Elite: Season 1/ Episode 3 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As secrets get revealed, or someone threatens to reveal them, the show, for now, narrows down who might have killed Marina. Network Netflix Director(s) Ramón Salazar Writer(s) Darío Madrona Air Date 10/5/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I may earn money…

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As secrets get revealed, or someone threatens to reveal them, the show, for now, narrows down who might have killed Marina.

Director(s) Ramón Salazar
Writer(s) Darío Madrona
Air Date 10/5/2018

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Is It Like or Lust?: Omar, Ander, Guzman

Nearly everything of interest takes place the night of Samuel’s party. One in which, unbeknownst to Samuel, Omar has drugged the punch, is handing out pills, and secretly making out with Ander. Someone who, by using Guzman, got out of punishment and seemingly planned to have a good ole time. Well, at least get some of his pent-up lust out.

Though, with a secret touch of a finger, the desire to kiss on the dance floor, after a pill he takes, maybe this is more than lust? Well, thanks to Guzman threatening to out Omar as a dealer, we may not know for a little bit. For with Guzman’s parents, biological parents, ten years ago overdosing, the last thing he wants is his childhood best friend to follow their fate. So even if he has to ruin everything, at least he might save Ander in the process.


Is it wrong that a part of me wants to call BS on Guzman being adopted? It makes for a good shock, and the way it is supported by his anti-drug thing makes it seem legit. However, he comes off like such a master manipulator that who is to say this isn’t a lie to regain control of Ander? Perhaps learn his secret and feel close to him again? For with Carla and Lu’s fight, noted in the next topic, it seems he doesn’t take Lu seriously and with Marina showing, in the third topic, how she may not have learned anything from what happened last time, all that is left is Ander.

So the ultimate question is, should we consider Guzman controlling or is his selfishness stemming from not really having that many people he is comfortable with? Much less, who he doesn’t have to worry about leaving him as his parents did? That is, again, assuming that wasn’t BS.

Omar and Ander kissing.

Switching over to Omar and Ander, though Guzman has threatened them being together, I still see them as end game. There is just something too cute about them for Guzman to get in the way. Plus, and maybe this just comes from watching too many teen shows, it seems a bit inevitable for Omar’s family to learn he is a dealer and a homosexual. If not bi. The only thing to question is, will Nadia be the first, then the rest of the family, or everyone at once?

For Guzman is likely to let that slip or, when he gets mad at Nadia, use what he knows as ammunition. Since, if there is one thing made clear this episode, it is that the boys of Elite are all kinds of screwed up.

It’s Not What You Think: Polo, Carla, Christian, Nadia, Guzman, Lu

Being that Carla enjoyed Christian quite a bit, she decides to manipulate Polo into letting her see him again. Especially with Lu, who doesn’t know much, trying to add her two cents and make it seem Carla grovels to win back Polo whenever he is mad. In truth, it isn’t that she enjoys the silence but she has to let him feel like he has some power in their relationship. Leaving him completely emasculated would ruin everything.

So, long story short, she convinces Christian and Polo to participate in a threesome – with her in the middle. Something which she keeps going by reminding Polo that as he loves her, she loves him more, yet we, the audience, knowing she is just playing with this dude’s emotions.

Christian, Carla, and Polo having a threesome.

Bringing us back to Guzman again. With worries about Marina going to Samuel’s party, he pressures Nadia to take him and she gives in. Perhaps because she desires to let loose a little bit. Problem is, she gets drugged by her brother’s pill in the punch and ends up alone with Guzman. Granted, she initiated being alone with him, in his pool, but considering he had his phone propped to make a video, it seemed like the beginning of the end for her.

However, despite the plans he and Lu had, he can’t go through with it. She was clearly drugged and he doesn’t want to be that guy. That’s the guy, Pablo, who gave his sister HIV. So he backs off and even puts her in a cab home. Leaving us to wonder how she got inside, and to bed, without her father or brother knowing what was going on?

