Desperation for better, or just stability, leads Gloria and Dave down dark paths. The kind they’ll surely have to pay for later.

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Desperation for better, or just stability, leads Gloria and Dave down dark paths. The kind they’ll surely have to pay for later.

Director(s) Daina Reid
Writer(s) John J. Strauss
Air Date 9/18/2019
Introduced This Episode
Angie Joselin Reyes
Principal Fallow Liza Colón-Zayas

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Recap (with Commentary & Spoilers)

Hurston Prep Interviews: Seren, Marissa, David, Dr. Woods-Trap

Dr. Woods-Trap admonishing David for displaying his struggles to appeal to a Hurston rep.
Dr. Woods-TrapL But it’s debasing and reflects poorly on all of us.

With a rep from Hurston coming about, things get real. David is on his best behavior, Seren is forced to recognize what is coming, and it pushes Marissa to realize this might be her final months with the boys – specifically Seren. Someone who, according to Tare, might be into David, as she claims Marissa is as well, but it remains hard to say.

For while David sticking up for Seren, and Seren’s response, could be fueling the crush, and him going to church with him, Marissa doesn’t seem to want more than David’s friendship. Heck, she comes at David’s neck for bringing up Hurston so much to the point of making Seren nervous. But, as for whether she has feelings for Seren? Honestly, there is a need to question where her feelings might begin, and her mother’s influence ends?

Also, speaking of influence, Dr. Woods-Trap maintains her stronghold over David in the form of fear. The kind which he feels can set the trajectory of his life on the right path. However, with her becoming less and less maternal, and a bit more icy, she adds to David’s anxiety more than helps alleviate it.


I’m just trying to understand Dr. Woods-Trap. When we first met her, she seemed like a fierce advocate for David, if not a mentor/ maternal figure. However, in these last few episodes, she has appeared so divested. Is it because she doesn’t see potential anymore? That she believes David isn’t fighting hard enough to overcome his adversity? Her comment to Tare, a friend of David, seemed so harsh and like a shift.

Yet, taking note of comments I’ve made, I like the fact she is not only holding David accountable but isn’t babying him. While his mother can’t consistently provide all he needs, Dr. Woods-Trap isn’t obligated to compensate. She is there to teach David and prepare him for life. Taking care of his mental and emotional state is Dr. Bree’s job, and if Dr. Woods-Trap took on everyone’s problems how would she be able to teach?

Woods-Trap aside, since Tare’s comments, now I’m scrutinizing David’s relationships with Marissa and Seren. When it comes to Marissa, I think she cares about Dave, as a friend, but her liking him doesn’t click. Granted, they do bicker a lot, but that could be representative of a brother/sister relationship. Also, when it comes to Tare, who is to say she wasn’t feeling protective of David since she has some idea of what he goes through?

Take note, she knows David talks to himself, and with sitting next to him, it likely means she has picked up on a whole lot else. So maybe she just doesn’t want Tare making things worse. Never mind, considering her upbringing, she might look down on girls from the hood?

But, taking note of Seren, see how she touched him and got offended when he jumped. Much less, snapped at David for stressing Seren out. In my mind, that shows she probably has feelings for him. Add in her mother’s encouragement, borderline indoctrination, and it makes me wonder what Tare saw there?

However, with Seren, that crush is real, but I don’t know if it is due to Seren being on the gay spectrum or due to David being close to him? What I mean by that is, David knows Seren beyond Marissa or anyone else, and with Ray introducing a toxic form of love into his life, the way he might be processing David’s affection may be based on his, Seren’s, relationship with Ray? Hence the longing, seeking of admiration, and the hurt he felt when he felt dismissed by David.


Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where does Tare go to school, and what is that place like?

The Struggle To Pay Rent: JG, Gloria, Ms. Hertrude, Starry, Raynan

Gloria speaking on the trying few days she has had.
Gloria: Some days, it’s as if God pushes me right up to my edge.

While Ms. Hertrude raised three boys of her own, she manages the complex, she doesn’t own it, so Gloria’s sob story doesn’t do much for her. Even with JG selling his sneakers, to Raynan of all people, to help pay the rent. Which, since apparently Starry is picking up Mx. Elijah’s shifts, they see while watching JG.

