Downton Abbey: Season 6/ Episode 1 [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview It’s 1925 in Downton and it seems the end of the grandeur lives of the upper crust is inching closer and closer, and fears of the changes to come have everyone shook. Though, even with that worry over everyone’s heads, there still remains quite a bit of personal drama to tend to. Characters &…

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It’s 1925 in Downton and it seems the end of the grandeur lives of the upper crust is inching closer and closer, and fears of the changes to come have everyone shook. Though, even with that worry over everyone’s heads, there still remains quite a bit of personal drama to tend to.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Drama Downstairs – Daisy, Ms. Patmore, Ms. Hughes, Mr. Carson, Denka, and Mr. and Mrs. Bates

To begin, from lightest to heaviest, Daisy finds herself in quite a pickle for her father in law, Mr. Mason, seemingly is going to be without a farm to tend to. The reason being? Well, his former landlord has been forced to sell, for their estate has gone caput, and now his future is uncertain. A strong issue for Daisy since she feels for Mr. Mason, but unfortunately she may have made a bad situation worse. For with her going to the estate’s auction and confronting the new owners, the Hendersons, her mouth may have ruined Mr. Mason’s chances in holding his position. Also, it could have very well gotten her fired, which was the recommendation of Mr. Carson. Luckily though, Lady Grantham gave a reprieve.

Speaking of people being terminated, with one estate falling, and of course Downton being down staff, and surely seeing better days, so begins the question of everyone’s job security. Though it is Denka speaking, after communicating with the Dowager, which really has everyone in a tizzy. But, being as the Grantham family is still slightly holding steady, the only one whose job security seemingly might be on the line is Denka – for opening her mouth.

Thus leaving us with one married couple, and one marriage to be. Now, to get their story out of the way, we learn the Bates family no longer have to worry about Mr. Green anymore. For with someone confessing to the crime of Mr. Green’s murder, it seems both are now off the hook. However, with Anna having multiple miscarriages, it seems that while their main worry has been lifted, the issue of Anna being unable to have children remains.

An issue not exactly shared between Ms. Hughes and Mr. Carson, but the actions which come before a baby is made are causing some anxiety within Ms. Hughes. If only because, not only has it been awhile, but being that she is proud, and unsure what type of marriage Mr. Carson wants, she has Ms. Patmore investigate. Leading to many an odd conversation which ultimately reveals Mr. Carson wants a full on, loving, friendly, and sexual, marriage. Which should become rather interesting, though intimacy isn’t something very much displayed on the show.

Topic 2: Blackmail and Head-butting – Mary, Dowager Violet, and Lady Crawley

Being that Mary’s escapades with Mr. Gillingham weren’t necessarily the most incognito, it seems a chambermaid, named Rita Bevan (Nichola Burley), wants to cash in on what she knows to the tune off 1000 pounds. An amount completely ridiculous so Mary refuses it. However, Lord Grantham pays for it. Why? Well, being that Mary is headstrong, brilliant, and the future of the estate, it seems he wanted one last chance to save his little girl. For, let’s face it, the work she does is on the level of, or even superior, to the men of her time, and Lord Grantham knows it. So this is probably one of the few times he can still play daddy and not end up being considered condescending in the process.

But while things end well between those two, a battle is brewing between Lady Crawley and the Dowager. Why? Well, all over the local hospital. For, you see, a big-time regional hospital seemingly is interested in taking over the local one. An idea the president of the hospital, the Dowager, is against. However, Lady Crawley, whose position I just can’t figure out how to spell, disagrees with the Dowager. After all, the issue for the Dowager is more about power than the patients. So, while the two just bicker friendly for now, it seems the issue is going to become the newest thing which fractures their relationship [1].

Topic 3: The End of an Era – Edith and Lord Grantham

With all that goes on around him, it seems Lord Grantham is less and less sure the world he knows may sustain. After all, he has less and less staff, his friends are losing their estates, and between women and the lower classes rising up, his world is almost more so part of the history books than the present. Yet, even with change happening all around him, he seemingly doesn’t dread it or fear it as before, he just simply expects it. Which isn’t to say he welcomes it with open arms, but isn’t like the Dowager when it comes to a social norm being less important.

With that said, it seems Edith, after years of Downton only holding bad memories, and Mary, may actually move on from it. For with a flat in London now available, a place where she wouldn’t have to hide Marigold, it means a new start. Plus, being that the editor of her paper seemingly needs a closer eye, it would allow her to be where she needs to be. Question is though, will she go through it? After all, while Mary may have been very little, if any, support, there still is the separation of her mom and dad, and only her aunt in London. Someone who has shown herself to be an ally, but certainly isn’t someone who can be considered as much as a rock as Lord or Lady Grantham. But still, with times changing, and Mary’s mouth forever being slick, it maybe the time to move on or be stuck in Downton with her unfortunate reputation.

Collected Quote(s)

“A problem shared is a problem halved, or doubled.”

—           “Season 6/ Episode 1.″ Downton Abbey

We only know what we are capable of when we test our limits.

—           “Season 6/ Episode 1.″ Downton Abbey

Things To Note

[1]: It should be noted that Dr. Clarkson seemingly sides with the Dowager.

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