Another Eldritch Terror appears and, you know what happens. But with a potential war with hell and Prudence declaring a new Weird Sisters formation, maybe season 4 can be saved?

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Another Eldritch Terror appears and, you know what happens. But with a potential war with hell and Prudence declaring a new Weird Sisters formation, maybe season 4 can be saved?

Director(s) Lisa Soper
Writer(s) Jenina Kibuka
Aired (Netflix) 12/31/2020
Introduced This Episode
Lucas Ben Ahlers

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The New Weird Sisters (aka The Sentinel) – Roz, Marie, Prudence

For ages, Roz has operated under the impression the cunning is both a gift and a curse. A gift for what it allows her to see but a curse since, formerly, it made women in her family blind. But, according to Mambo Marie, what it makes Roz is a witch. Which her grandmother, in a brief appearance, reveals, and thus Roz is now part of the coven.

Mind you, her first witness of how powerful the coven is comes from them killing a king of hell, for reasons noted below. But rather than be scared off, it seems she welcomes having a stronger role in things and not standing beside hopeless mortals. And while Prudence was a little jealous of Marie taking note of Roz, in the end, she accepts her as a sister. In fact, while Marie may call them The Sentinel, Prudence dubs them the new Weird Sisters who will be the first to know when the next Eldritch Terrors appear.

The Rise of The Weird – Lucas, Sabrina, Ambrose

What is The Weird? Well, an octopus-like being which is a parasite. One that wishes to have humanity rejoin it within the depths of the water and wants tribute by having the blood of man. But, unlike the other Eldritch Terrors, it isn’t just a mere inconvenience but actually gets rather close to doing some damage.

Lucas (Ben Ahlers) on a date with Sabrina
Lucas (Ben Ahlers)

Specifically, it almost made a class of students, including Harvey and Roz, slit their throats. Luckily, Ambrose stopped it, but this is after thinking he defeated it the first time. Which, because he didn’t, Sabrina may have lost out on dating a young man named Lucas who may not have been the perfect mix of Nick and Harvey she was concocting but did show promise.

The Fall of Yet Another Eldritch Terror – Sabrina, Ambrose, Nick

So how is yet another great Eldritch defeated? Well, the first time, it was assumed by draining all the water out of Sabrina to make her a bad host, and it seemingly dying once it exited her. The second time, when it was actually defeated, was by inflicting Sabrina’s brain being made too toxic for it to survive in there. Leading to, once again, it being forced out but this time it being trapped into an octopus and freezing said octopus. All of which Nick was there for since he still does care for Sabrina.

But, after Lucas, Nick, even Harvey worrying about Sabrina, she decides to kill the doll she was going to make and just rediscover herself. Since, according to The Weird, what made her a prime vessel was her strength and vulnerability. Of which her vulnerability didn’t come from empathy but emptiness, so it made her the perfect target.

Thus, Sabrina plans to be single for the foreseeable future.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Baby Adam in Lilith's arms

  1. Lilith is run out of hell, with her baby Adam, and now is under Zelda’s coven’s protection. A coven that might be considered at war with The Dark Lord since they kill one of the kings of hell. Not Beelzebub but one we haven’t gotten to know well. One more so loyal to Caliban than Lucifer and especially Sabrina Morningstar.



Sabrina Committing To Being Single

Will it last? Who knows? However, Sabrina Spellman focusing on herself, finding her purpose, and not distracting herself with a boy, feels long overdue. After all, she is a 16-year-old who has saved the world at least a few times within a single year. Can you believe that? This whole show took place in less than a year, and Sabrina has had two notable relationships, became god-level powerful, and so much more.

Yet, all things considered, she has not really gotten any time to rest, reflect, and heal beyond physical wounds. And whatever time she did had was spent trying to make someone, including her family, happy. So here is to Sabrina, now that she is committed to it, remembering that self-care often is only seen as selfish to those who are used to benefiting from your efforts while giving little in return.

Black Women Shall Save The Day, Yet Again

Okay, maybe I’m jumping ahead of myself, but considering Prudence, Mambo Marie, and Roz are taking the initiative to help predict the appearance of the next Eldritch Terrors, you have to give them credit. Much less, if not more, it makes characters who have been waning in importance this season be strong as individuals and outside of their relationships. This is something all three needed since Nick, Harvey, and Zelda were surely not making their relationships with them a reason to invest, or re-invest, in their characters.

*Whispers* Prudence and Ambrose forever

A War With Hell

Let’s face it, the Eldritch Terrors are underwhelming to the point of making them a continuous low point is beating a dead horse. So, let’s spin this ship around and be happy to learn Caliban is still trying to take over hell and is working with the kings to do so. And, with Zelda’s coven being learned about, it could mean battles that could actually be of interest! Rather than us seeing these all-powerful beings being duped as if they didn’t learn anything from being sealed the first time.

Caliban noting he will become king of hell

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Sabrina Committing To Being Single - 83%
Black Women Shall Save The Day, Yet Again - 84%
A War With Hell - 85%


While the Eldritch Terrors remain a massive disappointment, a war with hell can more than compensate for the failure of the big evil. Especially as it forces the Sabrinas to face off.

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