Lilith, Sabrina, and Lucifer encased in stone.

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Naturally, a show about supernatural beings moves heaven and Earth in order to change the fate of the world – but will you accept how it is done?

Directed By Rob Seidenglanz
Written By Roberto Aguirre-Sacas, Daniel King
Aired (Netflix) 1/24/2020
Introduced This Episode
                                         Pesta Leanne Khol Young

Episode Recap

Let’s Do The Time Warp: Sabrina, Ambrose, Faustus, Batibat

When a character is in a pickle, what better way to get them out of it than play with space and time, right? That’s just what the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” does as a Sabrina from a different timeline, one we don’t get the full details on, frees the original Sabrina so that she may venture out into the world. One in which Caliban’s crusade to conquer Earth fails thanks to the Pagans who now rule over Earth.

However, while nearly everyone is slaughtered, Ambrose endured by means hard to say since his magic should be nil. Yet, he had just enough magic in him to create a protection spell so that he could hide out in Kinkle mines. A place where he and Sabrina plan their next move, which is using the egg Faustus so badly wanted to travel to the past. Which Sabrina does, after using Batibat to torture Faustus.

Back To Life: Zelda, Hilda, Corcosa (Pan), Circe, Nagaina, Harvey, Roz, Theo, Robin, Pesta, Sabrina

Sabrina finds herself returning to the point after Dorcas is dead, and Faustus is heading to the Spellman home. Now, with her magically having powers after a long rest, she hops about and moves people until there is time to plan. Which, with Zelda awakening and evoking the name Hecate, so begins the Order of Hecate – Worshipping the Three In One. Also, from Cain’s Pit, so comes back Hilda.

Pesta (Leanne Khol Young) destroying the pagan god.
Pesta (Leanne Khol Young)

Thus leading to the end of the pagans through Pesta killing their god, Harvey, and Roz killing Nagaina, and Prudence killing Pan. Oh, and Circe is killed by Hilda who uses a Vodou doll.

Highway To Hell: Caliban, Sabrina, Lucifer, Lilith, Ambrose

Future Sabrina and original Sabrina, despite knowing there might be consequences, make a deal. One in which they will both stay in the newly created timeline that would allow the original Sabrina to rule in hell and the other to live out life on Earth. This agreement leads to Caliban getting trapped in brimstone and Lilith and Lucifer crowning Sabrina. Meanwhile, future Sabrina spends time with her family, and within an hour or two reveals to Ambrose what has happened. Also, it is hinted that Lilith could be a problem, when it comes to the paradox Sabrina made, but it isn’t clear what future Sabrina may do to handle that issue.

There Must Be Sacrifices: Ambrose, Prudence, Nick

Making it so Ambrose now has two issues. The first being his cousin deciding to pish-posh time and space, and then there is Prudence. With the discovery that Dorcas shall be permanently dead, she blames Ambrose for not letting her kill Blackwood when she had the chance. Thus, the one true couple of the season, perhaps the series, breaks up, and Prudence is last seen snuggling up to Nick, of all people.

Setting Up Season 4: Faustus, Judith, Judas, Agatha, Zelda, Michele

Faustus after breaking his egg.

While Zelda invites Michele to officially join the school as a teacher, maybe a lover, Faustus, Judith, Judas, and Agatha, awaken the Eldritch terrors. Thus setting up the 4th season villain being whatever was in that egg featuring Faustus.

Review/ Commentary

Low Point

They Broke Up Prudence and Ambrose

After a whole season of them being the best couple this show has seen, they break them up over Dorcas? Granted, while Prudence and the weird sisters weren’t shown to be very close this season, they still had history, but why break up Prudence and Ambrose? Make things challenging for them, yeah, but to end things and have her go to Nick?! Here is hoping she just needs time to mourn her sister, and Ambrose pursues forgiveness.

The Pagans Fell So Quickly

Considering we barely got to know the pagans beyond their names and magic, is it not surprising their downfall was swift and uneventful? But perhaps the real shame is we never got to see their God in action and were just shown their power in the apocalypse event.

On The Fence

A Convenient Warping Of Fate

Sabrina in royal attire.

It isn’t 100% clear to me how Sabrina jumped from the future timeline found our Sabrina, but what is made clear is this show will manufacture a way for Sabrina to win and ultimately whatever obstacle put before her a non-issue. Which, for me, will be an issue for future seasons since now we know how far “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” will go to undo nearly an entire season’s storyline.

But, maybe this is to the show’s benefit? After all, there are bits and pieces here that are to the show’s advantage. We got a Black witch of immense power whose type of magic, blood magick, is being treated respectfully, as is the character. Also, it is giving us a queer storyline. Plus, with the witches having their magic back, it means truly epic battles and the visual effects that come with it. Also, in setting up things for Faustus, the pagans can be seen as a warm-up before Sabrina truly faces a villain who will do more than kill expendable characters – permanently.

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