It’s the end of the road for Agent Hart, and after so many trials and tribulations, was it all real, or was he duped once again?

Director(s) Eric Appel
Writer(s) Tripper Clancy, Derek Kolstad
Aired (Quibi) 7/20/2020 to 7/29/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

True Lies

With thinking Jordan got shot and facing off against Diego, you may think this is the end of Agent Hart? However, thanks to a squirrel providing a distraction, Kevin gets to fight and attempt to get the upper hand. Dare I say, Kevin even whoops Diego’s ass.

Which gives him a bit of a high so that cliff? Yeah, he jumps over to it and tends to what appeared to be a dying Jordan. The truth? Movie magic. Heck, even the cliff, if Kevin looked down when he jumped, he’d see there was safety equipment down there. Leaving Kevin a bit overwhelmed for the lie on top of a lie was a lot to deal with.

However, when the studio sees the movie, they love it, so that’s all that matters, right?


Kevin’s Fight Scene

Kevin Hart throwing a punch

While it does push you to wonder, with this being a movie inside a movie, how exactly should we see Kevin doing the stunts he did? Setting that aside, you have to appreciate the stunt person who did all the backflips and took Diego for a ride. It made for an exciting end to the show, series, or movie (with Quibi, who knows?).

The Emotional Bit

When Kevin thought Jordan was dead, was it Kevin Hart’s best emotional work? No. This is a comedy after all. However, similar to “The Upside,” you do get to experience what Kevin could be. Leaving you to believe, if Kevin does ever decide, or get the opportunity, to break away from being someone’s sidekick in a major movie, it could be rather interesting.


Trajectory – Plateau

What you get with “Die Hart” is what you expect. Kevin Hart’s “Big Little Man” persona, people looking at him like he lost his mind, and you seeing Kevin stressed out because of how overwhelmed his character is given the circumstances.

Where To Watch

Kevin's Fight Scene - 82%
The Emotional Bit - 81%


What you get with "Die Hart" is what you expect. Kevin Hart's "Big Little Man" persona, people looking at him like he lost his mind, and you seeing Kevin stressed out because of how overwhelmed his character is given the circumstances.

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