The 2nd of 8 Eldritch terrors arrive, and while powerful, perhaps the bigger worry of Sabrina’s remains being single with no one comparable to Harvey or Nick.

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The 2nd of 8 Eldritch terrors arrive, and while powerful, perhaps the bigger worry of Sabrina’s remains being single with no one comparable to Harvey or Nick.

Director(s) Alex Pillai
Writer(s) Katie Avery
Aired (Netflix) 12/31/2020
Introduced This Episode
Melvin Tyler Cotton
Carl Peter Bundic
The Uninvited Brahm Taylor

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I Can’t Get No Satisfaction – Melvin, Carl, Sabrina S, Sabrina M, Lilith, Caliban

A date with a jock named Carl and a witch named Melvin doesn’t satisfy Sabrina Spellman at all. After all, her relationships with Harvey, then Nick were exciting, filled with danger and drama! So what are two normal, admittedly boring, but nice boys capable of to compare? Especially since Carl doesn’t have an interest in horror and Melvin? Well, he seems to want to trauma bond.

So upon Lilith showing up, hoping to ruin Sabrina Morningstar’s wedding to Caliban, so comes confusion and an eye-roll since clearly Sabrina S has no care for how her actions could affect multiple realms. But, exhaustion over Sabrina’s actions aside, Lilith recruits her to possibly ruin Sabrina M’s nuptials. Which Sabrina S only seems to agree upon due to Caliban trying to trap her, and also her loneliness has reached new heights.

Yet, in the long run, she fails. Despite a test requiring him to lose his clay balls, Caliban shows his commitment to Sabrina M, and they were still wed. But, thanks to Sabrina M and her idea of a Harvey and Nick mix, Sabrina S may try to make her own happiness by making a man.

The Uninvited – Sabrina S, Sabrina M, Father Blackwood, Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose

This episode’s Eldritch Terror is The Uninvited, a homeless-looking person who, if you don’t invite into your home and show hospitality, rips your heart out. You know, because you’re heartless *Insert comical rim shot.*

But, as usual with the show, no matter how powerful and deadly the opposing force, Sabrina S comes up with a plan. This time, with the help of Sabrina M and Lucifer, she traps The Uninvited into the dollhouse where Father Blackwood’s children were to be held. Thus ending its moderate reign of terror that killed a handful of mortals.

Up next is “The Weird,” as said by Father Blackwood, who gave The Uninvited such hospitality and, begged, was given visions and some form of connection to the Eldritch terrors.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Roz still has a family, right? She is still a Black child raised in a religious household with a Black father, right? How in the heck is she getting to sleep over at her boyfriend’s house?
  2. Anyone else wanted to have Theo be possessed by the incubus for a few episodes?


Low Point

Episodic Eldritch Villains

These are some of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, yet they are defeated in a matter of, what? Maybe a few days? One destroyed by simply projecting light in its heart, another tricked into a dollhouse, and who knows how the 8th one will be defeated. If it is anything less than a core character dying, then as interesting as this adaptation can be considered, it may truly have failed to live up to the scares the first season hinted at. All by making everyone weak in order to make Sabrina strong.

The Uninvited (Brahm Taylor) making a toast
The Uninvited (Brahm Taylor)

On The Fence

The Relationships

With most relationships in a honeymoon period, it does make you wonder if there is anything on the way to change that? Especially considering this is the last season so, if given notice, will we see Sabrina maybe end up with Harvey? The actual Harvey and not some zombie or whatever Sabrina plans to concoct?

For don’t get me wrong, we’ve covered this for four seasons, we want a happy ending, it’s just… it really does feel like this show isn’t going out with a bang but a whimper, and it’s so frustrating. And with the relationships the only consistent storyline we can expect this season, as Sabrina rids the world of one Eldritch after another, there is a strong need for something to be bolstered. Of which, the relationships seem like the only option.

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Episodic Eldritch Villains - 63%
The Relationships - 72%


We continue our downhill descent as the last season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina shows why this ending now was a mercy killing.

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