With Guzman’s family broke, and the company likely bleeding cash, how will they pay for the scholarships they were providing out of guilt?
  5. Considering Christian failed 4 classes, how will he stay at the school? Will Carla arrange something?
  6. You think Carla’s dad may connect the dots and realize his daughter was involved in Marina’s death? Maybe the rest of Marina’s family as well?
  7. Since Marina is dead, who is getting the scholarship to Florida?
  8. Will this show skip the summer when it starts season 2?


  1. There are a lot of interesting storylines which could come from Marina’s death and Samuel trying to find the truth.
  2. Nadia facing her dad, head on, and getting what she wants.
  3. Carla showing she crazy as hell.
  4. Lu getting her man.
  5. Ander standing up to his dad.

Low Points

  1. Marina’s death, and the whole investigation, just felt anti-climatic.

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  1. I’m sure Nadia is a HIV-infected person now, after her wounded hand touched Marina’s blood in one of the previous episodes. I think they’ll reveal it in season 2.

    1. Considering Marina said she was undetectable and was taking her meds, you’d think Nadia would be fine. Though, I must admit, my understanding of HIV drugs and meds is limited.

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