As we learn what Ron Wilcox’s action school really is, so comes the question of who is in on it and how far are they willing to go.

Director(s) Eric Appel
Writer(s) Tripper Clancy, Derek Kolstad
Aired (Quibi) 7/20/2020 to 7/29/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

EP 4: Sex, Lies, and Videotape

For Kevin, the responsibilities of a leading action man are challenging. However, is what is making this difficult Ron, Jordan, or Kevin’s ego? It’s hard to say. But, with the reveal that Claude is working with Ron to make Kevin’s reactions into a movie, maybe Kevin isn’t as crazy as he is being made out to be?

EP 5: The Truman Show

As you can imagine, with the reveal that Kevin’s training is actually a movie in the making, so comes the question of who is in on this beyond Ron? Considering how adept Jordan has shown herself, is she in on it? Could it be, rather than be an action heroine, she is trying to get into comedy? Perhaps be the female Dwayne Johnson and play the square to a slapstick? It’s hard to say.

All that we know for sure is with Kevin breaking into Ron’s office, he is mad and is ready to flip out.

EP 6: The Godfather

Everyone has a breaking point, and for Kevin, it’s guns. For after accidentally stabbing Jordan, under the impression he was given a retractable knife, he doesn’t trust Ron. Add in Ron flipping out, the night before, and it really makes Kevin think it is time together.

However, the problem with that idea is that his car was destroyed. Thus leaving him stranded and forced to deal with Ron, and however long his training still has.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, is Jordan in on this? Considering how she treats Kevin, who seems to be of similar status as to real-life Kevin, surely she has to be in on this, right?
  2. Is Kevin Hart married in this production?


It’s A Fun Concept

Kevin Hart looking at a knife thrown at his head
Kevin Hart

What’s a better concept than wanting authenticity from an actor, so put them in real situations without them knowing it is filmed? Now, granted, Ron doesn’t seem as in control as he should, but isn’t that the fun part? The idea that the person pulling the strings, because of their role in keeping things real, doesn’t have the precautions and controls required to keep everyone safe?

But, as noted in the recap, one thing that needs to be answered is if Jordan is aware of what’s going on? For I feel that is a major factor in perhaps the larger conversation. Specifically, as much as there is this comedy about Kevin Hart failing as an action hero, there is also the commentary about the few action movies starring women, never mind Black women, and why Jordan has to be beyond prepared for her potential opportunity.


Trajectory – Plateau

With the reveal that this is a movie within a movie, interesting things are happening here. I can’t necessarily say they’ll pay off in the end, but you never know. Something major could come out of this.

Where To Watch

It's A Fun Concept - 82%


With the reveal that this is a movie within a movie, interesting things are happening here. I can't necessarily say they'll pay off in the end, but you never know. Something major could come out of this.

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