A lot of the sins and troubles of episode 3 are forgiven, making it seem only Marina and Nano might be held accountable for past actions – for now. Network Netflix Director(s) Ramón Salazar Writer(s) Darío Madrona Air Date 10/5/2018 Characters Introduced Fer Felix Herzog Pablo Alberto Vargas Yusef Abdelatif Hwidar Images and text in…

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A lot of the sins and troubles of episode 3 are forgiven, making it seem only Marina and Nano might be held accountable for past actions – for now.

Director(s) Ramón Salazar
Writer(s) Darío Madrona
Air Date 10/5/2018
Characters Introduced
Fer Felix Herzog
Pablo Alberto Vargas
Yusef Abdelatif Hwidar

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When Two Becomes Three: Christian, Polo, Carla

Despite what people say, and it seeming clear to most that Carla favors Christian, the three of them are going strong. In fact, what may have started as just Carla experimenting, and maybe a threesome to calm Polo down, might be a polyamorous relationship. One which is very public and includes Christian kissing Polo!

However, taking note that Carla only defends Christian, during a party her parents are co-hosting with Marina’s, it’s clear that Polo still has quite a bit to worry about. Especially since, when Polo is on the chopping block, Carla just watches.


Christian saying he, Polo, and Carla should leave their parents' party to have sex.
Christian: Let’s go to your apartment and finish the party there. I’m hungry.

Considering how rebellious Carla and Polo’s kiss was, before Christian also got him some, is it safe to say their parents didn’t know? From what it seems, they often are unsupervised and with how power dynamics seem, I doubt the people who work in the big house would say anything. At least to Carla and Polo’s parents. After all, if you snitch on the kids and their lifestyle, what does that say about your ability to keep your mouth shut in general?

But, I feel the need to possibly backtrack on the polyamorous thing. Could they be a threesome, with a focus on Carla? Yeah. A reverse harem is possible. However, considering how Christian was probably acting up because of Carla and Polo’s parents, and Lu throwing gasoline onto his fire, it could have been a heat of the moment thing. Not them fully embracing this agreement beyond sex and hanging out.

Some Secrets Are Worth Caring About More Than Others: Pablo, Ander, Guzman, Omar, Fer, Nano

Perhaps one of the reasons, the less genuine, that Guzman wants to keep his friends close is the topic of Pablo. Someone who we finally get to see this episode but not all that clearly – mostly because we get to see him as Guzman, Polo, and Ander beat him to a pulp. Well, mostly Guzman who beats the boy until there is blood on the walls. But, considering he was 17 and messing with his 14-year-old sister, as well as gave her HIV, you’d be pissed too right?

Pablo (Alberto Vargas) before Guzman and Polo jump him.
Pablo (Alberto Vargas)

But that’s in the past and that beatdown is only looked into during the murder investigation. In which Ander covers for Guzman. The thing to focus on this topic is really Omar and Ander’s relationship, as well as Nano trying to pay off his debt. Beginning with Omar and Ander, to coerce Omar to see him, Ander catfishes him. Which, to be honest, I’m surprised Omar fell for but just him being a dealer, on a gay hookup app, while being very much closeted, still blows my mind. Like, dude, someone could easily blackmail you for drugs if they found out both your secrets.

Though, when you think with the dude downstairs and not your brain, naturally things don’t get processed like they should. Case in point, Omar, since he seemingly is horny, and despite all the trouble Ander could bring into his life, joins him in the wine cellar of Polo and Carla’s family – where the party is held. They don’t go in and Ander shows him off, like he is his boyfriend, but they do sneak away, make out, and dry hump. Which is seen by Samuel and Guzman.

Leading both to confront what was seen in the form of Guzman dealing with Ander repeatedly lying to him, and using, and Samuel learning Omar is both a dealer and secretly homosexual. It should be noted though, neither give a damn those two are gay. However, Omar dealing is a big deal, for in the pursuit of trying to help Nano with his money problem, he introduces him to his dealer Fer. Problem is, Fer is wanted by the people Nano owes money to and he was tasked to shoot him – he doesn’t do that. Leading to him being slashed across the abdomen and 20K added to his debt.


Nano's wound.
Marina: Shit! You have to go to a hospital. | Nano: No.

Nano really feels so out of place compared to everyone else’s drama. People are dealing with HIV, petty little secrets, getting cheated on, and here he is on the path to be murked by some gangsters and being 60K in debt. Something Marina mentions she’ll help him with, when she sees him, but the issue with that is he mentions only the 40K he owes. So when the gangsters ask for the next 20k, you know she is going to look at him like he is using her. Maybe even think Samuel is in on it.

