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Home TV Series Dominion: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Beware Those Closest to You” [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Dominion: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Beware Those Closest to You” [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Loyalty, or lack thereof, is what leads to exile for many and the death of one.

Review (with Spoilers)

In what may be the last episode of the season, if not series, possible reasons for war are renewed. For with the human politics increasing in complication, Gabriel infiltrating the city, Edward leaving, and a slew of other events, it truly makes for a possible season finale which leaves you wanting for more. How and why? Read below.

Topic 1: Politics – Arika, Claire and William

With Claire and William’s wedding comes many visitors. Some we know, like Uriel, who apparently has a relationship with Arika, and others we don’t like Evelyn’s head. But as nuptials are exchanged, the question becomes of what to do with Alex’s baby? You see, apparently condoms and birth control aren’t manufactured much anymore for Claire finds herself pregnant with Alex’s baby. Something which interest Uriel and Arika to the point of wanting to draw her to Helena. Meanwhile, with William just wanting Claire, no matter what, he seems hurt but ready to raise another man’s baby.

Topic 2: Exile – William and Michael

But upon discovery he is an Acolyte, it seems Claire rather have him killed than let him anywhere near her child. So, luckily for him, David shows that while there may not be much love between him and his son, there is a sense of loyalty. So, like Edward, we are left seeing William in the middle of nowhere. Though, it should be noted, William is left with just the most basic of provisions while Edward is off to New Delphi in a hummer.

As for Michael, when it comes to him loyalty is something in short supply. Especially when it comes to being given to him. For between his continuing issues with Furiad who decided to join Michael, instead of remain neutral, and then him learning Becca Thorne has been experimenting on angels to find their weakness, and her most recent project being dissecting Lewis, he goes off. And, I must say, while Gabriel still isn’t that compelling of a villain, considering all the mind games he plays in this episode, it seems what he lacks in creating fear he makes up for by being cunning. For not only has he planted a seed in which Alex questions Michael, but he turns Michael into that murderous beast he knows he is. You see, upon Michael entering House Thorne and seeing angel body parts, the blade that was extracted from him, and then Lewis, he goes ballistic. Though what makes this really special is he goes ballistic in front of Alex. He destroys things, kills a few security guards, and even breaks Senator Thorne’s neck. Then, to top things off, he and Alex have a sword fight in which Alex gets a slash in on Michael’s abdomen.

Topic 3: Murder – David & Arika(?)

He isn’t the only murderer of the episode though. David, upon Claire announcing she is ready to execute William for treason, decides to cover William’s tracks. He burns all the Acolytes alive in their secret meeting place, and while Gabriel may surely have other snitches in Vega, a good portion of them meet their end. Though while the Acolyte’s murder comes of no surprise, Arika’s does. You see, from what it seems Arika has never step foot in Vega, Evelyn did. She is the one we have seen all this time and despite David and Edward thinking they are making deals to benefit Vega, if anything they have just shown how traitorous the place is and with Edward gone and Claire ruling, you can tell Evelyn and Uriel have plans for her and the child of The Chosen One which are not pure at all.

Topic 4: The Future – Alex

With Michael gone; Gabriel having infiltrated Vega and left unharmed; Senator Thorne, the one with the foremost knowledge on combating angels, dead; Claire now being the sole leader of Vega; and Alex having left Vega, and on his way to Gabreil’s headquarters, things end for the season on an arguably high note. But also a sad one as well. For with Claire pregnant, and now without the child’s father or surrogate father, all the baby will have is aunty Evelyn and Uriel. And despite Alex wanting to be with his child and do for them, with Gabriel threatening their lives he is forced to work with Gabriel until his father (god) comes back. Meanwhile, Uriel and Evelyn seem ready to end the war by possibly finding a way to kill both Gabriel and Michael somehow. Leaving us to wonder if the child of The Chosen One may have powers beyond Alex, if not be the bringer of the Apocalypse. Only time, and this getting a 2nd season, will allow us to find out.

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