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“Double Cross,” UMC’s newest show, has the potential to be their flagship series that exponentially raises the network’s profile.

Release Date (UMC) 5/21/2020
Episode Count 6
Noted Cast Members
Erica Ashley A. Williams
Eric Jeff Logan

Official Synopsis

DOUBLE CROSS follows Erica (newcomer Ashley A. Williams) and Eric Cross (fitness guru Jeff Logan) – two siblings on a quest to save the women in their neighborhood from a sex trafficking ring that’s taken over Dr. Erica’s hospital emergency room and shaken up the streets ran by “The Heights” Kingpin, Eric. Haunted by their past, the twins set down a path of their unique brand of vigilante justice.

Our Impression

I don’t think I can put concisely how much this show has me hyped. There is something about the energy of this show, the drama, that makes it appear that, with each new show UMC releases, its creators take note of what worked, and didn’t, with the preceding release and learns from them. And when it comes to “Double Cross,” it feels like a major leap for the network in terms of look, vibe, and honestly, it presents itself as the type of show that could do for UMC what “Power” did for STARZ.

So when May 21st hits, take advantage of UMC’s free trial and get ready to enjoy yourself.

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