Nano aside, with the gangsters taking Fer, shooting him in the leg, maybe more later on, how will that affect Omar’s cash flow? It isn’t clear what he does with the money he gets, but I assume some of it goes to the family. So with Nano threatening his supplier, setting him up to get shot, how will Omar react? After all, the way Samuel and Omar’s conversation goes, Omar can’t really find a job elsewhere. Especially which probably gets him the money this job does. So will Omar get a little thug, a little gangster on Nano?

Leaving Nano alone for real this time, what are the chances of Ander and Omar coming out this season? Ander seemingly would be more free to, but what about Omar? Will Elite have his parents shown as progressive Muslims or would Omar get kicked out as soon as his father registers what was said? Thus becoming part of the homeless population the banquet was supposed to support. Heck, for the sake of a twist, imagine Nadia being the one who leads him being cast out the family!

Let’s Have a Do Over: Nadia, Guzman, Mr. Martin, Lu, Marina, Samuel, Nano

Starting from small to big, with Nadia continuing to dominate what Lu used to hold as things she excelled at, she decides to use Mr. Martin, and social media, to make a comeback. You see, Mr. Martin has been, for 8 years, trying to conceive with his wife. Problem is, it ain’t happening. On top of that, there is the issue of his wife being unemployed as well. However, with Lu’s father having connections in Mexico, she believes she can get him any kind of child he wants. He just has to make sure Lu ends the year as the best. Which he begins the process of by docking Nadia’s grade.

Nadia dealing with a very aggressive Guzman.

Which, big picture, is the least of Nadia’s worries. Lu is small time and just a mosquito with an extended lifespan. Her issue is Guzman who is really being aggressive. Not necessarily in a bad way, but in the kind of way which throws Nadia off. For example, he says for him to get back on her good side, he has to apologize to her whole family. Which the boy tries to do in the middle of dinner. Revealing Nadia doesn’t wear her hajib in the process. But, between him doing that, buying her a cute scarf, and really putting in some effort, she forgives him. I’m talking about him saying he doesn’t deserve her but her saying, well you do now.

As for Samuel and Marina? One can only assume that while Marina will always have a place in her heart for a bad boy like Nano, the sweetness of Samuel is hard to get rid of. Between him wanting a do-over of not saying the right thing when she revealed her diagnosis, to being fairly consistent, it seems she forgives him telling Nano. At this point, she just wants him to be her boyfriend. Thus helping you understand why the whole pregnancy thing would probably piss Samuel off. For when he does the math, he’ll realize he wasn’t the only one in her life.


Marina claiming Samuel as her boyfriend during a party.
Marina: He’s my boyfriend.

I don’t know if it is because the show was commissioned for 8 episodes or not, but it does seem forgiveness comes just a bit too quickly, and easily, on this show. For Marina, Samuel told your secret to Nano. He took away your agency and told a person who could have flipped the hell out and think you infected him like it was a game. Without saying hardly a word to you. Surely this girl isn’t trying to be so optimistic about life, love, and Samuel, she could get past that in a snap?

Not to imply Samuel has said anything to seem like a bad guy, but let’s add in them both sneaking around your house. If there are cameras outside, I know her father has a camera in his office, at the very least. He probably saw Samuel sneak in and Nano do the same later on. Leading you to wonder, during that dinner conversation, why didn’t the dad say something?

But, at the very least, when he was going in on Marina, Guzman stood up for her. Even had a rather touching moment of seeming fine with Samuel as long as he makes his sister smile. Pushing the idea the douchebag we still see when Christian is around, maybe that isn’t the sum of his person. Perhaps Nadia isn’t enraptured just because no one else is pursuing her?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • It was April 12, 2016 when Pablo got beaten the hell out of and because Ander is the principal’s son, and Pablo was paid off by Guzman’s parents, he just disappeared.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Omar looking at Samuel.

  1. Should we continuously expect Carla’s dead Muppet fur whenever there is a fancy event?
  2. Is Lu Mexican or is it just her father does a lot of business in Mexico?
  3. Will we learn who Pablo got HIV from?
    1. Also, how did Pablo and Marina get together?
  4. So was Ander saying he was 19 centimeters?
  5. Recognizing I just said this about Nadia, do you think Omar had or has a crush on Samuel? Or could it just be that he is one of the few people their age nice to them? Hence why they both look at him with a certain level of fondness?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

When tyranny is law, revolution is order.


  1. Despite how quickly people are forgiven over things which seem like they should be a big deal, it is hard to not wanna see the couples presented together.

Low Points

  1. Lu and Nano are struggling so much with their storylines, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them end up together.
  2. Even with the note about Pablo, the murder investigation still lacks anything to drive interest or theories. That is, despite how much you have to love Marina as a character at this point.

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