Sabrina dressed for a ritual.

As the Pagans make themselves known, and Nick is exposed, the Spellman family find themselves on the defense unlike anytime before.

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As the Pagans make themselves known, and Nick is exposed, the Spellman family find themselves on the defense unlike anytime before.

Directed By Viet Nguyen
Written By Donna Thorland
Aired (Netflix) 1/24/2020
Introduced This Episode
Carcosa Will Swenson
Nagaina Vanessa Rubio

Episode Recap

A Solution To The Problems: Sabrina, Nick, Dorian, Ambrose

Being that Lucifer is a celestial being, it is realized his powers come from him being an angel, not a demonic figure, so the idea is, drain an angel and drink their blood. However, this grand plan of Ambrose doesn’t come to past as Dorian drinks the blood gathered in hopes of solving his skin condition. But, to make matters worse, on top of the blood being drank, Sabrina discovers Nick is into some serious BDSM with sex demons.

Calling Out Sabrina: Sabrina, Nick, Zelda

With the discovery that Nick is cheating on Sabrina, so comes Nick unleashing on her after her picking and prodding. To sum it all up, Nick ultimately doesn’t feel Sabrina was worth all he went through between the torture and the “catalog of violations.” Yet, he isn’t the only one upset at Sabrina. Zelda, who learns she is the queen of hell, is tired of all the lies and withholding of information. This includes Hilda getting engaged which pushes Zelda to think everyone is being selfish but her.

The Worshippers of the Old Gods: Carcosa, Nagaina, Roz, Harvey, Theo, Zelda, Sabrina

Nagaina (Vanessa Rubio) in Harvey's home.
Nagaina (Vanessa Rubio)

Carcosa and his group are causing all sorts of trouble. Now, as for whether or not they were provoked, that is harder to say. One could say that the pagan witches being pushed out, if not massacred, by the rise of satanic witches was the first stone thrown. However, that was generations ago, and the Spellman family may not have taken part in that.

However, wounds never heal well when the cut is too deep, so it seems only natural that, with knowing they are in a power position, Carcosa and his followers decide to exert some sense of authority. Hence them taking out Roz, for she is a seer, and to firing a warning shot, they take out two of the weird sisters and push Zelda’s people to either worship their Gods or prepare for battle.

Sacrifices Have To Be Made: Zelda, Sabrina, Nick, Lucifer

Thus leading to the idea that, rather than continuing to praise Lilith, who is of little to no help, it is time to free Lucifer, deal with the punishment he’ll bestow, but at least rid themselves of the pagans. But, the problem is with that, Lucifer tricked Nick, and now Nick is in chains while Lucifer and Faustus are seemingly gone. So with Lucifer on the loose, it seems Zelda may have no choice but to praise the old Gods to save her young coven. At least, unless Sabrina comes up with some last-minute solution.

Review/ Commentary


Sabrina Being Called Out

Nick saying Sabrina wasn't worth the torture he went through.

While Sabrina generally means well, calling her selfish isn’t necessarily untrue. She is headstrong, doesn’t considering the established order, and also doesn’t take note of the consequences of her actions. For example, this rise of the pagans comes from Sabrina trying to overthrow the Dark Lord without thinking of the long term effects. She simply just wanted to get out of the situation she was born into.

Which, in many ways, you can understand. As Nick made clear, there is nothing worse than your fate in the hands of another, especially when it doesn’t align with your desires. However, Sabrina has truly undone everything with very little to build things back up with. At least at this point in the season.

Hilda, The Peacekeeper

It’s a shame that deal-making isn’t really a thing for anyone. Pretty much it is defense, then offense, and conquering. Negotiating is a dirty thing and alliances are few. Which truly makes you wonder, as the balance of powers continues to be thrown off, what can the end game of the series be? For at this point, the end of days, the apocalypse, seems more and more likely. After all, sooner or later, celestial beings will come back and there has to be an all-out war.

Notable Assets Lost

Losing Agatha and Dorcas isn’t a big deal due to both barely being more than comic relief and only as useful as Prudence makes them. And with Prudence’s storyline involving her father put on pause, she has taken a back seat and barely even gets any cute moments with Ambrose anymore. However, the loss of Roz is a whole other thing.

Roz in stone.

Take note: Roz is the only one who is consistently committed to the plight of humans, as Sabrina is often focused on things dealing with the dark arts, hell, and her coven. So Roz being taken out means not just the humans being vulnerable, it interrupts Harvey’s storyline and Sabrina’s ability to tap into normalcy. Also, I’d submit, even though we know the spell will be reversed, she is the first major loss for Sabrina and, like “Dragon Ball Z,” it takes a significant loss for Sabrina to bounce back stronger than ever. Which makes you wonder if that power we saw in the last season may return and perhaps surpass not just Lucifer, but the old Gods we keep hearing about.

On The Fence

Sabrina’s Boy Trouble

Surely I’m not the only one who feels most shows would do well without saddling their lead up with a love interest, right? I get romance, especially for a 16-year-old like Sabrina, is a normal thing, but increasingly her relationships seem obligatory. As if Sabrina has to be presented as desirable and wanted in a romantic, maybe even sexual way, as the show holds off the end game of her and Harvey being together.

Yet, what has that really done for the show? Yes, it did set up most of this storyline for Lucifer, but there is just this need to question if there could have been another way? If not the need to ask if, outside of Ambrose and Prudence, can any duo on here have a relationship you truly want to invest in long-term?

Carcosa & His Followers

While certainly eccentric, do Carcosa’s followers seem like characters who’d make it beyond this season? We know so little about them and while they are but an introduction to the old Gods, is that where their story begins and ends or will they be more?

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Sabrina Being Called Out - 86%
Hilda, The Peacekeeper - 84%
Notable Assets Lost - 85%
Sabrina’s Boy Trouble - 75%
Pan & His Followers - 74%


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