Oh, but we can’t forget Lu. Alongside Carla revealing Lu and Guzman are f*** buddies since he has no desire to date her, she decides to mess with Nadia and reveal the bet. Which Guzman admits to then pushes the idea that once he got to know her, it wasn’t like that. However, the damage is done, he talks about her spreading her legs wide, she smacks him, and like Ander and Omar, they end up on pause. Not over, but definitely on pause.


Lu revealing Guzman is playing Nadia.
Ly: He’s so vindictive.

You ever feel, after a certain amount of years watching teens behave badly, you’re watching the same characters over and over under different names? Not to say Elite is boring or generic, but I don’t think it plays up its potential all that well. With this Carla and Polo situation, they could put more emotion into it. Polo looking like a sad puppy dog isn’t good enough. I need him to be more verbal, more hurt. He can still be a sucker but at least have us feel bad for him. It’s like Carla is cheating on a cardboard cutout.

Not to say Carla is all that. While you see there is some attempt at making her a femme fatale, again, it is all in looks and lacks emotional depth or complexity. But, at the very least, she seems better crafted than Lu. She still hasn’t escaped her mean girl persona and her pettiness isn’t funny or exciting. It just feels like watching a janitor with a crappy broom pushing dirt around. Yes, she may cause smoke and make things foggy, but is she really doing anything? With her coming clean with Nadia, is that really going to change much?

I mean, the main issue I see for this show is how so much seems set in stone and we’ve barely just begun. Which is why the adoption thing came as a shock for that is probably the one thing this episode which came out of left field. The rest? Well, there are 5 episodes left to drum up something.

This Is Not A Game: Marina, Nano, Samuel

The gangsters want their money and they are truly tired of waiting for it. To the point, even though it would make it so much harder to get the money, they are threatening to break Nano’s bones. So, knowing what he does about Marina’s dad, he plans to seduce her and take what he needs. That way, he makes the money he owes and then some.

Which may lead you to think, “But what about Samuel?” Well, Samuel couldn’t get the job done and it seems Nano thinks a little heartbreak won’t be terrible for the boy. Hence why Samuel probably freaks out about what to wear and say with Omar over Nano. A moment that probably enabled Nano to take advantage of the fact Marina had been eyeing Nano all night and, after Samuel vomits on her, it gives him the opportunity to meet her in the bathroom. Which leads to their house, and him putting it down to the point she goes to sleep.

Leading to a handful of things – First, him learning that someone moved the incriminating documents from the safe. Second, Marina confessing to Samuel she is HIV+ and him telling Nano because he felt he didn’t react properly to the news. Lastly, Nano confronts Marina about it and she says, with the drugs she takes, she is undetectable and thus wouldn’t have spread the disease.


Marina and Nano looking into each other's eyes with their faces close.

When she had unprotected sex with Nano, I figured that is why she died. He learned he had HIV, only one he had sex with recently was her, he put it together and then killed her. But, alas, what we get out of the investigation is a back and forth between Samuel saw Nano around Marina last and then Nano thinking Samuel was so jealous he killed Marina. Possibly because she never rejected him and upon learning she was pregnant, with Nano’s baby, he snapped! Well, at least that’s one theory. Considering how little we are given to really care about the investigation, I could see them making Lu the killer, just to setup a cliffhanger.

For doesn’t this seem like that kind of show? The kind which has this really dull subplot, which you don’t pay a whole lot of attention to, then there is some big reveal that makes you go “WHERE THE F*** DID THAT COME FROM?”

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Nadia has an older sister, May, who is around 20 now and has been gone for two years. From what it seemed, she got caught up in the party and drug scene and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Low Points

  1. The murder investigation remains something that feels like overkill.
  2. Nano being stalked by the mob still feels like overkill.

On The Fence

  1. While this show feels predictable, it doesn’t take away from the relationships you know are going to happen.
  2. Nano hooking up with Marina was just wrong on so many counts. How do you seriously justify not only making out, but having unprotected sex with your little brother’s crush?

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