Between the death of a character, an injury, and a bit of good news, many characters find their lives shifting, often for the better. Though for one, if not two, it seems a reminder of how terrible life is maybe all they will get.

Trigger Warning(s): Car Accident

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Mary & Edith

Though it doesn’t happen until the middle of the episode, the death of Henry’s best friend Charlie has a profound effect on the upstairs staff. For one, it seems to be the final straw for Mary since Charlie’s death is an auto accident, and no matter what Tom says, Mary seems unable to put herself through that once more. But, while things are horrible for Mary, and her personal life, Edith sort of benefits from the crash. For, as she lays on Bertie’s chest, just enjoying the comfort his person brings, he proposes. Then, on top of that, he accepts the idea of Marigold coming with Edith as a package.

Topic 2: Mr. Carson and Ms. Hughes

While the upstairs staff deals with another death, as well as a new puppy [1] the downstairs staff is dealing with troubles of their own. The first being a minor one, Ms. Hughes injuring her hand. Something which really is only an issue for Mr. Carson since it forces him to do the house duties. What surely is a humbling experience for between seeing the difficulty which comes from having to cook and clean, I’m sure Ms. Hughes hopes this will tame his expectations.

Topic 3: Daisy, Ms. Patmore, Mr. Moseley, Andy, and Thomas Barrow

To begin, Ms. Patmore’s bed and breakfast opens up and has a doctor and another woman, who maybe a mistress, in it within a few days. A great accomplishment for her. Though perhaps not as great as Daisy’s, or especially Mr. Moseley’s. For both of them take their exams, and Mr. Moseley does so well that he is offered a teaching position. Something he seemingly will take and this may give Mr. Barrow some breathing room. That is, assuming Mr. Carson will keep him. For lord knows Mr. Carson, both privately and publicly, has been cruel to the boy. In fact, in this episode Ms. Hughes apologizes to Mr. Barrow on Mr. Carson’s behalf.

Something which I’m sure doesn’t stop the bleeding, but does help create a feign smile. One which doesn’t last long for with Andy letting it be known publicly that he can’t read, and the local teacher being willing to take over, now Mr. Barrow may have lost his means of connecting with Andy.


Tom meeting Edith’s Editor Laura Edmonds and the possibility of something happening there.

The moment between Daisy and Ms. Patmore in which Ms. Patmore reminded Daisy that Mr. Mason is capable of loving more than just her, and Daisy explained she hasn’t had a lot to herself which broke down why she has been so possessive.

The dowager facing off with Lord Merton’s future daughter-in-law before she left for the south of France.

Edith seeming genuinely happy, in love, and getting to bring Marigold along in her love affair as one tight knit package.

Us getting to see a more and more vulnerable Mr. Barrow, and the possibility of him keeping his job since Mr. Moseley is likely to become a teacher.

Mr. Carson getting to experience, and attempt to handle, the cooking and cleaning.

Low Points

The same relationship pattern we have experienced with Mary since Matthew died in which she seems strongly interested in someone and just looks for reasons for why it wouldn’t work. Which isn’t to say Henry driving cars, which was part of why Matthew died, shouldn’t be taken seriously but, let’s face it, the only difference between Henry and the rest was she had a damn good reason this time about breaking it off.

Honestly, Charles death felt anti-climatic to me. Be it because we barely knew him, or his death seemed simply used to push the plot along. Either way, it felt a bit rushed.

On The Fence

Ms. Baxter seeing her ex-boyfriend in prison to see “if he still has power” over her just makes me roll my eyes.

Things To Note

[1] The Dowager, after the embarrassment which was losing her position, decides to go on Holiday to the south of France. Reason being, she wants to find a reason to be home once more and being away for awhile she believes will give her a reason. But, being that she can’t just leave mysteriously and let that be it, she leaves her son, and his family, a brand new dog to fend over. Leaving me to wonder, being that usually there is one major death a season, and I doubt Charlie is that major death, could the Dowager be next or, better yet Denker?!

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