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Dave Chappelle: Deep In The Heart of Texas – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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The 2nd special which premiered on Netflix doesn’t up the ante or maintain the quality of the first, but it’s good enough that the desire to complain is minimum.

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The Set

As usual, racism is a big part of Dave’s act. This time around it deals with situations worth getting mad over and others which aren’t that big of a deal. But, naturally, Dave also veers into what some may find to be uncomfortable territory. Be it the topic of Ray Rice, trying to be politically correct around those under the LGBT banner, as well as marriage. All of which has Dave’s usual amusing anecdotes combined with the type of comedy which may not be his best jokes, but will be good enough for any fan of comedy.


Chappelle with his wife

Good Jokes about Family and Marriage

Once the stories seemed to get realer and weren’t just on race, he flourished. The topic which he really hit home though was when he talked about family issues and marriage. Something, in my recollection, which have never been huge topics for Dave. Mostly because, he is a private guy. His comedy has always been about the world outside of his home and when the topic dealt with him, it was personal in terms of what he goes through as a Black man. It didn’t deal with his wife or kids. So him opening up about his relationship and the dynamics of the Chappelle household was refreshing. Also, the story he tells about his son Ibrahim which, from start to finish, is the funniest thing about the whole special.


It’s A Little Rougher, More In Progress, Than The First Special

The Age of Spin seemed like a finished product. The work of months, if not a year, of touring and gather the best jokes and linking them with an overall cohesive narrative. In Deep in the Heart of Texas, you get the vibe that some of the material, like the Pussy Juice jokes, were still a work in progress. He even notes he has come up with a ton of them and is still playing around with the idea.

But, perhaps the main issue with this special is it almost seems like the B-Roll to The Age of Spin. For with Bill Cosby rape jokes and weaker racial commentary, it is like Deep in the Heart of Texas was given to Netflix to help fulfill the contract more than to solidify that The Age of Spin wasn’t a one off thing. Yet, honestly, while it may start off weak, it ends stronger than Noah’s recent special at its height.

Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

I do not recommend watching this, and The Age of Spin back to back. The difference isn’t night and day, but it is, at the very least, morning and afternoon. Deep in the Heart of Texas seems too similar to The Age of Spin and doesn’t get its own unique voice until the middle. For then Dave, during another musing about those on the LGBT spectrum, begins opening up about marriage and showing a rare side to himself. Which, for me, it what kept this special from becoming a rushed disappointment.

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