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Reconciling is often about making peace with something or someone. However, as shown in this episode of Daytime Divas, it isn’t always good to have a reunion.

Who Killed Ted?: Shawn, Maxine, William

As the investigation into Ted’s death continues, it seems like Shawn maybe one less possibility. If only because, after the fight we saw in episode 7, it seems Shawn took a walk and went partying to relax. Leaving the only suspects being Maxine and William. Though, of course, there remains the possibility of Anna maybe doing something or it truly being an accident.

What is known though is that while Maxine and William may have been willing to come out as a couple, it remains sketchy how long they have been one. At least to Shawn. For one person says a year, another hints at it being 5, and then it seems, after the Daytime Television Awards, the two are no more. But the truth is, Maxine ends up realizing keeping things on the DL is what’s best for their relationship. Especially since William doesn’t do well with being part of her world.


Daytime Divas Season 1 Ep. 8 And the Loser Is… Full Episode VH1 Google Chrome 7 25 2017 6 08 38 AM e1500998780316

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gloria killed Ted. If only because this whole “Who killed Ted?” thing almost seems like it was thrown in to give Maxine some extra oomph. For, in my mind, there was probably this thought “We can’t snag Vanessa Williams just by giving her some secret boyfriend. We have to attempt to make something juicy for. Something with some drama of the soap variety. A ‘Whodunit?!’ type of thing.” Which is how we got this asinine storyline.

A storyline which perhaps upsets me only because, with watching The Bold Type’s Jacqueline, I feel like they get what Maxine should be. Someone who is dignified, a mentor, and in command of her ship. If not at least trying to maintain command. For while I’m all for the troubles with Mo and the network, I would love to see a successful Black woman whose personal life is stable.

I mean, from Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Being Mary Jane, The Quad and other shows which feature professional and highly sought out in the field Black women, must they all have all this much drama? Can’t they just have some struggles at work dealing with misogynoir while they have a pretty normal home life? Is that too much to ask?

A Reconciliation Between Friends, Past Lovers & Co-Workers: Mo, Maxine, Nina, Shawn, Heather, Brad

Daytime Divas Season 1 Ep. 8 And the Loser Is… Full Episode VH1 Google Chrome 7 25 2017 6 19 01 AM e1500998910612

As has been seen for awhile, Nina and Shawn are very back and forth when it comes to their relationship. There is this desire to be able to trust Nina, and she tries to show she can be trusted, but that Pulitzer lie bubbles beneath the surface. However, things have cooled down and with this murder investigation, who else does Shawn have to turn to? Maxine is trying to maintain her alibi, William clearly is lying to him, so who else is there to talk to but Nina? Someone who, despite the breakup, talking about a custody battle, and all that, is probably the most honest person in Shawn’s life right now.

But when it comes to Heather and Brad, honesty certainly isn’t there. Brad pops back into Heather’s life and is being a bit too friendly. A bit too complimentary and amicable. Almost like he has some deal on the table and without Heather, he can’t get the cash. Though, being that Heather misses Brad, and the way he probably courted her, all she cares about is having her husband back.

And then there is Mo. With her on the talk show which usually beats The Lunch Hour for awards, it seems she may have moved on. Seems being a key word. For in all honesty, while she was a seemingly likable guest host, they didn’t want her. But, Jason, the network exec over Maxine’s show, did want Mo back.

However, you know Mo and Maxine’s history. Two strong personalities which don’t get along at all. Plus she had sex on Maxine’s chair which took it to the next level. Yet, while the ladies are in the back, trying to avoid the camera peering at them as they lost again, they learn they won. So, with Mo being the only one in the theater, she accepts and gives a touching, but not a completely kiss ass, ode to Maxine. Something kind enough for her to invite Mo back. Though, she later comes to learn, Mo played her. At the very least, to get more money for being brought back.


