Elite: Season 1/ Episode 6 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

With Nano’s situation handled, things calm down a bit. That is, until Marina’s world gets rocked in more ways than one. Her’s and Omar’s. Network Netflix Director(s) Dani De La Order Writer(s) Dario Madrona Air Date 10/5/2018 Characters Introduced Azucena Elisabet Gelabert Ventura Ramón Esquinas Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links…

With Nano’s situation handled, things calm down a bit. That is, until Marina’s world gets rocked in more ways than one. Her’s and Omar’s.

Director(s) Dani De La Order
Writer(s) Dario Madrona
Air Date 10/5/2018
Characters Introduced
Azucena Elisabet Gelabert
Ventura Ramón Esquinas

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I May Have Played Favorites, But I Told you The Truth: Polo, Christian, Lu, Marina, Carla

With the watches gone, naturally, the person to accuse is Christian. He has been in the house enough to have access to them. Problem is with that idea, at least as a viewer, how often have we ever seen Christian alone? Carla probably barely lets the boy piss on his own when in the house. Imagine him having more than enough time to figure out where the watches are.

But here is the thing they don’t mention – there is a security system. So, hypothetically, if you got to enter a code to get in the door, shouldn’t there be cameras? What is with this show and having these wealthy, far from beloved, people who don’t have security teams and cameras? Or am I just overestimating their wealth?

Well, thanks to Lu, it seems Carla realizes that it probably wasn’t Christian but could have been Marina. After all, her short rekindling of friendship had to have a reason after all this time right? Yeah, Carla reached out because of the HIV thing but them fizzling out quickly had to be a red flag after this.

But, honestly, Marina and the watch, while worth being on Carla’s mind, the bigger deal is Christian and Polo. To make nice with Christian, after the accusation, they get him a modeling shoot. Problem is, following that, with some hinting of a cover involved, Polo and Christian have sex without Carla knowing. Well, at the very least oral. Which Christian tells Carla and this may have led to Carla ending it.

Oh, not with Christian, by the way, perhaps Polo for he lied and cheated since he screwed Christian with a secret.


Christian cool with Nano robbing Carla and Polo's home.
Christian: It’s no sweat off my dick if those snobs think I’m a thief!

I KNEW POLO WAS BI! Though I can’t say whether he is a top or bottom. With there being reciprocity in giving head, it is hard to say. Question is though, is Christian bi or gay for opportunities? Yeah, he kissed Polo before but they’re European. It’s not like in America where you have to take a man kissing another man seriously. The genders are more equal when it comes to expressing affection, so I hear. But, if Christian really is willing to give up his mouth, maybe some ass, to get famous, it really makes you wonder how trustworthy he is.

I mean, while he didn’t steal the watches, he knew who did and didn’t even say anything to Carla. Someone who, with selling out Nano, could make his dreams come true. Then again, there might be the need to remind ourselves that it isn’t like Carla and Christian are friends. Well, maybe friends with benefits but arguably they don’t have real conversations. It’s all fun, sex, and events. No one is talking about their childhood or anything like that.

Then again, who on this show has any relationship which gets that deep really? Guzman tries to have them but Polo is a disappointment and Ander is so worried about Omar that he doesn’t really check in and hang out with Guzman.

Just When You Thought Marina Was Not Like The Others: Ander, Azucena, Omar, Marina, Yusef

Marina is pregnant, her father just got busted for embezzlement, bribery and criminal negligence, and on top of that, she gets busted by Principal Azucena with weed. Which, to save herself, she outs Omar. Not out as in revealing his sexuality, but says he was her dealer. Leading to wheels turning in Azucena’s head and her asking Ander if Omar sold him drugs – which he says he didn’t.

This leads to, since Marina added in that Omar was Nadia’s brother, Yusef being called in and him going off on Omar and Nadia for not telling him she knew. But, despite all this, Ander still tries to hook up with Omar, have him come out, and at his family’s store no less!


Polo's face close to Omar's.

What is it about Omar that has Ander sprung? To my knowledge, they barely talk beyond superficial things, they haven’t had sex, and Omar hasn’t been the more participatory. What drives him to keep up with him and not find someone else? Is it just convenience since he knows him already?

This Is All Too Much For One Person: Marina, Nano, Samuel, Mr. Martin, Lu, Azucena, Guzman, Ventura, Nadia

Marina, as noted, is juggling a lot. She has her father, Ventura, getting busted; there is Lu threatening her for using her blackmail against Mr. Martin; Azucena catches her with drugs; she is pregnant; she has HIV, and on top of that she is still unable to break up with Samuel but wants Nano. To make things worse, Nadia kind of half-asses trying to be supportive about her getting an abortion and Nano is talking like he wants to raise a family. Problem is, he wants to start their life together, away from her world, by blackmailing her dad and godfather to fund that journey.

It’s all a bit much for one person and Samuel, honestly, he only makes it worse. With learning Marina is pregnant, his insecurities drive him to want to know by who. Eventually leading him to think it is Mr. Martin and with that, all of Mr. Martin’s secrets come out and he is promptly fired.

Meanwhile, as Marina is just spiraling, Guzman and Nadia get close again. Of course, her father isn’t happy about it but, as noted, it isn’t like other guys are taking note of her. Hell, does she even really have friends outside of Guzman? So as much as Lu may pester her, all that does is make Nadia act smarter when hanging out with Guzman. Someone who seriously maybe in love with her.


Marina in Azucena's office.

They are really trying to build a case for everyone wanting to kill Marina huh? Mr. Martin lost his job because of her and Lu. Because of her, Ander had yet another obstacle in trying to be with Omar. Thanks to her, Omar was revealed to be a drug dealer to his dad. Then with Samuel, he kept feeling like she was playing with his heart. It goes on and on.

But, despite me hemming and hawing about all the back and forth, Nadia and Guzman have somehow found a way to keep recovering after every setback. I still can’t find it in myself to think they’ll remain happy. However, it’s a process. Perhaps that is what all these relationships are supposed to show. That you have to keep trying and communicate in order to get what you want. For this rich kids, that is perhaps how they see life. Their parents got rich because they were persistent so, as hard as it sometimes is, you got to keep engaging, mend relationships, and press on.

At least, that is what I’m going to tell myself as I wait for every relationship to flip like a dry ole’ pancake once more.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. This show is so frustrating, how did Omar, someone who isn’t a student, isn’t even wearing the uniform, get onto school property? You got the children of the rich at your school yet you don’t have security to handle the various situations they can cause or inspire?
  2. Taking note of all Mr. Martin said, and how we have yet to see Lu’s parents, the only rich kid whose parents have yet to be seen, are we to believe she really isn’t trying to be the best to get her father’s attention? Maybe to prop herself up in some way?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

The worst that could happen to us, maybe the best thing that’s ever happened to us.
— Nano


  1. Nano no longer owes the thugs so that blemish on the show might be over and done with!
  2. Carla and Lu teaming up against Marina sounds weirdly appealing.
  3. Lu being suspended for two months meaning, when it comes to Nadia, she’ll have some peace. Also doesn’t have to worry about Lu’s snide comments when she hangs with Guzman.

On The Fence

  1. As much as I can attempt to justify the back and forth of characters, it still is tiring watching these relationships hit low points one episode then seem fine the next.
  2. Marina really is losing her luster as the closest thing to a female lead we have on this show.

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