David Makes Man: Season 1, Episode 10 “3 Sons’ Sky” [Season Finale] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

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What was a dream, what was reality, what does the future hold? David Makes Man leaves you hoping for the best but expecting the worse.

Director(s) Cheryl Dunye
Writer(s) Tarell Alvin McCraney
Air Date 10/16/2019

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Fallout After The Storm: David, Gloria, Tare, Jessica

Tare upset with David.

With the storm passing, everyone goes back to the Ville, and David is a bit confused by the looks that he is getting. However, with Tare revealing many blame him for Willie’s death, so comes him understanding what is going on and blowing up at Tare for avoiding him. Leading you to wonder if that’s over before it really began.

But things go bad to worse when Gloria comes to realize the truth about David, who owns up to what he did. Well, at least his part in it, but not without making it clear it isn’t just his responsibility to fix things, make it better, or prevent them from happening again. They are a community, and he is 14. What exactly can he do?

Well, if you talk to Jessica, a lot. For with her knowing David didn’t text Seren, it makes it clear to her he must know something. Otherwise, he’d be worried as everyone else. But, David makes it clear that she needs to stop sniffing around him and bringing attention to what he may or may not know. How? Well, by bringing up the fact he knows about the bruises and the abuse. Something Jessica makes clear she didn’t think other people knew. Now, whether or not she knew about Ray’s late-night visits is a whole other thing.

The Exit Plan: Elijah, David, Shinobi, Desmond, Raynan, Gloria, Teo, Dr. Bree, Principal Fallow, Sky

Sky having breakfast with Shinobi.

David has had a plan in motion for quite some time to not only get him out but Raynan and even Shinobi. You see, each one were like sons to Sky, and he didn’t want any of them to follow in his footsteps. In fact, despite how it may look, he wasn’t molding them to take his place either. If anything, Teo just put Raynan in Sky’s place and seemingly expected results.

However, now David has unraveled everything. He has done so by asking Elijah to help him get out, and Elijah to trick Shinobi, who is in too deep. But, don’t worry, between an ass-whooping by Desmond and Teo putting the fear of God in him, Shinobi is likely alive. Maybe even back home in West Palm Beach with his family. The place Sky told his behind to be, especially after his sister died a week before Sky’s own death.

Which, by the way, is gone into. From Sky and Shinobi having breakfast, Angie calling to tell Sky that Raynan crashed his car, to Sky beating the hell out of him, Raynan telling his uncle, to Desmond showing up. But, what remains unknown is whether Teo wanted Sky dead or not. For while we are told that Teo was abused for being the dark one in his family, thus he was highly protective of Raynan for being even darker than him, it isn’t clear if touching Raynan meant a death order.

Hell, considering Desmond doesn’t get killed, just possibly arrested, and Teo saw what he did to Raynan, and Desmond seemingly was messing up his business, what does that say about Sky’s execution?

Either way, being that Teo recognizes Raynan isn’t about that life, and really isn’t good at it, he is let go. Leading to Teo asking about David, and Raynan redirecting Teo to Shinobi. Someone who, when it comes to Mx. Elijah, still wants some head, maybe even ass, but doesn’t want to claim homosexuality. So, with a heavy heart, Mx. Elijah follows through with David’s plan and allows Shinobi to be set up, arrested, and Teo, who has a cop connection, to confront him. But again, Teo seems to let Shinobi go.

Leaving a few final things. The first being David making sure Principal Fallow gets off his back by reminding her that she didn’t call Gloria when Jessica put her hands on him, so there is no need to call about what he may know about Seren. Also, to make things right with Dr. Bree, his prescription pad is returned. Making it so David’s life should be on the up and up.

Well, outside of Gloria. Someone who, after the wallop her mother, named by Mx. Elijah as Niyama, hit her with, is just tired. So tired that it almost seems she can’t keep up the fight against her pill addiction. And considering David is getting tired too, he hands her the pill. Even though, in his dreams, a part of him was hoping for a fight.

It Was All A Dream: David, Tare, Dr. Woods-Trap, JG

Dr. Woods-Trap calling in her recommendation.

The end of the season leaves you wondering if you’re given a bait and switch. You know, the way David would want or plan something to happen, rather than the truth. For with people of the Ville seeming happy, playing football outside, JG included, things seem a bit too cheery. And while JG cursing at David makes you think things are real, being that David Makes Man hasn’t been too much of a happy story, it makes all the good things that happen suspect.

