Daybreak: Season 1, Episode 6 “5318008” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - Daybreak Season 1, Episode 6 “5318008”

In a Turbo focused episode, we learn about his home life, the result of the battle at the mall, and Josh sees something he didn’t expect.

In a Turbo focused episode, we learn about his home life, the result of the battle at the mall, and Josh sees something he didn’t expect.

Director(s) Sherwin Shilati
Writer(s) Emily Fox
Air Date 10/25/2019
Introduced This Episode
Karl Joe Manganiello

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Daddy Wasn’t There, But Wes Was: Turbo, Karl, Wesley

Karl (Joe Manganiello) talking to his son Turbo.
Karl (Joe Manganiello)

Why is Turbo so jealous of Wesley talking to other people? Well, it is because, all of his life, Turbo had to compete with others for his dad’s attention. You see, after his mom died, Karl, Wes’ father, went from being a simple tax lawyer to a full-on humanitarian. One which has worked with nearly any philanthropic celebrity you can name and the majority of peace or aide seeking organizations out there. Making it so Turbo can get jealous, but even if it is the homecoming game, how is he going to compete with his dad working with people in Aleppo?

So when it came to Wesley, he didn’t necessarily want to come off possessive or manipulative. It’s just, with playing second string so long, it made any threat to what they had major.

Blood Will Be Spilled: KJ, Josh, Angelica, Ms. Crumble, Principal Burr, Turbo, Mona

While venturing out to feed Principal Burr, Angelica, unfortunately, gets her period. This leads to Ms. Crumble, her escort, going rabid, and the reminder growing stronger that her mom isn’t around to give her the basic tools. But, after some awkward advice from Principal Burr about tampon usage, she gets the hang of things and believes Ms. Crumble should have calmed down. However, with something going on with Ms. Crumble’s back, it seems while Ms. Crumble might be rather human, for now, that may not last.

As for everyone else in modern times? Well, KJ, who apparently can speak English, works with Josh on a way to take down Turbo. Someone who, with Mona’s help, is rounding up people to figure out who shot him with an arrow and led to him losing the battle at the mall.

KJ revealing she can speak English.

It’s The Little Wins In Life: Sam, Josh, Turbo, Mona, KJ

Loss after loss has hit Turbo, and with him having that mindset that being a winner is key to getting and maintaining a person’s attention, he allows KJ and the Game Enders to infiltrate the school so he can easily defeat them. Thus making Josh the loser and Turbo the winner. But, with Mona catching on to what happened, she may find herself a little less trusting of Turbo.

Though, while this defeat you’d think might inspire Josh to move on, alongside making out with KJ, then he sees Sam in the back of Turbo’s video claiming victory. Meaning he is about to do something stupid.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Why would Sam Dean be captured and not used as a diplomat or peacekeeper? Is Mona still mad about the comment she made?




The only good thing about this episode was KJ, to be honest. She made it appear we’re moving on from Sam, showed herself to be just as charming and worth paying attention to, as well as able to slink between different factions. Making it seem Angelica could very well become a good matchmaker.

But even outside of what she does for Josh, her talking about being a first-generation Chinese person could add a lot to this show. Well, depending on how they handle the experience beyond Eli being a bit anti-immigrant.

On The Fence

Turbo’s Background

Here is the thing, I appreciate us learning more about Turbo, but his sob story didn’t click with me. Be it trying to show, while he is dumb on most subjects, he is a savant when it comes to sports, or touching on his abandonment issues. It didn’t make me feel sorry for him, it just provided a fast-food explanation of why he is how he is.

Just As Josh Moves On, We Finally See Sam…

Sam in the back of Turbo's victory video.

Is it wrong I forgot about Sam and was moving on? Also, is it terrible I want Josh to move on since his whole adventure to save her has become a bit dull and made him feel one-note? I get she was his first love, and he is young, but she has become such a part of his core that between being thrust into a leadership position and KJ, I was hoping for a new chapter to begin.


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