As Nimue is introduced to a resistance movement, we’re reminded that the challenges the Fey people face might be beyond the Red Paladins.

Director(s) Daniel Nettheim
Writer(s) Rachel Shukert
Aired 7/17/2020
Introduced This Episode
Sister Iris Emily Coates
Pym Lily Newmark
Lord Rugen Olafur Darri Olafsson
Celia Sophie Harkness

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Merlin’s Visit To Lord Rugen – Merlin, Lord Rugen

Lord Rugen (Olafur Darri Olafsson) talking to Merlin.
Lord Rugen (Olafur Darri Olafsson)

With Merlin on the ropes, he pursed Lord Rugen seemingly for protection. However, Merlin not being the powerful wizard he once was, who was an advisor to kings for centuries, it has tarnished his worth. Mind you, which Merlin knows, but with bringing an artifact that belongs to Boudicca, he temporarily wins over Lord Rugen.

That is until he gets drunk, or rather pretends to, steals Fey fire and upsets Lord Rugen to the point he might leave his realm, or have his minions to do so, for revenge!

Morgana Leaves The Abbey As Does Iris – Celia, Iris, Morgana, Father Carden

Iris, the odd child who snitched, with Morgana’s return, comes her asking a multitude of questions. All of which are rebuffed. Fine. Sister Iris then talks to Father Carden about becoming a Red Paladin, and because she is a girl, she is dismissed. Okay.

So, with this pent up energy, she prays for guidance, and in no sign coming to her immediately, she starts to destroy an altar, and this leads to her finding Morgana’s cross. Following that, she realizes Morgana left, and before we know it, the abbey is on fire.

Celia (Sophie Harkness) sighing as her love goes away.
Celia (Sophie Harkness)

Now, whether or not this happened after Morgana and her girlfriend, Celia, said their goodbyes? That’s hard to say. But if Celia returned just in time to die in that fire, Iris and Morgana may need to have a conversation.

Arthur and Nimue Are Reunited – Arthur, Nimue

Thankfully, as Nimue ventures to find her sword, she comes across friendlies that give her a ride to Grammaire. A place that Arthur returns to, after his escape, despite all the drama that happened. But, this is lucky for Nimue since, after giving Arthur a piece of her mind, she coerces him back to the carriage he escaped from, and the sword, despite its known value, is just there, ready to be snatched.

But, to make a point, Nimue kills the members of the Red Paladins, with Arthur providing minor assistance. Leading to her legend growing as well as the bullseye on her neck.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Pym (Lily Newmark) looking up at a man claiming her as his girlfriend.
Pym (Lily Newmark)
  1. Pym is still alive and seemingly plans to become a raider!


Community Rating: 3% (1 votes)


The Rise Of Sister Iris

I think one of the issues of “Cursed” might have been that a lot of what we know and seen has been done, and honestly done better. However, when it comes to Sister Iris, the young, impressionable, and apparently destructive young nun, things are different. Granted, she does give some Aunt Lydia, from “The Handmaid’s Tale” vibes, but that is what draws you in.

With being rejected by the Red Paladins, and learning there are exceptions when it comes to the belief of the evil that is the Fey, what is a young woman like her to do? Seemingly, becoming a one-woman army, that’s what and it might have made her the first character who is notable, not due to the name of their character, or actor, on this entire show.

Sister Iris (Emily Coates) as she asks questions of Morgana.
Sister Iris (Emily Coates)

Low Point

Fights Feel More Choreographed & Based On Camera Tricks Than A WWE Match

For some reason, anytime a fantasy series comes out, there is some attempt to compare it to “Game of Thrones.” Usually, the comparison is comical or seems to lack imagination. However, with “Cursed,” it just makes you think the person didn’t watch the show. For one of the main issues that “Cursed” suffers from is its action is paltry.

Yes, blood flies, and we do see people maimed and injured. But, none of it is gruesome or hard to stomach. Heck, the most disturbing thing might be Lord Rugen or the guts Pym had to clean up. As for Nimue’s fight? Her coming out of the water was so cooler in the trailer and now seeing the actual scene, my what a disappointment.

On The Fence

Lord Rugen, Merlin, and Most Of The Men On The Show

Though, in general, the men on this show are just disappointing. None of them really pop, and all seem to be channeling another performer. Maybe someone they saw play their role before or how the character was written in the stories. I can’t fully say what it is, but as much as you see some kind of effort to make you care about Merlin, have mixed feelings about Arthur, or hate Father Calden, it’s difficult to conjure any real feelings.


Trajectory – Plateau

The rise of Sister Iris gives hope for “Cursed.” For at this point, everyone else has proved themselves to not be the selling point they originally were thought of.

Where To Watch

Lord Rugen, Merlin, and Most Of The Men On The Show - 70%
Fights Feel More Choreographed & Based On Camera Tricks Than A WWE Match - 65%
The Rise Of Sister Iris - 82%


The rise of Sister Iris gives hope for "Cursed." For at this point, everyone else has proved themselves to not be the selling point they originally were thought of.

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Community Rating: 3% (1 votes)

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