Virginia cheersing to Desna's next big idea

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As Ann makes it clear she will take advantage of anyone, or any opportunity, to take down Desna, she starts burning the people she may need the most.

Aired 12/19/2021
Network TNT
Directed By Cheryl Dunye
Written By Sam Forman, Darrin Dortch
Introduced This Episode
Georgia Gladys Bautista
Baron Axel von Reichler John Rubinstein
PSS Guy Anthony K. Hyatt


Playing Both Sides – Quiet Ann, Polly, Clay, Bryce, Desna, Jenn

With lines drawn in the sand, people are pressed with choosing a side, and this doesn’t come easy. With Clay, he expects Bryce to have Jenn quit her job, and for good reason – she is the reason Clay didn’t find his pills. But with all Desna has done for Jenn, she finds the idea of her abandoning her best friend laughable.

However, Ann does make it seem that she isn’t willing to have mutual friends with Desna and not use what they say against them. As shown in the last episode, and this one, whether Polly or Virginia, anything they say will be used to one-up Desna, and this time it is used to interrupt her selling pills and giving Clay the opportunity to steal thousands of dollars – money Desna desperately needs to pay the rent for the salon.

But, while Bryce can’t make Jenn quit and reaffirm his place next to Clay, he does get a shipment of fentanyl which seemingly will give Clay a huge edge over Desna in ways she can’t compete with – as of now.

Purpose Is Hard To Find – Virginia, Georgia, Dean, Ann

Georgia (Gladys Bautista) being told by Virginia she didn't get the job
Georgia (Gladys Bautista)

Dean is struggling on social media, and with that, it seems he plans to abandon Instagram, and he reveals this to Virginia since, while they are no longer lovers, that is his best friend. And as he talks to her, Georgia, a girl interviewing to replace Ann, encourages Dean and Virginia likes this. In fact, she likes it so much that she goes to bat for her, even though her skills are terrible.

But, while social media might not be for Dean, when he comes across Ann, who was hoping Polly would forgive her and join her for yoga, he joins her in Polly’s stead. Mainly since they are friends, and he also sees this as an opportunity to continue exploring what he might like.

All Work And No Play Makes Jill A Stressed Out Girl – Baron Axel, Polly, Desna, PSS Guy

While it is under a ruse, it seems Polly is ready to date again and is with a distinguished older man who is a baron. Now, what draws her to him? Well, beyond money and the chance to practice an accent and persona, it is hard to say. But she is looking forward to their dates.

As for Desna? Well, a delivery guy flirts with her, and between that height, bald head, and gold tooth? Oh, she is smitten. Not enough for her to be his lady, but enough to let him blow her back out in his van and give her some ideas about her next move.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did Ann really think Polly and the others would be neutral when she used their conversations to get back at Desna?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Bryce being pressured to do more when it comes to Jenn and him getting more aggressive about needing to feel like a man
  2. Dean getting into a fight with Desna over him spending time with Ann
  3. Ann making Dean the godfather of her child
  4. Georgia being a fed or snitching on them



Cutting Your Nose To Spite Your Face

Poor Ann. In her war with Desna, she is losing all the people she has, and as much as you may see this as her bringing all this on herself, at the same time, you get it. Ann’s fall from grace sent her to rock bottom, and just as she was rebuilding her life, getting it on track, Desna went from an asset to a liability. One which cut short the kind of comeback Ann has longed for.

Yet, in trying to coerce Desna to feel empathy, Ann has to deal with collateral damage in that pursuit. Which, with her pregnant, means going at things alone, and that’s hard to watch. For it isn’t like Clay where Ann was a villain all this time, she was one of the favorites amongst Desna’s crew. So to see her hurting, isolated, pregnant, and even a bit scared, it really amplifies how serious her beef is with Desna that she’d burn all these bridges just so someone could understand the path that was taken shouldn’t be retread.

Paying It Forward

I’d submit Claws was rarely the best show when it came to being a crime drama. Well, unless you have a taste for camp. But, when it really shines is when you are reminded how Desna built her community and why. Case in point, how things worked out with Virginia. She was just a trick that Desna’s man was hanging around, forced upon her at one time, but now Virginia is like a half-sister to Desna. One who she molded, damn near raised and has even taught her how to love, despite the challenges a person brings.

And with Georgia, while she seems like a Fed, it is wonderful to see Virginia have the chance to mentor and mold someone. Even if it doesn’t compensate for the Church of Tanika storyline being scrapped.

On The Fence


I don’t know who is more annoying between Bryce and Ken sometimes, but at the very least, I think Ken is someone you are supposed to love to hate while Bryce? A part of me wants to believe the point of Bryce is to show a man who struggles with what was presented as being a man in his upbringing. That and between being stuck between a strong woman, like Jenn, and Clay, struggling to attain both of their approvals, and discovering his own brand of manhood.

Which is curious to think about since Clay is an emotional thug, who dabbles in men, but also women, has clearly broke the mold and made something which he finds comfortable. Yet, Bryce’s struggle hasn’t been fruitful. Though, one could submit, when it comes to the men on the show, their journeys were never as compelling, perhaps on purpose, as the women. If anything, their development was solely to the benefit of the ladies or to further the ladies’ storylines.

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Virginia cheersing to Desna's next big idea
Claws: Season 4/ Episode 2 “Chapter Two: Vengeance” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
Ann being part of Clay's crew seems to be a gift for his character and Bryce and may give them that shot of adrenaline needed to have the series end strong. But, the real gift with this episode is what has always made Claws a noteworthy show – the heart behind all the drama. Which for this episode includes Virginia becoming someone's mentor and Ann's loneliness in the face of a friend who refuses to fully take accountability.
Paying It Forward
Cutting Your Nose To Spite Your Face

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