While the 90s Hilda and Zelda show up towards the end, what beckons their arrival is truly worth note as an Eldritch Terror isn’t defeated in a single episode.

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While the 90s Hilda and Zelda show up towards the end, what beckons their arrival is truly worth note as an Eldritch Terror isn’t defeated in a single episode.

Director(s) Amanda Tapping
Writer(s) Eleanor Jean
Aired (Netflix) 12/31/2020
Introduced This Episode
Moth Natalie Grace
Metatron Pollyanna McIntosh
Aunt Hilda Caroline Rhea
Aunt Zelda Beth Broderick

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The Secret Is Out – Sabrina S, Sabrina M, Lucifer, Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose

With pillars and monuments from hell appearing in Greendale and pieces of Greendale appearing in hell, naturally, there is the belief war has been declared. After all, talk of making Earth a tenth circle of hell still exists. But, in truth, it is but an Eldritch Terror – the Cosmos. One which is forcing Hell and Earth to merge and may soon involve the celestial world as well.

But, with Hell and Earth dealing with ramifications first, it brings both Sabrinas to the point of confessing their existence and Lucifer, alongside Zelda, and a tiny bit Hilda, reprimanding the girls. Though, of course, Ambrose is dragged in as well, for he is a 134-year-old man, per Zelda, who got bullied into silence by a 16-year-old.

Disappointment aside, there were attempts to fix things so that both Sabrinas could continue to exist and have their own worlds. However, there came a point where it seems Hell and Earth were too intertwined to do anything simple.

It’s Raining Pearls – Metatron, Sabrina S, Sabrina M, Lucifer, Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, Nick

With the mortal realm and hell unable to fix the problem, and it soon to affect the celestial, Metatron, an angel close to the celestial God, arrives to create order. And with everyone acknowledging two Sabrina could be the reason for the anomaly, it is agreed to have them merge, and Metatron gives the girls 6 hours.

Metatron (Pollyanna McIntosh) addressing everyone
Metatron (Pollyanna McIntosh)

During that, after reconciling, Sabrina S has sex with Nick, and Sabrina M jams out with her friends to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” And after that is done, they were going to merge until Ambrose realizes that it isn’t the Sabrinas but the Eldritch Terror known as “The Cosmos” causing their troubles. This leads to the desire of trying something beyond merging or murder, but Metatron is adamant, so by Lucifer, Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and every other notable witch’s hand, they are killed.

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye – Lilith, Lucifer, Theo, Robin, Moth, Sabrina S, Sabrina M, Lucifer, Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, Caliban, OG Zelda, OG Hilda

Leaving the need to wonder, how can this be fixed? Well, with parallel worlds heading towards theirs, it is decided that one Sabrina needs to head to the parallel universe, and maybe that could fix things? The problem with that is, Lucifer isn’t trying to give up Sabrina, and Zelda not trying to give up hers either. So, how is this resolved? Rock, paper, scissors. Yes, that game decides the fate of the Sabrinas, and Sabrina M loses. Meaning, all the reforms she was trying to do in hell might be lost as Caliban and Lucifer may not continue her changes. Add in Lilith kills Adam and Lucifer not only banishes her from hell but takes her powers and makes her semi-immortal, it means no one of a possible new era may reign over hell.

But, at the very least, Sabrina M does meet OG Zelda and Hilda, who live in a world with laugh tracks and seemingly no knowledge of the devastation their world was heading towards.

Moth (Natalie Grace) talking to Theo
Moth (Natalie Grace)

Setting aside witch and warlock drama for a moment, while Hell and Earth collapse onto each other, many fae people, like Robin, and his friend Moth, were heading towards their world. One that amazingly wasn’t affected by the two Sabrinas or everything else that is going on. However, one problem with going to the world of the Fey for Robin was Theo. They didn’t want to run from a fight, and Robin didn’t want to leave them behind. However, as Robin’s friend Moth points out, Robin grows weak in the mortal realm, so Theo decides to release them and let them be free in a place they can be themselves. Which, of course, hurts but, what can they do? Theo isn’t selfish.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering when Ambrose talked about celestial beings not thinking of love and looking towards Prudence, is there a chance there?



Celestial Beings Getting Involved

It’s strange how the celestial world, as Earth and Greendale are threatened, were just taking a backseat. Were they too not under the threat of the Eldritch Terrors? Was it solely Earth? And considering Earthlings funnel into hell and the celestial, shouldn’t they both have cared far more? After all, once Earth was in ruins, surely The Uninvited and the rest would have moved towards other worlds, right? They are, unless I recall incorrectly, the destroyer of worlds.

So thank goodness the celestial beings arrived and made their presence known. Since, outside of witch hunters a season or two ago, they have been unremarkable for most of the series.

OG Hilda & Zelda

I don’t know what role they will play, and whether we may get a talking Salem, but I’m here for the merger of this version of Sabrina with the 90s and seeing how that works.

Theo and Robin

Theo and Robin easily can be overlooked since Theo’s storyline about being trans has been their main storyline. Which, at this point, can it be taken further? Yes. Has Chilling Adventures of Sabrina decided to do so? No. Yet, while Harvey and Roz have been pushed forward, and Sabrina struggling with being single, Theo and Robin have been there as the most functional relationship on this show.

Theo and Robin cuddling

I mean, between taking care of one another, fighting for one another, yes, they have operated on some sort of ideal. Yet, considering all the drama and nonsense we’ve seen with both teen and adult couples on this show, honestly, this might be the second breakup of the show, which hurt – beyond Ambrose and Prudence.

On The Fence

Creating A Cohesive Finale

With this being the final season, a lot is going on, so comes the question if they had enough time to make a cohesive ending? We have the Eldritch terrors, Lucifer killing a celestial being, one Sabrina in a parallel universe, Caliban being the heir to hell with the support needed to possibly overthrow Lucifer, and so much more. So will this all come to an end in a way that doesn’t feel rushed?

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Celestial Beings Getting Involved - 83%
OG Hilda & Zelda - 82%
Theo and Robin - 84%
Creating A Cohesive Finale - 75%


As it feels everything and the cauldron is thrown at the fourth season, so comes the need to question how it will all end? Will there be an ending that pushes the idea a movie is needed, or will Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tidy everything up and bow out gracefully?

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