But, luckily for Gloria, despite her being kicked down by her mother, unemployment, and the social security office, thanks to Raynan giving her some pills – likely hoping to get her hooked, she makes some money. How? Well, by selling said pills at a NA meeting.

Which, mind you, she isn’t proud of, but she got kids she got to keep a roof over.


I wonder if Sky was Gloria’s former dealer and their connection is how David got introduced to Sky? Because we don’t know if Sky lived in the Vil or not. His ghostly image pushes David to leave, but that doesn’t mean Sky was an inhabitant. Though, who knows, maybe Gloria was dating Sky back in the day and just doesn’t talk about it too much because it is too painful? Then again, even with the lines blurred a bit, to the point Gloria has to check her sons, you’d think if Sky were around like that, JG would say something.

That aside, anyone else wonder where Femi is? Was the actress, Trace Lysette, filming her part of Hustlers and what remained of Transparent while this was filming? Because this show does a decent job of keeping us abreast of who is around, and doing what but Femi hasn’t been seen since episode 2. What happened?

Making Deals With The Devil: Raynan, Dr. Bree, Principal Fallow, Angie, Sky, David

Raynan badly wants to bring David close and his family’s money situation is perfect. In fact, that money issue pushes David to see his principal, who he doesn’t like, and even talk to Dr. Bree. Someone who, you’d think, he wanted to speak with to process all that is going on in his life. The truth is, however, he may have just wanted his prescription pad to sell to Raynan.

Leading to the need to talk about who Raynan is. As previously established, Raynan doesn’t live at The Vil. However, what was unknown until this episode was that he lives in one of the nice homes which precede The Vil. In fact, when Sky was alive, so just last summer, he was living with his mother Angie in a rather nice home.

Now, it isn’t clear if he still lives with his mom, and what is going on in her life. But this development, and the idea Raynan may have been mimicking Sky, despite not financially having to, does raise an eyebrow.


So does anyone know Raynan, compared to most, might be a rich kid? Does Shinobi? Heck, does David? Not to say this would kill Raynan’s rep but it could be some form of defense against Raynan pushing David to join his ranks. Though, who knows, maybe this is why Raynan wants David to join him. He knows too much, and it would be better to put him in his debt than worry about him putting his business out there.

But, what this doesn’t answer is why Raynan got started? Right now, the only idea there could be is Raynan is trying to be closer to Sky, and this is the only way he knows how. However, considering the way Sky is/ was with Dave, even if they had more of a brotherly relationship, are you telling me he’d want his son in this life? Never mind what Angie might say or do, since she doesn’t seem like Gloria, and is in recovery. Add in it doesn’t seem like Sky and Angie were together, I don’t believe she profiting off of Sky’s illegal activities. So what’s the real story?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What are the chances of Principal Fallow calling DYFS on Gloria?
  2. How long until we get to know more about Angie?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

You gotta choose or you drown.
— Sky

Some days, it feels like staying alive is more important than staying clean.
— Gloria

Review Summary


  1. A Short, But Meaningful Tare Appearance
  2. Watching JG Trying To Step Up For The Family, Despite Being 9
  3. A Tidbit About The Night Sky Died
  4. Getting To Know Raynan’s Life Beyond The Vil
  5. David Recognizing His Nervous Tic In Seren
  6. How This Show Makes Sure You Don’t Forget Co-Stars – Outside Of Femi
  7. Gloria Doing What She Has To Do

On The Fence

  1. Dr. Woods-Trap’s Attitude Adjustment

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A Short, But Meaningful Tare Appearance - 80%
Watching JG Trying To Step Up For The Family, Despite Being 9 - 81%
A Tidbit About The Night Sky Died - 82%
Getting To Know Raynan’s Life Beyond The Vil - 83%
David Recognizing His Nervous Tic In Seren - 86%
How This Show Makes Sure You Don’t Forget Co-Stars – Outside Of Femi - 85%
Gloria Doing What She Has To Do - 84%
Dr. Woods-Trap’s Attitude Adjustment - 75%


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