Daybreak: Season 1, Episode 4 “MMMMMMM-HMMMMMM” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - Daybreak Season 2, Episode 4 “MMMMMMM-HMMMMMM”

The true identity of Baron Triumph is revealed, as well as what Eli knows that Wesley is trying to keep secret.

The true identity of Baron Triumph is revealed, as well as what Eli knows that Wesley is trying to keep secret.

Director(s) Michael Patrick Jann
Writer(s) Andy Black
Air Date 10/25/2019
Introduced This Episode
Principal Burr Matthew Broderick

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22 Years With Little To Show For It: Principal Burr, Hoyles, Sam

Matthew Broderick as Principal Burr before the apocalypse.
Matthew Broderick as Principal Burr

For 22 years Principal Burr dedicated his life to children, and whether they were like Sam or Hoyles, he had faith in them. However, before the bombs dropped, something broke him. It was the money Hoyles family offered so that he wouldn’t end up in trouble or on academic probation. Said money was used to help balance the school’s budget and get a massive tech upgrade. Something the district couldn’t afford and made nearly impossible. Heck, just getting a pencil was hard.

Leading you to wonder, did Principal Burr sell out just for money? Well, no. Actually, he kept tabs on Hoyles waiting for him to slip up, and with Sam reporting Hoyles sleeping with a 15-year-old, and Principal Burr having that on film, he takes him down.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. How is it legal for Principal Burr to have a camera in the girl’s bathroom?

Who Is Baron Triumph: Hoyles, Principal Burr, Wesley, Turbo, Josh

Since the beginning, especially when Wesley led us to the assumption, Hoyles being Baron Triump was what we assumed. However, it is actually Principal Burr. Someone who, like Ms. Crumble, isn’t all there, but isn’t stuck on stupid. Leading to the assumption that, in moderation, the adults can still operate as they formerly did. It’s just when they indulge too much in human flesh they succumb to the toxins.

But we haven’t gotten to how this is found out. Well, in order to keep Josh from hunting Baron, who he is led to assume killed Sam, Wesley tries to lead Josh on a wild goose chase. Unfortunately, Turbo’s people catch on and corner Josh and Wesley. Leading to Wesley and Turbo facing off, and then Baron Triumph showing up, planting a doll, and said doll killing yet another member of the golf team in an explosion.

With that, the explosion knocks out Wesley, Josh, and Turbo, and despite Turbo being the head of the jocks, he is left behind – to much surprise. Leaving them all locked up and fed off Hoyles’ family cereal, furthering the idea Hoyles is the one keeping them captive. At least until Josh, using a hidden lock pick, and with the help of an exchange student, escapes and discovers Hoyles tied up, ready to be eaten.

Matthew Broderick as Baron Triumph, post apocalypse.
Matthew Broderick as Baron Triumph

This leads to Principal Burr showing up, revealing himself, and actively having a conversation. Even talking about the past with full coherency. Making it clear that, when it comes to facing him, getting his “vengeance,” it won’t be easy. But, rather than kill him, he just drowns him in whatever Hoyles-Some cereal is made of and uses the keys to liberate the various kids captured. With no questioning, yet, about Principal Burr denying he killed Sam.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. How did Principal Burr evolve into Baron Triumph? Taking over the plant and stealing Hoyles’ bike is understandable, but how did he get the name, and how did he choose his kids? Much less, considering all the wars that were had, why did no one go after him? That factory is huge and would be an excellent fortress.
  2. What happened that led to Wesley, Hoyles, and Turbo not sticking together after the apocalypse? Also, if Principal Burr was Baron, where was Hoyles for 6 months?
    1. Could one of the reasons Turbo wears a mask is because he thought Wesley would reject him if he saw what he looks like now?
  3. What is about to burst through Principal Burr’s back?

Let’s Be Monsters: Ms. Crumble, Eli, Angelica, Wesley, Turbo, Josh

With Angelica desperate to prove adults can still be human, Ms. Crumble is given a makeover by Eli and is made to look in a similar manner as to how she did once before. Following that, since Angelica never got to experience being or looking girly, she too is given a makeover. The look, by Ms. Crumble, is instantly rejected, and that messed Angelica up bad.

However, then Ms. Crumble reminds her that people like them, they are better as the monsters, the weirdos, than trying to fit in and be acceptable. And following Josh returning with Principal Burr’s former captives, Wesley too, the tribe she wants is delivered. And before the episode ends, we discover Turbo and Wesley were a thing as we see them kiss passionately.

Wesley and Turbo kissing.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

It’s not about having cool shit, it’s about being cool as shit.
— Wesley



The Reveal of Principal Burr

Aside from Hoyles getting what is coming to him, the reveals of Principal Burr 15-year-old Angelica’s theory and pushes you to wonder if ghoulies are as far gone as they seem? Is it a constant intake of human flesh makes them simple, not cooking it, as most ghoulies don’t, or aiming for higher quality? There are a lot of questions that need to be asked, and we can only hope they get answered.

Turbo x Wesley 4 Eva

I don’t know how they started, it isn’t clear if this is just lust, but I’m hoping this relationship gets developed and won’t remain hidden from the rest.

Let’s Be Monsters

After her dedicated episode, one could say Angelica is slowly taking over the show. For with Sam nowhere to be seen, one could say Josh is losing his luster as lead. Angelica, on the other hand, her desire to be accepted, part of something, feel love in time and attention, not just money spent, it gets to you.

I mean, even Ms. Crumble is able to get on it, and with her calling Angelica a monster, and seeing that child cry, I was too through. Then when she flipped it, and noted she is a monster and they are better as monsters than those who conform, the faucet was turned back on, and the tears flowed.

Low Point

Do People Still Use “Gay” As An Insult?

Angelica showing she might be smart, but she can still be stupid.
Angelica: Stop being so gay and retarded.

But with that said, who still uses “Gay” as some form of an insult? I thought that died out years ago? And while I know Angelica, due to lack of social skills, some may give her a pass, but considering how she knows what the term cis means and clearly knows what terms are and aren’t politically correct, this is some BS. I’d even say that the Turbo reveal, and the kiss pictured above, that was made to make up for what Angelica has said in the last few episodes.

For, considering how much Wesley has gone through with her, there is the need to side-eye Angelica for what she has said to or around Wesley.


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  • Plot and Dialog - /100
  • Character Development and Performances - /100
  • Visuals and Sound - /100
  • Pacing - /100
  • Value For Intended Audience - /100
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