Many sacrifices are made, financially and by means of body count, for some semblance of peace. Leading Claws to have a finale which has Desna break even, but with a whole lot more on her plate. The Tides of War: Desna, Uncle Daddy, Roller, Jenn, Riva, Juanda, Jenn Desna, thanks to Ann and Polly, barely…

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Claws: Season 1/ Episode 10 "Avalanche" - The ladies of Claws

Many sacrifices are made, financially and by means of body count, for some semblance of peace. Leading Claws to have a finale which has Desna break even, but with a whole lot more on her plate.

The Tides of War: Desna, Uncle Daddy, Roller, Jenn, Riva, Juanda, Jenn

Desna, thanks to Ann and Polly, barely makes it away from the Roller v. Russian shoot out. Of which one of the Russians live to tell Riva everything. Thus leading to retaliation in the form of Juanda being killed and Brienne kidnapped. Leading to the question of: Where was Jenn and why were the kids with Juanda? The answer: She was sleeping with Hank. However, once she learns about Brienne from Desna, who was called by Bryce since Jenn had her phone off, both walk into the She-She and all hell breaks loose.

Never mind Bryce, Uncle Daddy and Roller fighting when it is revealed he was being blackmailed by the Russians, due to sleeping with a underage girl, but then Roller snitches on Desna [note]This is after Roller realizes he is in over his head and has no choice but to call Uncle Daddy for help[/note]. He reveals that she and Virginia are the ones who tried to kill him. Something that would have led to Desna’s death, by Uncle Daddy’s hand, if it wasn’t for Riva wanting her to hash out terms solely with her.

Terms of which Desna negotiates 50% of all of Clay (Uncle Daddy’s) business and for her, Riva, to get the nail salon to launder money. Which, at first, Riva goes for. However, in the end, she decides she wants 100% and Roller dead. This leads to a lot of back and forth between Riva having the upper hand, Uncle Daddy having it thanks to Circus, Circus betraying Uncle Daddy, Dr. Ken, Roller, and Bryce taking out Riva’s men, and then Uncle Daddy realizing all the senior citizens in the building are strapped and willing to shoot Uncle Daddy et al. Leaving Riva the winner and the person who gets all she desires.

Though, ultimately, she sees it best to take over but leave everyone alive – after all, Uncle Daddy and co. opened up some positions in her organization and she needs them filled fast.


Claws: Season 1/ Episode 10 "Avalanche" - The new boss in town

What a whirlwind. Juanda got killed, there was so much back and forth between Uncle Daddy and Riva it damn near seemed like a farce, and ultimately yet ultimately she prevailed – thanks to dozens of armed older women. It was really something. Though, it really makes you wonder if the Dixie Mafia, alongside Ted, was really strong enough to keep this from happening earlier? Because outside of not wanting the DEA, FBI and etc looking about, what other reason was there for Riva to not make her move earlier? As seen, she has the numbers, the money, and infrastructure.

But something else that needs to be asked is whether Desna, never mind Virginia, are going to be safe after this? Riva may like Desna, and trust her enough to keep her on, since she has been straight up with her thus far, and tried to act in good faith, but what about Virginia? In the end, she is the one who pulled the trigger and Riva has no use for her. So will she survive the next season? For you know, with Juanda dead, and him emasculated, his trigger finger is going to get itchy and Virginia having bullets in her may be the morphine drip he needs.

Too bad for Dean though. Since Virginia is pregnant and all.

What The Future Holds: Desna, Uncle Daddy, Gregory

Claws: Season 1/ Episode 10 "Avalanche" - Gregory revealed as head of the Haitians

With the deal hashed out, Desna’s dream of owning and spending her days with the bourgeois in Glint are gone. She has to be back at the old shop and thinks the girls will run Glint while she stays out there. No ma’am, they all, including Jenn, are coming with her. Cue Julia Robert’s “Bad Girls”

As for Uncle Daddy and why Gregory’s name is mentioned? Well, with Uncle Daddy feeling the balance of the area being undone, he approaches the Haitain gang for assistance. A gang of which Gregory is the head of and it seems he is willing to help.


I’m so ready to meet the rest of the area’s gangs. Especially with knowing Gregory is living a dual life of being a doctor and who knows what kind of gang leader. Though, with the way Gregory talks, I bet you he is a conscious drug kingpin. The kind who may sell to whoever is asking but invests in his community at the same time. Give out scholarships and things like that. Making it especially difficult, if ever betrayed by the cops, to find a jury who’d be willing to convict.

But, federal agents, or even state police, coming in and causing trouble is something some ways off. Pushing the idea of what I presented in the pilot. That Desna will probably end up slithering her way from one gang to another into she finds herself at the mercy of the feds. Likely feeling she is over her head at first until she realizes how to play the situation. Especially in terms of getting witness protection and getting a decent house for her, Dean, and the baby I’m sure she is going to love. Though whether their mother, Virginia, is around to raise it surely is up to question.

Question(s) Left Unanswered



  • We learn why Roller was working with the Russians.
  • We are introduced to the Haitian gang – ran by Gregory.
  • It becomes firmly established that, throughout the series, we’ll likely see Desna negotiating terms with whoever is looking to kill her or those she has been close to.
  • We learn aggravated assault is why Ann went to jail. As for assault on who? I can only assume her ex-husband.

Low Points

  • Roller getting to live after all is said and done.

On The Fence

  • Virginia getting pregnant, likely, by Dean.

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