TV Series Dollface: Season 1, Episode 5 “Beauty Queen” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Dollface: Season 1, Episode 5 “Beauty Queen” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Colin gets the opportunity to meet Madison’s friends, and it allows us to see she, as she thinks others do, has a branding issue.

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Directed ByStephanie Laing
Written ByHarper Dill
Air Date (Hulu)11/15/2019
Introduced This Episode
ColinGoran Visnjic
Cat LadyBeth Grant
WesMatthew Gray Gubler
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Poor Turtles: Cat Lady, Jules

It isn’t 100% clear what is going on with Jules’ cat Turtles, but they are starting to act up. Leading to Cat Lady, who apparently isn’t an anthropomorphic version of Turtles, trying to counsel the situation. However, being that Jules wants to blame Turtles bad behavior on anything besides her own conflicting emotions, nothing gets resolved.

The Struggle Is Real: Ramona, Jules

Jules continues to hide her association with Ramona, and it leads to her hosting a bachelorette party, the day party not the night one, and her increasingly regretting what she knows is to come. Though, in the back of her mind, Jules is hoping that, in trying to seem better, Ramona may report to Jeremy that she is doing better than she was with him. Showing she is far from over her ex.

I Just Don’t Want To Be A Young Rebound: Madison, Colin, Wes, Jules, Stella, Izzy

With Colin being 46, Madison desperately wants to come off more mature and her friends to follow suit. The problem with that is, Stella doesn’t give a damn, Jules struggles with just seeming some form of happy, and while Izzy is good at pretending to be someone else, she doesn’t necessarily operate well under pressure. So, needless to say, the whole dinner party Madison planned ends up being a s*** show.

However, one good thing does come out of it. That is, Wes, a veterinarian Jules met while walking Turtle, has to come to Turtles rescue after they are found sick. Leading to the possibility that Jules may not have to fake being better, perhaps moving on from Jeremy, for too much longer.


Trajectory: Plateau


The Possibility of Wes and Jules

I just want some growth out of Jules and Wes seems like he could trigger it. Granted, he could very well be a hot mess himself but let’s stay optimistic.

Seeing Madison Out Of Control

Like Jules, I’m fine if they have to break a character down to build them up and with Madison, seeing her out of control could be the means of her starting to peel back some layers. For while it has been revealed her mom was sick, and this thing with Colin pushes the idea she may not have the best dating record, there still is this wall up. One that we know is seen and felt due to Madison still learning to trust Jules, but as a viewer, dealing with that wall lowers any interest that could be formed so here is hoping that wall will crumble soon.

Jules & Madison Arguing Compliments

Admit it, their argument being a series of compliments was cute. A little strange, but something you want to steal for your friendships.

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