Coach French playing with Addy's hand.

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As Addy continues to distance herself from Beth, she finds herself drawn closer and closer into Coach French’s orbit and being privy to her secrets.

Directed By Jamie Travis
Written By Megan Abott, Gina Fattore
Aired (USA Network) 1/5/2020
Introduced This Episode
Will Zach Roerig
Riri Taveeta Szymanowicz

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Trying To Make A Moment Not Determine The Trajectory Of A Lifetime: Coach French, Addy, Beth, Will

Coach cheating on her husband with Will gives Beth leverage that she has no intention of giving up. That is, despite how Coach talks about unity, Addy tries to mediate, any of that. All she wants is her power and spot back and if Coach wants to take that from her, much less give it to the bastard her father made, there will be consequences.

Be Wary Who You Align Yourself To: Addy, Beth, Riri, Coach French

However, with Addy having plans for regionals and beyond, she knows she has to make choices. Will she align herself with the person who at least got a team to state, even if 5th place, or Beth? Someone who is more focused on being a big fish in a small bowl than thinking anything beyond the two they grew up in?


Well, Addy prefers coach, and with that she takes another step away from Beth’s inner circle and Riri, J.J.’s daughter, is invited to take her place. Making it all the more difficult to stay cool with both people, as Beth draws a line in the sand.

Why Have Friends Your Own Age?: Will, Addy, Coach French

For reasons unknown, Addy finds herself to be one of Coach’s closest allies when it comes to the cheer squad, and perhaps even a friend. How else would you explain her letting Addy walk into her house and crossing the line about her and Will? Much less volunteering to watch her child as she explored an affair?

Yet, what can you say when Addy is enamored with either Coach French or her lifestyle? If not, considering the moves Addy is making, she could be playing the long game. One that would allow her to climb out of the town, off of Coach French’s back, while either taking down or perhaps gentle kissing Beth goodbye?

After all, at the end of the day, Addy’s loyalty is to herself, and while she has lived as Beth’s second for a long time, who is to say she was comfortable in that position?

Plot Synopsis (The Too Long, Didn’t Read Recap)

  1. Beth has a video of Will and Coach French having an affair and might use it for leverage.
  2. Matt has been married to Coach French for four years, but Will may always be the one who got away. So Coach is pursuing what she could have had – mostly sexually.
  3. Addy is trying to have it where coach stays, so they can go to regionals, maybe even state, and she can get a scholarship, as much as maintain her friendship with Beth.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Beth giving Addy her phone to check for the video she made of Coach French and Will.
Beth: You know you want to.

Do you know what desire is? Mutually assured destruction.
— Addy (Dare Me 1.2)

Comment Down Below

  1. Is Addy going to screw over Beth and/or Coach French in the long run?

Review/ Commentary

Low Point

Do These Adults Not Have Better People To Talk To Beyond Addy?

I get Addy is a nice kid with a potential future but, why is Will and Coach involving her in their personal business? For what Coach knows, Addy getting close to her could be an act. One that, honestly, she invited into her own backyard by being so messy and allowing some minor to influence her. But, hey, it makes compelling drama, right? Right?

On The Fence

Addy and Beth’s Beef

The issue with Addy and Beth’s beef is Beth, despite having more influence and access to money, feels like she has more to lose and Addy? Well, the way Addy is crafted and portrayed, she seems like she belongs in a completely different show. So watching Addy outgrow Beth isn’t the most compelling television since it is more so rooted in drama than two girls who are realizing they are going on diverging paths with one not appreciating being left behind.

Addy’s Fascination With Coach French

I don’t know if there are supposed to be borderline lesbian undertones or if I’m simply a dude who doesn’t understand the relationship girls and women can have. Either way, you can see the show is attempting to tap into something sensual when it comes to Addy and Coach, and it is hard to say whether we should see this as something genuine or cheap tantalizing moments to drive up viewership.

Coach French’s Affair With Will

Will talking to Coach French.

When it comes to the men on “Dare Me,” I’d submit many look interchangeable, and none have really made any effort to be more than an accessory. Addy’s plaything is nothing more than her plaything, who is bold with talking about he is hard considering he doesn’t have the kind of game to convince Addy to do something about that. Then when it comes to her neighbor Michael, as much as you got to appreciate his existence and what he is supposed to represent, the character is dull as bricks.

So when it comes to the affair and Will, there has to be more to this than the fact Coach is married and has a kid. For who gives a damn about Matt?

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Coach French’s Affair With Will - 70%
Addy’s Fascination With Coach French - 75%
Addy and Beth’s Beef - 71%
Do These Adults Not Have Better People To Talk To Beyond Addy? - 65%


Trajectory – Declining: “Dare Me” might have the issue of too many bland characters who speak as if their lives are so interesting that to not be interested in their day to day would be weird. But with the men generic looking, and very much accessories to the women, and only Addy having any sort of personality and story to latch onto, things aren’t looking good.

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