All seems lost as betrayals and acts of revenge are dished out. Leaving you to wonder, in the finale, what can be done to turn things around?

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All seems lost as betrayals and acts of revenge are dished out. Leaving you to wonder, in the finale, what can be done to turn things around?

Directed By Craig William Macneill
Written By Lindsay Calhoon Bring
Aired (Netflix) 1/24/2020

Episode Recap

A Last Minute Respite: Lucifer, Lilith, Michele, Zelda

Thanks to a deal with Faustus, Lilith finds herself pregnant with Lucifer’s child, thus buying her more time. But, even with being pregnant with a son, it’s clear she is probably not going to live to see said child reach adulthood.

And as Lilith uses that baby as a shield, Michele, after digging out the bullet that shot Zelda, is trying to protect Zelda’s body as outside forces continue to threaten the Spellman home.

My Brother Is My Keeper: Edward, Zelda, Hilda

Edward talking to Zelda.

Previously, Michele introduced the concept of a mèt tèt to Zelda, which of course, she didn’t fully understand due to lack of education and willingness to remain ignorant. However, with the appearance of Edward while in some sort of haze, but not necessarily the limbo we saw Sabrina’s mom in long ago, her mind changes. Especially as she sees Hilda there too, who hasn’t resurrected from Cain’s pit, where Zelda probably should have been taken to.

But, long story short, Edward takes Zelda through her memories, and in doing so, she learns of a way to help the coven regain its former powers and glory.

Death Comes In More Than Threes: Faustus, Zelda, Agatha, Prudence, Ambrose, Michele

Yet, thanks to Faustus, and his influence over Agatha, all seems lost. He has Agatha kill Dorcas, and originally she was supposed to kill Prudence but, with being unable to get the job done, Faustus kills her instead. On top of that, we see him kill Zelda, just when she awakens, and it is assumed he killed Michele and Ambrose as well. Making it so Sabrina is the only living member of the Spellman family.

You Should Have Taken The Deal: Sabrina, Caliban

Though, thanks to Judas, and her final contest against Caliban, she is now encased in brimstone. Making it so, despite Lucifer’s assistance, Caliban may truly end up king of hell, and the reign of the Morningstars may have come to an end.

All Seems Lost: Corcas, Robin, Theo, Roz, Nick, Harvey

Pan making a proclamation.
Pan: The great and terrible show is upon us!

Lest we forget, while Faustus and hell cause damage and destruction which shall not easily be recovered from, there are also the pagans. Corcas, also known as Pan, has decided it is time, and with that comes the murder of Robin and Nick, Roz and Theo chained up, and Harvey being used as the virgin sacrifice since, so it seems Theo and Robin have had sex. Leaving us watching the mortals call for Sabrina in hopes that she may hear their call and do something. But, with her in one of the deepest levels of hell, trapped with Lilith and Lucifer, what can she do?

Review/ Commentary

On The Fence

The Build To All Of This Was Weak

Between the act of the Pagans and Faustus, one would say the execution of the penultimate episode of the season was rather weak. For Faustus, the issue comes with them being largely absent for most of the season, and when they did appear, they were skulking about, never really seeming as powerful as their reintroduction pushed them to seem. Also, add in barely anything being done, in terms of having Lucifer trapped in their body, and it makes it so, while their revenge, story-wise, was inevitable, it was lukewarm at best. And adding Agatha surely did Faustus no favor since that is a character who has barely, if ever, evolved from being one of Prudence’s sidekicks.

Then, when it comes to the Pagans, beyond knowing Robin was one of them, and some of their true forms, little else is known. They, like Faustus, were simply this season’s villain and considering all the feats Sabrina has done when she knew less and was exposed to less of the dark side, you’d think they would have built up their enemies besides the cheap way we saw this season. For truly, who believes any of these deaths are permanent? Much less, and this goes for Faustus as well, why is death or some spell used in replacement of telling us more about the villain and the state they are in? Why is that done rather than developing the character further?

An example, these pagans traveled the world, right? Well, how about showing how they came upon their faith, why they pray to their God, and the life they had before coming to Greendale? Yes, I get they are the bad guys, but if Caliban can be given some sense of not being all evil but only seen as evil since he acts against the hero, why couldn’t the pagans? Surely, beyond being portrayed as nomads who, we’re told by Zelda, were often persecuted, more could be done, right?

Corcas saying: This is the beginning.

The same goes for Faustus. His children were stolen from him, he discovered something in the 15 years he somehow was able to study magic. Why possibly save everything up for the finale when the show is an hour and could have used more than Sabrina’s uninspiring romances?

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