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I’m honestly ashamed of myself for not continuing this from the pilot. However, with Game of Thrones, Insecure, and Netflix marathons, I felt I had to cut something. However, after watching episode two, I’m of the opinion I need to just figure out a way. Though, with all that said, trying to remember all that happened after a few weeks made this difficult. So forgive me if this post is a little rough.

Bad Girls: Polly, Ann


Ann is playing with some poor little rural girl’s heart, and libido, to the point she is going crazy. As for Polly? While very prim and proper, as seen in the last episode, she misses her old life. She wants to be capable of being boastful and not this demure little thing.

In fact, she talks like she used to run things. Not as Desna’s place of work, of course, but a high scale prostitution ring. Which is supposedly what she went to jail for. Though with her supposedly forced to keep that confidential, she only tells these three young girls at this place she does community service. All the while, hemming and hawing a bit to Ann who surprisingly opens up to her about the madness of this girl who had one experience with Ann and now can’t leave her alone.


0059 1
The woman Ann seemingly turned out.

I’m 6 or so episodes behind so forgive me for my ignorance. Much less, it has been weeks since I saw episode one and while I remember the big things, the little things have slipped through the creases of my brain. So, with that said, is Polly a straight up perpetual liar who tries to escape her ho-hum life by pretending to be someone she never was? Because, at least based off quickly reading my notes for episode 1, I’m seeing her going to jail for scamming senior citizens and stealing their identification. Is this a running gag or something?

That aside, I hope more is done with Quiet Ann then her having lady issues. If only because her actress, Judy Reyes, is such an underappreciated actress. Be it for her work on Scrubs, Devious Maids, and I’m hoping this isn’t another role/ show added to the pile.

Secret Shopper: Desna, Jen, Dr. Ken

0061 2

With Roller gone, and Desna still trying to move into that Glint Nails shop, it makes things a bit unstable. Especially for Dr. Ken who is now dealing with no real support from his usual go to folks. Leading him to make a scene in the shop that Jen has to shut down. Unfortunately, in the process, she ends up alienating one of the Glint Nails owners and it may have cost Desna the shop.


There comes a point that you realize that while every character plays a role, it isn’t going to be a huge role. It may not even really be a noteworthy one. However, someone has to keep the smaller, or long term storylines, moving as the lead, in this case, Desna, handles the major burdens. So as much as I may have wanted to roll my eyes when Dr. Ken showed up losing his mind, I get it. He has to remind us the clinic exists so that when Uncle Daddy makes a big deal of it, you can see why he is stressing out.

On top of that, we have to see Jen handle things on Desna’s behalf to prove her loyalty, friendship, and also to show Desna isn’t the only bad ass on the show. But, with all that said, I would have loved to see the Russians, who are still stalking Desna and Uncle Daddy’s setup, beat Dr. Ken’s head in. For there is just something about him you love to hate even though he isn’t even really a villain. His actor just makes him so irritating you feel vicarious relief when Jen threatens him.

Dealing with the Death of Roller: Uncle Daddy, Desna, Virginia, Bryce, Jen

0029 2

As you could imagine, Uncle Daddy and Bryce are quite distraught that their nephew/ brother is dead. Especially since it seems to be by murder. However, everyone is grieving in different ways. Uncle Daddy is so over the top you’d think he ordered Virginia to kill his nephew and didn’t know how to act like he was in mourning. Then, as for Bryce, after the initial shock, he is quite quiet and solemn.

But life goes on. Hence why Uncle Daddy decides to ask Bryce to never mind his work as an “Abundance Coach” and take over Roller’s job. Something he wants to think about but Jen blocks that before any thought could be processed. Pissing Uncle Daddy off royally for he knows Dr. Ken is flailing and that clinic business of his, it is a gold mine.

Perhaps leading you to wonder how Desna and Virginia are doing? Well, after putting Roller’s body in a boat and setting it on fire [note]Which the coast guard and Roller’s neighbors seeming don’t catch. Even though we see one as Desna and Virginia are dragging Roller’s body.[/note], alongside Desna shooting up the house [note]It seems Desna hasn’t used a gun much before but Virginia has[/note], they’re mostly fine. A bit shaken, but can function.

Well, at least it seems that way until Desna has to deal with Dean who is devastated yet says he is ready to step up. Be a better man and even the man of the house now. For he quite admired Roller and with him gone, he plans to fill his shoes. Something Desna finds odd since she didn’t know Dean was close to Roller, but she doesn’t question it too deeply. All things considered, Dean is taking it quite well.

0049 1

However, while seemingly calm, cool and collected at first, Virginia really is anything but. She freaks out and abandons the plan Desna had setup – thus presenting a red flag to Uncle Daddy. Following that, Desna has to sit outside her house, interrogate her roommate, then hunt this little girl down. Which of course makes both of them mad for Desna isn’t looking to adopt a child and Virginia despises being treated like one. She did save this woman’s life after all.

But, in the long run, it seems clear that while Virginia may be naïve, and definitely has issues, she isn’t stupid. Though I’m sure Desna wishes she would communicate that better because Virginia makes it easy to assume she is a dumb***.


0046 1

Oh yeah, did I mention Uncle Daddy is married to a woman? Yeah, her name is Juanda and it isn’t necessarily clear if she knows about her husband’s extracurricular activities. Though considering he knocks her upside the head and she returns the blow after Uncle Daddy learns of Roller’s death, and he sobs into her bosom after the altercation, who knows if him being bi would even matter? For clearly, their relationship is so screwed up but committed to each other, it wouldn’t matter at all.

Though that maybe one of the few relationships Uncle Daddy can rely on it seems. For Bryce sure as hell can’t be relied on when Jen is around. But with her keeping Bryce from stepping into Roller’s shoes makes me wonder how she feels about what she does with Desna? Is it that she believes so strongly in this whole “This is only temporary thing” that she doesn’t want her husband involved? Or could it very well be she knows Bryce doesn’t have the stomach for this life? With no offense to him [note]Recognizing he is fictional[/note], he doesn’t seem like the kind who could rough up anything besides a plate with a knife and fork. So maybe she is just trying to keep him safe. Alongside their children, of which, one is seemingly, at least, half Black [note]I assume she is either adopted or from a past relationship.[/note].

Leading us to the big two, well three: Desna, Virginia, and Uncle Daddy. I really want to believe there is more to Virginia than lewd sex acts, immaturity, and a dead mom. For with her knowing how to handle a gun and seemingly knowing how to emotionally manipulate people, there is some untapped intelligence there. Like with her busting into the funeral looking like someone really messed her up. A part of me doesn’t believe that to be the truth but she knew if she just showed up like Desna said to, she’d look guilty as hell. So, rather than do that, she either roughed herself up, maybe let her roommate do it, if not makeup, and made that scene.

Really pushing the idea Tran may become a breakout star of this show. For I’m seriously like “Chris Brown who?” For if she can stay consistent, that will be but a dark chapter in her past which seemingly will fuel the believability of her future performances.

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