Episode 4 Title Card - Don't Look Deeper

Aisha’s origins are partially looked into as we come to learn more about the role Martin plays in her life, as well as the company which may have manufactured her.

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Aisha’s origins are partially looked into as we come to learn more about the role Martin plays in her life, as well as the company which may have manufactured her.

Director(s) Catherine Hardwicke
Writer(s) Charlie McDonnell, Jeffrey Lieber
Aired (Quibi) 7/27/2020 – 8/11/2020
Introduced This Episode
Noah Kaiwi Lyman
Abel Harvey Zielinski

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Episode 4: Jailbreak

Introducing Rylium Technologies! The company which produces what are known as Gear bots, aka embeds, such as William, which is headed by a man named Noah. Someone who has become aware of people like Levi learning the hacks. Add in Aisha doing the same, on a school computer at that, and it leads to Noah thinking they, and the situation, need to be handled.

Noah (Kaiwi Lyman) walking down a pathway.
Noah (Kaiwi Lyman)

But, before he arrives, Aisha gets to experience her full capacity. Leading to her ending her menstrual cramps (lucky girl), and getting a “Watch_Dogs” level ability to hack into people’s lives. At least until she overloads her system.

Episode 5: Testing

It’s revealed to us not only does Martin know Aisha is a robot, but that he can track anything. I’m talking where she is, what she says, facial expressions – E V E R Y T H I N G! But, perhaps the more interesting thing here is that the same technology Noah just debuted, synthetic nanobots, they are what Sharon gives Aisha. Leading you to wonder, what did Sharon do before? Is she a rogue scientist, who stole a valuable product? What gives?

Also, taking note of Aisha’s expanded abilities, do they come with a fight mode since Noah’s brother Abel is coming around and seemingly he hunts rogue units. Especially the ones that have been hacked and also the hackers.

Abel (Harvey Zielinski) looking at the ground.
Abel (Harvey Zielinski)

Episode 6: Source

Episode 6 provides some clarity, primarily in the form of how Martin got involved. You see, Martin is new to Aisha’s life. Granted, 4 years in, but wasn’t with her when she was younger, as seen in episode 4. He came into her life when Sharon was in Dallas, and Martin lost both his wife, to divorce, and child, to Salmonella. Thus making him bond with Aisha out of longing, at first.

Which isn’t to say he didn’t have something with Sharon. It’s just something about the discovery of who Aisha is brought him closer to Aisha but distant from Sharon. Though, as seen in episode 5, he can be tempted to make out and have sex with her in the present day.

But, the point of the episode appears to be, within 5 months, Martin went from not knowing of Aisha’s existence to playing her father with Sharon embedding memories of their relationship. All the while erasing herself from Aisha’s memory, in terms of being her mother, and reinventing herself as her therapist.



Curiosity About Sharon’s Past

While the curiosity isn’t high, I must admit I do wonder about Sharon’s past. For example, was she an employee of Rylium and, if so, which side? The side that wanted embeds to be militarized or for civilian use? Also, was it the case of her developing Aisha to be a weapon, but then they shelved and boxed the project or was she then, as is now, focused on the brain and personality, and was a vendor for the Aisha project who stole?

Never mind, considering how many times Aisha’s memories have been wiped or rearranged, what is her take on all this? William restored some of her memories, but not all. So, when it comes to her childhood, what does she remember and has Sharon upgraded her body ever?

What Can Be Aisha’s Capabilities

With seeing Aisha able to hack and amplify her ability to hear, so comes the question of what else can she do? What about fighting? She is mostly made of metal, so it is assumed she packs a punch. Also, can she learn different languages, maybe have her consciousness jump? What are her limitations?

On The Fence

Abel & Noah As A Villains

Generic looking white tech guys don’t necessarily inspire fear or worry. Granted, they have the codes to shut down Aisha, and Abel seems like the type who would have no issues kidnapping her and maybe dismantling her. However, nothing about their presence does anything for us. They’re like Russian villains in an action movie. They feel interchangeable and without that unique special something.

Thus making them necessary, in terms of a threat, but surely not noteworthy.


Trajectory – Plateau

While the background we’re given does enhance the story, the would-be villains introduced don’t bolster the show.

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Abel & Noah As A Villains - 73%
What Can Be Aisha's Capabilities - 82%
Curiosity About Sharon's Past - 81%


While the background we're given does enhance the story, the would-be villains introduced don't bolster the show.

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