Daytime Divas Season 1 Ep. 8 And the Loser Is… Full Episode VH1 Google Chrome 7 25 2017 6 44 15 AM e1500999022548

Brad seems very suspect to me. After all that was said and done, and who he has probably done since separating from Heather, I smell an ulterior motive. Which, likely is money, but it could have also been triggered by Ella now allowed to be herself. I can fully imagine Brad trying to woo Heather back to put a lockdown on Ella’s gender expression. If only because, he is supposed to be this all American Christian dude and here is his trans daughter. And just by listening to and reading Janet Mock’s take [note]Which comes from a different socioeconomic and racial view[/note], I really do think Brad would do anything to spare himself the embarrassment and sense of failure. Even if it means returning to a woman who clearly has the ability to no longer respect him.

As for Nina and Shawn? Hunches They can be cute but more often than not they aren’t noteworthy. Hence why I didn’t bring up Nina’s clutch bag drama with Star Jones. In the long run, both of their storylines don’t feel like they matter. If either one decided to quit The Lunch Hour or the actors decided to quit the show, Daytime Divas could easily move on. With or without referencing them.

Which isn’t a dig at the actors as much as it is a dig at how they are being written. Shawn, at best, is eye candy. An accessory to Maxine to soften her up and show her as maternal. Yet, with her doing that with Kibby, so goes the need for Shawn.

Then, as likely said countless times, what does Nina have going for her? Shawn getting her pregnant. Her whole storyline, as of now, revolves around being pregnant and sometimes fighting with her child’s father. Lying about a Pulitzer or not, compared to everyone else, if I was the actress, while I would be happy for a job, I would feel underutilized. To the point, I’d be worried if being on the show would actually produce anything positive long term. Like, you know that her pay or role potential isn’t going to get better because of Daytime Divas. It may just stay the same, or get worse.

Leaving Mo. I really hate the way the show treated her absence. It basically gave us a Maxine point of view of hear no Mo, say no Mo, so there is no Mo. Which I don’t believe was the best way to handle her. If anything, they should have shown her going back on the stand-up circuit, maybe doing a faux Breakfast Club interview or something. That is, rather than have Heather seldom mention or interact with her. Even while she supposedly was living in her apartment.

Kibby’s Past: Kibby, Tandy, Sheri, Vance (Rob Estes)

Kibby and Vance (Rob Estes). Who seems like a low-key perv here
Kibby and Vance (Rob Estes). Who seems like a low-key perv here

It seems Kibby’s little sister Tandy wants to be an actress. Not because of their mom Sheri, but seemingly for the fame, among other things. Something which doesn’t necessarily sit well with Kibby, but being that she can guide her sister’s career, she is kind of for it. At the very least, she may not have to deal with what she did.

Of which the main thing of issue seems to be Vance. Someone who Kibby reveals probably preyed on her since she was 14, but didn’t officially make a move till she was 18. Something Sheri knew about but didn’t take seriously. If only because Kibby was 18 when Vance made his move.

Then when it comes to Vance, he doesn’t seem to fully understand what Kibby’s issue is. So when Sheri and Vance seeming making a deal for Tandy to play his daughter on a new show, Kibby threatens Vance. Not with a “You better not cast her” type of threat, but more so “If you hurt her I will kill you.”


Daytime Divas Season 1 Ep. 8 And the Loser Is… Full Episode VH1 Google Chrome 7 25 2017 6 51 40 AM e1500998713543

Being that Kibby has consistently grown and been one of the only characters of value, I got to admit when Vance actually hit the scene, I was disappointed. If only because as the details come together, you sort of question a few things about his relationship with Kibby and what went wrong. For, at first, I was thinking there was some R. Kelly type of stuff going down. If not Kibby being forced to have sex in order to keep her job.

However, it seems like something else entirely. Like he maybe forcing her to have an abortion or something of that ilk. For I don’t really seem him as the one who led to her being introduced to drugs. More so the one she was trying to forget while drinking and drugging. For, not too long after he is kicked out of her limo, he decided to pop into, she begins to drink. So I do believe there is something here that is beyond what may seem like the quick and obvious reasons.

Or, at least, I hope there is.

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