In the 1st season finale, the cops start aggressively looking for information that many are more than willing to give. However, will they find the true culprit?

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In the 1st season finale, the cops start aggressively looking for information that many are more than willing to give. However, will they find the true culprit?

Directed By Jamie Travis
Written By Megan Abbott, Gina Fattore
Aired (USA Network) 3/8/2020

Plot/ Recap

Running Interference: Coach French, Addy, Faith, Kurtz

With cops already knocking on Coach French’s door about a pole she hit, it makes learning Addy’s mother, Faith, is a cop, a Godsend. Why? Well, despite not being able to win over Riri’s mother, Faith could be a bit more Coach’s speed. I mean, she does have her daughter wrapped around her finger, so how hard should the mom be, right?

And that’s why Coach makes it known Kurtz has a thing for the local girls and considering there is footage from when Will confronted Kurtz, so leads to Faith, and the rest of the cops, having a potential suspect.

Detective Beth: Beth, Kurtz, Addy

Beth's heartbreaking that Addy refuses to believe her, no matter how far she is willing to go.

But, with using her assault as a means to coerce information, Beth learns Kurtz, in this matter, is innocent. You see, while Kurtz and Will haven’t always seen eye to eye, it never got to the point of killing him. In fact, Kurtz pushes the idea Coach French would more so be capable considering how hot she and Will would burn. And this information is presented to Addy, but with her lost somewhere within the potential she thinks Coach French has, in regards to how she can change her life, she refuses to accept what is told. Even with the glaring image of the fact Beth and her assaulter are not only talking but corroborating an opinion. Which, in itself, feels like a huge billboard that Addy might be batting for the wrong team.

First Down: Kurtz, Coach French, Addy, Beth, Matt

As with most, if not all major moments on “Dare Me,” it is when practice and preparation is over, and it is game time, things go down. This time around, it is Coach French watching Kurtz arrested and feeling some form of relief. However, Beth makes it clear through a cheer she knows what is going on and does her best to convince Addy, but, just like at regionals, Addy rejects Beth.

Why? Well, as noted previously, what Addy wants is a way out of Sutton Grove. In the episode, Faith notes she hasn’t left county lines, and while Addy loves her mom, she doesn’t want to be like her. So if it calls for aiding in an affair to helping to cover up a murder, it seems Addy would rather do that than be stuck with Beth. Someone who, strangely, doesn’t talk much about leaving Sutton Grove.

Yet, despite Addy repeatedly claiming her alliance to Coach, whenever she has questions or things don’t add up, Coach ices Addy out. This is shown through Addy asking about her Hamsa, which Beth says was found at the scene. Thus leading to Matt, who has been almost non-existent in the second half of the season, now relevant once more as Coach pushes the idea he and she were there the night Will died.

Coach French implying she and Matt were involved with what happened to Will.
Coach French: When we were there

Leaving you to believe that, considering Will’s death is being considered a murder, one of those two likely did him in. Probably Matt considering he has such a clear motive.


  1. Isn’t it strange that in a show filled with cheerleaders, the only football player we know is Michael?
  2. Was Matt in the car when Coach hit that light pole and was that going to or from Will’s?
  3. How often do you think Kurtz listened in on Coach and Will, considering how he is?
  4. While Coach seemed frazzled by the idea of leaving the Hamsa behind, anyone else think Matt left that behind so that, while he may protect his wife, he can get back at Addy for enabling the affair?

Review/ Commentary


Beth’s Long Game

Considering Beth’s father is one of the most powerful men in the town, and the military, while honored, some members like Kurtz can’t seem to afford their own apartment, it might make you wonder why didn’t she report anything? Granted, one of the original reasons could be her name being dragged through the mud, alongside the unwanted attention which wouldn’t empower her but disenfranchise her. But, being that Beth is strategic, it seems the reason she didn’t say anything before was for the confrontation she had with Corporal Kurtz this episode.

One which coerced him to reveal things he otherwise wouldn’t have to if Beth turned him in. And, also, taking note of his arrest, it goes well with the video Beth still has in her possession. For between that video and Kurtz’s testimony, which you know will be detailed to save his skin, who gets all the attention redirected at them? Coach French and Matt.

Which is why you have to love Beth – Despite initial appearances, she isn’t looking for instant gratification. Beth is looking at the long game, and whether it is to take back the squad or wholly secure Addy’s loyalty, maybe even love, she is willing to take an L as long as she is ultimately the winner.

Low Point

Matt’s Resurgence

Matt processing something wasn't handled in their cover up.

Generally speaking, men don’t add much, if anything, to this show. Hence why Michael’s role is so minuscule, Beth’s dad, and we don’t see or hear too much about anyone’s father, and for the few who have boyfriends, they are rarely, if ever seen.

This is a show about the complex relationships women can have amongst each other. So, with Matt possibly filling in the time that formerly was dedicated to Will, it is hard not to roll your eyes. Especially considering Matt was never someone to care about. For even when he was the victim whose wife was cheating on him and seemingly needed her to get a decent job, did anyone care about Matt?

So roping him into why Will might have been murdered seems almost lazy or just badly done. For while the show has made it obligatory to use the yet unannounced second season to fill gaps, having Matt at the center of it doesn’t elicit excitement. So here is hoping his appearance will more so be used to further how manipulative Coach is than to expand on his character and story. For while we are usually the first to say we need or want more, I honestly can’t say that when it comes to any male on this show besides Michael.

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Beth’s Long Game - 89%
Matt’s Resurgence - 70%


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