Elite: Season 1/ Episode 5 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

While amongst friends things are better than ever, nearly all romantic and sexual relationships continue cycling between being hot and cold.   Network Netflix Director(s) Dani De La Orden Writer(s) Carlos Montero Air Date 10/5/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I…

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While amongst friends things are better than ever, nearly all romantic and sexual relationships continue cycling between being hot and cold.


Director(s) Dani De La Orden
Writer(s) Carlos Montero
Air Date 10/5/2018

Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I may earn money or products from the company. Most affiliate links contain an upward facing, superscript, arrow.

There Isn’t Balance In Us All Using Each Other: Christian, Guzman, Polo, Carla

Being that Guzman has yet to find a reason to like Christian, he doesn’t stop questioning the ever so manipulable Polo to be insecure about his place in his life. Who, increasingly, seems like he might be bi-sexual and would like Christian to look and want him as he does Carla. He even, to match Carla buying Christian clothes, talks about getting Christian a modeling gig. However, with realizing he’ll always be a third wheel, thanks to Guzman not telling him about Marina’s HIV diagnosis, he ruins Christian’s opportunity.


Polo watching Christian change.

If there is a question of why it is taking me so long to get through this series, it is partly since things flip with these characters episode to episode. One episode Polo feels secure in the relationship and the next he is ready to sabotage Christian and push him to abandon what’s going on. It grows a bit tiring and it doesn’t help that these three aren’t the only one who flip how they feel about a character episode to episode. All while barely addressing the thing which got them mad. They seemingly just brush it under the carpet, pat down the lumps, and are cool with things until they trip over the lump they thought they patted down so hard.

The Privilege of Being Out: Nadia, Omar, Guzman, Ander

Ander wants to be a public couple but Omar isn’t willing and able to do that. As Nadia proves to him, coming out means losing his family and Omar already doesn’t have that much. Imagine losing not just your family but your home, the one place where your culture is accepted and you have some semblance of feeling safe. Can you imagine losing all that for some rich kid? Someone who may not be able to take you in, help you put the pieces of your life back together, yet wants to pretend you have the same privilege of being out as them?


Omar's response to Nadia saying he should suppress his feelings and urges as she does.
Omar: I’m not an ice cube like you.

While I don’t support homophobia, at the same time I hate when media pushes the idea that for every last character, no matter their social class, culture, or age group, they fully accept a gay character. With Omar, that seemed to be the case for everyone was shocked and appalled by the drug dealing thing and hunched about him being gay. That stopped with Nadia and with the way it was handled. She didn’t necessarily commit to the idea he was committing a sin or anything like that, but advised him to hide that part of himself. Thus bringing a bit of realism to a show which, assumingly because it deals with rich kids, can often feel like nothing is grounding it.

But, with that said, I think showing Omar doesn’t have the luxury of being out is important for it shows how being out is just that. Omar already has a strike against him due to being Muslim and unable to hide the fact he is an other. Add on being gay to that – openly gay. What safety net would he have? His parents kick him out, where is he going to go? Samuel is a good friend, but we haven’t really seen how his mother feels about Omar. Much less, how she would feel about another person living in the apartment.

That’s why the title of this topic notes being out as a privilege. For when it comes to many, it could mean anything from the discomfort of glances to death for being out and open. Which, as much as there are “It Gets Better” ads and more diverse depictions of gay people enjoying life, facing struggles and winning, some people don’t have the time to wait for it to get better. The sacrifice it would require to wait for that change, is too much to ask for.

Whether Active or Passive, Temptation Is Hard To Deal With: Marina, Nano, Samuel, Lu, Guzman, Nadia

I want you to imagine this with me: Your “boyfriend” tells his brother where your father’s money and personal documents are hidden, also that you have HIV. On top of that, it becomes clear he is texting people about it when you propose having sex. Then, because of him, everyone learns your status and you are forced to come out about it. In what world would that not be it for them. Why is it that Marina had to have sex with Samuel, not enjoy it as much as being with Nano, for her to seemingly want distance?

Then with Nadia, I’m trying to understand, if you are seemingly family oriented, and are judging Guzman so hard about his family, and he has the ability to spit venom about your brother in retaliation, why do you like him? How many warning shots have to be fired until you realize, oh, that wasn’t a warning shot – I’VE BEEN HIT! Does Lu have to, as she does, rub it in your face she can take everything from you when she wants?

Oh, and before we move on, anyone else get the vibe that Nadia cutting her hand, finding Marina bleeding, and touching her, that was supposed to be for Nadia being so judgey?


Samuel talking to the investigator.
Samuel: I thought I knew her, but now I’m not sure.

