Sabrina's outreaching hand for someone she will show mercy.

As Sabrina begins her training to be a proper queen, some shocking discoveries are made, and Theo may have a crush.

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As Sabrina begins her training to be a proper queen, some shocking discoveries are made, and Theo may have a crush.

Directed By Alex Pillai
Written By Ross Maxwell
Aired (Netflix) 1/24/2020
Introduced This Episode
Robin Jonathan Whitesell
Judas Darius Willis
Judith Whitney Peak
Beelzebub Nelson Leis

Episode Recap

The New Boy In Town: Theo, Robin

Robin (Jonathan Whitesell) introducing themselves.
Robin (Jonathan Whitesell)

Whether a true friend or someone who will eventually reveal themselves as a foe, Theo has made a new friend. They are a new kid named Robin, who claims they are from a small town not worth noting, and Theo spends time with them in and out of school. However, they have not yet been introduced to Sabrina, Harvey, and Roz, so let’s assume Theo just wants something for themselves for now.

Don’t Forget The Children: Ambrose, Judas, Judith, Prudence, Faustus

The Vodou magic works and Prudence finds Faustus, but there are a lot of things in regards to him that have changed. For one, he notes that in the month he has been gone, it has actually been 15 years. Which, based on Judas and Judith, formerly Leticia, seems to be factual. However, as for what Faustus has been doing is up for debate as we are only told his magic is far greater now than before, as well as his understanding. But, as shown by Prudence knocking him out with a rock, he is still very much human.

A New Vessel: Faustus, Lucifer, Sabrina, Zelda, Prudence, Ambrose, Judas, Judith, Nick

Judith (Whitney Peak) and Judas (Darius Willis) in the dollhouse Ambrose and Prudence made.
Judith (Whitney Peak) and Judas (Darius Willis)

As you can imagine, Sabrina is struggling with where to put Lucifer so that she can have Nick back. As this happens, Zelda is struggling because Sabrina left Lucifer in the basement, and he is causing trouble for her. So, upon discovery of him being locked up, she is ready to go off because Lucifer influenced her to the point of smacking the mess out of Agatha in front of the rest of the students.

But, killing two doves with one jet airplane, with Prudence and Ambrose returning with Faustus, Lucifer finds a new home, and Nick is back in Sabrina’s arms and kissing her lips. Leaving the need to ask: what to do with Judas and Judith? Well, rather than see if they can join Zelda’s school and be reeducated, Prudence and Ambrose trap them in a dollhouse for safekeeping.

Threats On Multiple Fronts: Lucifer, Faustus

With Faustus having a guest in his mind, Lord Lucifer, there are no battles or anything Lucifer dealt with when it came to Nick. Rather, they have a conversation. Mostly about beings beyond the “Old Ones” coming and instead the Eldritch Terrors. Beings older than the Old Ones and are touted to perhaps be beyond the oldest gods known.

Now, whether than includes Lucifer is up for debate.

Maintaining The Balance: Sabrina, Lilith, Beelzebub, Caliban

Beelzebub (Nelson Leis) complaining about the changes Sabrina wants to make.
Beelzebub (Nelson Leis)

One of Sabrina’s duties that she is by no means fond of is dragging souls to hell to keep the flames going. But, whether she likes it or not, rather than this being done by some kind of minion, the one who sits on the throne does it, and her deciding to show mercy on one mortal soul gets people like Beelzebub upset, and increases the call for Caliban’s take over.

However, with the second person being truly evil, and sacrificing children to stay on Earth longer, Sabrina has no issues taking them to hell. She doesn’t torture them but does push for their torture. But, of course, nothing is good enough for the Kings of Hell so this gesture doesn’t quiet them what so ever.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Where is Dorcas?
  • When Lilith notes Sabrina leaves a psychic trail, what does that mean?
  • How do the kids feel about the change in regime, or are they just happy someone is feeding them and putting a roof over their head? Will we hear about none of their parents?

Review/ Commentary


The Dark Side To Sabrina

Mercy, doing what’s right, and a slight naivety, has been Sabrina’s thing. But, the thing is, Sabrina is often a product of her environment, and the closer her association to witches, hell, and dark arts, the more we have seen a more ruthless side to Sabrina. After all, power is a corrupting force and nothing about Sabrina is angelic to counterbalance being the literal daughter of Satan.

Yet, we’re likely to see her try to fight her fate, and half the fun is watching the struggle to avoid the inevitable, isn’t it?

Theo Having a Love Interest

When it comes to those who are non-binary or don’t adhere to their perceived gender, we don’t necessarily get to see them in romantic roles. If they are gay or lesbian, yes. Also, those who are trans are increasingly seen. But non-binary is still very much niche, indie, and not in productions with a huge amount of money. So Theo getting the attention of someone who is presumably a boy, it leads you to wonder how will this go?

Also, there is the question of, with Theo introducing themselves as Theo and not mentioning what they were named or once presented, what does this mean for this friendship, crush, if not future relationship? More than likely Robin is going to end up Theo’s partner, unless this show takes a different route, but the journey to that endpoint is definitely going to be something.

Lilith Not Betraying Sabrina Or Planting Seeds

Lilith is a schemer, and we know it. However, to some surprise, she isn’t necessarily making any moves against Sabrina. Granted, she is hemming and hawing as she helps her – but did you notice that little smile at the end? The one when Sabrina was talking about reforming hell? Does this mean she supports Sabrina or plans to take advantage of her influence? Could Madam Satan possibly end up on Sabrina’s bad side?

Continue to watch to find out!

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The Dark Side To Sabrina - 85%
Theo Having a Love Interest - 86%
Lilith Not Betraying Sabrina Or Planting Seeds - 89%


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