For one, Tare and David apologize to each other and seem like they could become something once more. Also, David admits to possibly dreaming about her. Add in the possibility of them going to the same school, since David doubts he’d get into the prep school, and an eyebrow begins to rise. Not to forget, there is Dr. Woods-Trap seemingly making a call, damn a letter, to advocate for David. Though what triggered this all was David in the white light. Making it appear this could have all been wishful thinking for the truth has left him in a state where him and Sky may not be separated for long.




Sky’s Send-Off

With David asking Sky if he was either a better person than Sky, or better son than Raynan, and being called the man, it leads you to believe that Sky may not be a major part of David’s life anymore. Not to say he is gone forever, but him appearing randomly, as part of David’s PTSD, may not be as frequent.

Though with David still iffy about letting Teo not be punished for Sky’s death, our favorite singer might come back. Perhaps to, once again, guide David away from a path which would lead him to a similar fate.

Desmond Got His – Offscreen

Desmond at Raynan's car, caught by Teo.

Whether or not Desmond was killed, it seems clear that he isn’t going to frequent the area Raynan, David, and the cast share. He is either dead in the ocean or maybe up in New York with his kids, perhaps trying to start over. Either way, assuming what we saw was fact, Desmond is gone.

What The Future Can Hold

Fortunately, and unfortunately as well, David Makes Man ends in a cinematic way. It leaves you questioning what could come next, yet also you’re left with the feeling this could be the end. The only question is, are we witnessing the end of a chapter or the end of a story? Currently, there isn’t an official season renewal and where things left off, so comes the question of what’s next? David seeking revenge, or letting things go? Will he go to the local high school, or be Hurston bound?

Heck, considering all that happened, is it worth taking things step by step and not leaping forward? After all, David has to be tempted by the Ville if he stays there, but if he gets into Hurston, which is a sleepaway school for 6 days out of the week, it means him being disconnected to everyone and so many characters the show would have to introduce. Perhaps while sacrificing many we know.

Hell, taking note of Moonlight, maybe the structure could be split between the adult and teen version of David? Really, it all depends how long the creators think the show could and should go on.

On The Fence

Was Any Part Of The Final Scenes A Dream?

The sole issue with David Makes Man is that it’s consistent use of dream sequences, either what David wishes or fear would happen, does throw you off. So for a finale wrapping up so nicely, including Desmond having his gun on Teo, but being too scared to fire, it seems too good to be true. Especially Dr. Woods-Trap making that call after hemming and hawing, and basically falling for the very thing she seemingly has always hated – David exploiting his mother and poverty to get ahead.

No Word On Seren Or Star Child

Mx. Elijah noting they didn't hear from Star or Seren.

Yay that Mx. Elijah mentioned they didn’t get an update, but boo on us not, at the very least, seeing the two in the finale. Especially Seren. Star Child we didn’t get to know much, like most LGBT characters on this show (I haven’t forgotten the disappearance of Femi), so to expect seeing them was nil. However, with Seren on the way to see his birth father, was it too much to expect him to end up on his dad’s doorstep?

What’s Up With Shinobi?

Speaking of not knowing much about the LGBT characters, considering we got a flashback to Sky’s last day with Shinobi, they could have fleshed out whether Shinobi’s issues with his family dealt with him maybe coming out. Heck, maybe getting caught with a guy and thus he keeps up this whole, “I’m not a f*****” thing because that is what led him to this path of dealing and getting his ass whipped.

Yet, instead, we are left to assume he is down low, and toxic masculinity is the only issue.

Is Gloria An Addict Again?

One pill at her mother’s house, and asking David for another after the events of the memorial for Willie. Does this mean we should expect Gloria to relapse? That maybe she is tired of fighting and is ready to just give in for a while?


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Is Gloria An Addict Again? - 70%
What’s Up With Shinobi? - 72%
No Word On Seren Or Star Child - 71%
Was Any Part Of The Final Scenes A Dream? - 75%
What The Future Can Hold - 86%
Desmond Got His – Offscreen - 84%
Sky’s Send-Off - 85%


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  1. I actually thought the article was beautifully written and was compelled to comment based on that alone. I was searching for more insight on the episode and, as it turns out, I missed quite a bit. This show is one of the most thought-provoking shows on television, which is why I love it so. I cannot wait to see what is in store for next season!

  2. I came to the site to get a synopsis of the show that I watched tonight because it is hard to understand what is being said during the show. Well the synopsis was pretty good I noticed that the writing was somewhat like the dialect in the show. Not everyone speaks that way so it can be difficult to follow along with what is being said and what is going on.

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