I dig dramatic young adult stories. This site is probably dominated by them. However, as said, all this back and forth feels ridiculous. Especially since the old problems don’t get handled. They either get ignored or brushed off as if they aren’t a big deal. Yet, once an argument or something happens, guess what gets brought back up because it never got resolved?

But what is really frustrations is the Samuel and Marina relationship, as well as Guzman and Nadia, are the ones you so badly want to ship but the stupidest decisions are made. Making it where, when they reconcile, you have a little bit less of a reason to invest each time. Yeah, Marina may have claimed Samuel in just the last episode, but at this point it seems she only did to piss off her parents. The truth may just be, she wants the love only Samuel can give and the sex only Nano is good at. Which I don’t want to shame her for. Yet, sometimes it does feel like between her murder, the HIV, and her sort of emo teen look, that is supposed to help excuse her actions. That and the fact she doesn’t go as far as others when it comes to playing with the working class for her personal amusement.

Bringing us to Nadia and Guzman. Honestly, I need a grandeur gesture out of these two. For as much as Guzman may have made claims he isn’t doing the bet and all that, I’m back to thinking this dude is playing a long game. That’s even with taking into consideration how he curved Lu quite publicly and had to be haggled to make out, possible have sex, in his pool.

Though, taking note of that birthday lunch, or dinner, I do have to say I think Guzman isn’t as into being a rich kid as he may sometimes seem. He enjoys what the wealth gives him access to, but I don’t think he likes the people, especially those like Lu, who it sometimes surrounds him with. That’s why he doesn’t like Christian. He has a rich person’s attitude without the money. Also, that is why Polo and Ander are his best friends. Neither really abuse their privilege and at the first sign of them doing so, such as Ander doing drugs, he calls it out immediately.

Miscellaneous Commentary

The End of Marina and Carla

There was a time when Marina and Carla were like Guzman and Polo. However, unlike Polo, it seems Carla enjoys the lavish lifestyle her mother’s wealth afford and, like Lu, she seems those poorer as means of entertainment. Granted, not in as cruel of a way as Lu, but it seems the source of distance between Marina and Carla is how they feel about their social class. Marina really does have a complicated relationship with it, if only because of the perception it brings. Carla? As seen by that dead Muppet she likes to wear, she loves and embraces it. Thus perhaps being the thing which drove a wedge between them.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Does Samuel not understand you don’t just tell people someone has HIV? That is their right to reveal that to who they trust?
  2. Anyone else find it interesting that Marina made sure to use a condom with Samuel but not when she had sex with Nano?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

[…] when you don’t have money, honesty’s a luxury you can’t afford.
— Lu


  1. The male friendships on this show, be it Omar and Samuel, or Guzman and his friends.

Low Points

  1. Marina letting Samuel slide with telling her business repeatedly.

On The Fence

  1. All the back and forth in terms of Nadia and Guzman, Samuel and Marina, as well as Ander and Omar is really destroying the desire to invest in any of those relationships. Oh, and the triangle between Christian, Polo, and Carla. Particularly since it seems like once everyone gets to go off, then things start right back up again. Almost like everyone has memory lapses.

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  1. Amari, can you please explain the relationship with the parents. So it was Carla’s house that Nano stole the watches from, but I thought that was Guzman and Marina’s dad because of the talk the dad had with Guzman about the watch as a present for his birthday. I’m so confused. And I thought Carla and Polo were step-siblings with lesbian moms. Where are the moms?

    1. Carla’s father is the watch collector and within his most used watched held all the information about his and Marina/ Guzman’s dad’s illegal activities. Things with Carla and Polo’s parents are a bit confusing. It is made to seem early on, since they were kids, their mothers have had some kind of relationship. Making it seem, perhaps they keep it in private, but publicly are married to men.

      We see them together during the winery party and while they aren’t lovey-dovey, that is the closest we see them to being a couple.

      1. In episode 4 they show that Polo has 2 moms, they are lesbians, and you can see both of them at the party, it was also previously mentioned. Carla’s mom is separate, she is the duchess, and her dad is Marina’s dad’s business partner. The only reason it seems like Carla and Polo might have the same parents is because they have been dating since they were 12 and their parents expect them to remain together and even got them an apartment to live in for the near future.

        As for the coupes constantly flipping back and forth, I think this makes it realistic between young and troublesome teens. Sometimes that is exactly what happens. You have issues but you forgive and try to forget but eventually these problems continue to come back up, people do messed up things, and further problems ensue. However, they want to make things work but they are indecisive and can’t really distinguish between their desires and what is rationally the right decision in the relationship.

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