Elite: Season 1/ Episode 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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In class, the kids are given the task to make a social media profile for their partner. Leading to the question: What is everyone’s public image and what is their true self?

Director(s) Dani De La Orden
Writer(s) Carlos Montero
Air Date 10/5/2018
Characters Introduced
Mr. Martín Jorge Suquet

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A Dangerous Secret: Omar, Ander, Nano, Samuel, Guzman

40,000. That is how much Nano owes from having protection in prison and the people he owes wants him to pay immediately. So, they decide to harass him at the restaurant where Samuel got a job. They break into his home, destroy the living room, and leave Nano a bit unsure what to do. That is, only if Samuel won’t use some information Marina told him to help.

As for Ander and Omar? Despite some hesitation, at first, Omar gives into his feelings and kissing Ander, they make out and Omar even tugs a bit at Ander’s member. However, with moving Ander’s wallet from his pants to the car seat they are making out on, Ander stops what they’re doing, says he is uncomfortable. This last for a few days but when Guzman snitches on Ander about getting drugs from Omar, it pushes Ander to reconsider.

Not because he wants more drugs, mind you. More so, it seems losing the drugs pushes him to want to see Omar without that condition. Which excites Omar a bit.


Guzman watching Ander and Omar.

We all know Guzman is an ass, but what would push him to snitch on Ander like that? Is this a control thing? As seen by others on this show, control is almost as intoxicating as sex and with Guzman thinking he rules the school, does that mean he thinks he owns everyone’s personal life as well? Especially Ander since they’ve been friends since they were kids?

Then again, maybe it is because Ander never shared his homosexual feelings with Guzman which is the problem. For what we know, Guzman could be bi and is upset the one person he could trust with his feelings doesn’t consider him trustworthy. Much less attractive enough to experiment with.

Switching to Nano’s situation, I must admit I was hoping and expecting more. Him owing some thugs makes sense, but that storyline is kind of a bore. That is, unless they do something violent that really leaves a mark on a character. Come to think of it, what if they are the ones who kill Marina? Considering how often she ends up around Nano, they may have mistaken her for his girlfriend.

Tempted By The Attention of Another: Nadia, Guzman, Lu, Christian, Carla, Polo, Mr. Martin

The games Carla and Guzman are playing are beginning to leave their significant other left out. This is especially true for Polo since Christian is very boisterous and open about his feelings for Carla. To the point, Guzman catches on and questions what is Polo allowing and why? Which leads to some feeble attempt at explaining how he is in control, trying to make it sound like a porn he arranged, but Guzman isn’t buying it.

So, embarrassed, Polo tries to end things in conversation. Leading to us learning Polo and Carla are step-siblings since their moms are in love with one another. Thus perhaps explaining why Carla wants to explore other people. For while their fates seem kind of sealed, she wants to see if there is some escape – hence Christian. However, Polo doesn’t let his insecurities be calmed by Carla’s having sex with him, because she still desires, and tries to have sex with, Christian. So, he blows their cover and that leads to Christian leaving this game of theirs.

Unfortunately for Lu, her game doesn’t seem like it may end that easily. Guzman pushes Nadia to be his partner in this social media project Mr. Martin makes. In the process of this, as much as Nadia knows something is up, as do we, there are signs and possibilities that maybe this isn’t just a game. To the point when Lu sees them being flirtatious, she isn’t sure what is real and what is them supposedly taking Nadia down a notch.


Carla calming Polo's worries.

Should it be considered creepy that Polo and Carla are step-siblings, assuming their parents adopted each other’s kid, and yet are acting like they are destined for marriage? Having sex even… I’m starting to think Carla recognizes it is weird and that’s why she is trying to find alternatives to Polo. Plus, low-key, he kind of seems like the crazy jealous type. You know, the one who seems all nice and normal at first but then there are a bunch of red flags. Most of which you think are just you being paranoid but then you realize they are psychotic.

Perhaps explaining how and why Polo liked to watch. It wasn’t all about him convincing himself he had control over Carla’s sexuality. No, it was also because he wanted to compare and see if he could really lose her. For if someone like Christian could take her away, that means the Guzman’s of their world would have no issue. So, in a way, this was a test.

As for Lu, I’m convinced Guzman only chose to be with her out of convenience. Granted, he could just be playing the long game and that is why he seems so smitten with Nadia. Yet, there is also this idea that, like Marina, he wants something different. Someone who isn’t like the Lus of the world who are good for games like this but as for something long term? Are only worth it to consolidate wealth.

Which isn’t to say the boy is being legit but I think, with probably few guys showing Nadia interest like this, she is putting aside her suspicions for now. Especially since Samuel might be her crush and he curved her for a rich girl.

Will You Chose Potential Love Over Family?: Nano, Marina, Samuel

With Samuel doubling down on his feelings for Marina, it means that as much as he’d like to help Nano clear his debt, he can’t use Marina to do so. She is sweet, attentive, and as much as Samuel has this vibe that he may not have mobility, she could provide that. Plus, she notes she has been hurt before and he doesn’t want to add himself to the people who hurt her. Granted, he can’t top her last partner giving her HIV, seemingly by drugs, but why try?


Marina and Samuel getting to know one another.

The more we see of Marina, the more I wish they kept her death a secret. Because I so badly want to invest in her yet knowing she is going to be dead, it stops me. Why get invested in her and Samuel when you know she is going to die? Which, I can tell you, I’ll probably never get over. For, in my mind, the better idea would have been Samuel discovering Marina has HIV and dealing with that. Not a lot of, or any, shows have that and that could have given Elite a feather in its cap. Versus doing like damn near every other teen show where someone gets killed and we’re trying to figure out who did it.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Nunier, Inc is the name of the construction company responsible for the school roof collapse.
  • Did I mention when Marina died she was pregnant? Yet, so it seems, the baby, dead or alive, hasn’t been tested yet to see who is the father.
  • Marina wants to be a journalist.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will we meet the person who gave Marina HIV?


  1. Despite knowing she’ll die, Marina and Samuel’s blossoming relationship.
  2. Nadia continues to be of interest as she knows Guzman is playing games, but she lets herself enjoy the attention anyway.
  3. Omar and Ander’s back and forth.

On The Fence

  1. The possible triangle between Christian, Polo, and Carla.
  2. Nano’s storyline with owing some gangsters money.

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