Title card for Claws featuring a rose between the lips.

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It seems Desna might be on the brink of winning the war, but then we’re reminded Desna consistently gets burned when she gets close to the sun

Aired 1/16/2022
Network TNT
Directed By Dale Stern
Written By Janine Sherman Barrois, David Rambo, Darrin Dortch


Coming While He Is Going – Baron, Polly

So, Polly and the Baron get married without his daughter showing up and ruining things, and he dies on their wedding night.

It’s All Downhill From Here – Ann, Clay, Bryce, Desna, Dr. Ken, Selena

There are many pawns treated as higher pieces in the war between Clay and Desna. Ann realizes she is just a pawn, as does Bryce regarding Clay’s legacy. Hence Desna tries to pick them off to get a handle on the situation, but it doesn’t come easy. Bryce has to hear Clay note he is not his successor for things to click, and Ann has to realize Clay is plotting on her kid for her to be willing to take the $100,000 Desna is offering her to get the hell out of dodge.

The combination of losing Ann, the baby, and Bryce taking his fentanyl patches are devasting, but so is Desna taking Dr. Ken from Clay too. But, with Ken in a vulnerable place due to breaking up with Selena, maybe Clay could use Ken being in a vulnerable place to try to wiggle his way back into a deal?

When The Truth Comes Out – Desna, Jenn, Bryce, Virginia, Georgia, Tony

Jenn’s pill addiction is leading to some problems. Mainly, Georgia is assumed to be the thief, and with that, Virginia is expected to handle her by Desna. Especially when Desna learns that Georgia knows about Bambi’s murder. So, Virginia does the deed, and Jenn doesn’t learn, yet, she is responsible for someone being murdered.

Though, she has bigger things to worry about. We learn Tony is an undercover DEA agent after Desna and Bryce suspect that he and Jenn have something going on. But, Desna sees Tony with a DEA jacket on as one of the Claws Up team members get arrested. This means Clay has instantly become the least of Desna’s problems.

Questions & What Could Happen Next

  1. Virginia flipping out when she learns Jenn was stealing pills, not Georgia
  2. So, what was the point of Selena on this show for such a small part? Just to boost Dr. Ken real quick?
  3. Why didn’t the Baron’s daughter stop the wedding? Is it because no papers were signed?
  4. What led Tony to focus on Desna and her operation? Was she the big catch or Clay? If not someone higher up they suspect her working with?



The Feds – The Ultimate Enemy

Thus far, Desna’s enemies have been eccentric crime lords or local police. What she hasn’t had to face is a federal agency, and it is hard to say she can wiggle her way out of this one. She already confessed everything to Tony, and with Clay’s empire on a decline, so comes the question of who is going to be the big catch to justify all this spending?

Also, will Desna be willing to give up all she worked for to keep some semblance of what she has? Never mind, is the option of working for the feds to take down other people on the table?

Low Points

No Interest In Polly x The Baron’s Storyline

I truly enjoy Polly. The problem is that Polly wasn’t given the kind of storyline which works as an almost standalone plot. Granted, it does try to address the overall idea of the season, that all the cons and crime can’t last forever. However, it just lacks a punch since this grift feels like an extended gag that is way past its punch line than something that really allows us to appreciate what Polly brings to the show.

On The Fence

Selena’s Wasted Potential

Dr. Ken has existed on this show as a sniveling character who, personally, I was hoping would get killed off multiple times. Once he broke free from Clay’s dungeon and got with Selena, it seemed like he was finally going to become the man he should have been a long time ago. Now, that is being tested. With the loss of Selena, we see him crying in the rain and taking a stray cat on. One can only hope this setback doesn’t send him back to who he was but rather challenges his commitment to this new road he set himself on.

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Title card for Claws featuring a rose between the lips.
Claws: Season 4/ Episode 7 “Chapter Seven: Ascension” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
With the DEA getting involved, so comes a true fight Desna can't win and the need to question how this season and show will end – perhaps for the first time since the premiere.
The Feds – The Ultimate Enemy
No Interest In Polly x The Baron's Storyline
Selena's Wasted Potential

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