As in previous seasons, Sabrina finds herself torn by the great powers she holds and the mortal world she is unable to leave behind.

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As in previous seasons, Sabrina finds herself torn by the great powers she holds and the mortal world she is unable to leave behind.

Directed By Rob Seidenglanz
Written By Roberto Aguierre-Sacasa
Aired (Netflix) 1/24/2020
Introduced This Episode
Mambo Michele Marie Le Fleur Skye P. Marshall
Caliban Sam Corlett

Episode Recap

Praise Lilith: Zelda, Hilda, Lilith

As Zelda and Hilda try to begin their own church, they are forced to recognize the difficulty in doing so. First, due to breaking off from the Church of Night, and convincing the children of the church to praise a new God, and secondly, there is the council they formerly dealt with. One which reveals themselves to be liars, as they claim they have spoken to the imprisoned dark lord, which makes Zelda’s decision all the more easier. Thus, in their evening prayers, Zelda prays to Lilith, who hears their call. Perhaps setting up a means for her to truly gain the power and respect she desires.

Daddy Dearest: Prudence, Michele, Ambrose

With Ambrose and Prudence outwitted left and right by Father Blackwood, Prudence decides it is time to look into a different kind of magic – specifically Vodou. So, in Louisiana, they seek out Michele, who guides them into blood magick, and with that, they find Father Blackwood is hiding out in Scotland.

A Hellish Stroll: Dorian, Sabrina, Roz, Harvey, Theo

Getting to Hell is a struggle for Sabrina for, even with her being a Morningstar, she is still a child, is half-mortal, and the gates aren’t necessarily going to just open for someone with a minimal association. Thus leading to Sabrina at a bit of a loss until she remembers Dorian. Someone who has many portraits and portals, and one would take Sabrina into hell. However, in return, to leave such a place, she’d need to get a flower from the aptly named Forest of Torment.

Naturally, without thinking twice, planning properly, and surely not telling her aunts, Sabrina heads to hell with her friends, who are ill-equipped to deal with demons unlike any which have thus far come to the mortal world. And on their way, they run into familiar faces and voices. We see what assumingly is Theo’s uncle Jesse, a voice that is Harvey’s brother, and also Roz’s grandmother. Now, of them all, we are led to assume only Jesse is truly in hell, and the rest aren’t. But this torture doesn’t end long as Lilith has a problem.

A Deal With Mother Satan: Lilith, Sabrina, Caliban, Lucifer, Nick

Caliban (Sam Corlett) at the beach, with his shirt open.
Caliban (Sam Corlett)

Lilith, while being praised by Zelda’s little coven, is by no means recognized as the Queen of Hell that she sees herself as. Many see her as a concubine, and with that, chaos rings amongst hell. So, as much as Lilith would rather have Sabrina dead or trapped, because of the constant threat she is, Lilith admits she needs Sabrina, and Sabrina is forced to admit she needs her to rescue Nick and deal with Lucifer. But, unfortunately for the two, no agreement between them seems to be easy and recognized.

Sabrina, for example, isn’t allowed to just crown Lilith and be on her way. Also, even as Lucifer pushes her to take the throne, and she does, there again is the issue of being recognized as Caliban, the “Prince of Hell,” challenges her.

Yet, despite the challenge, no fight happens in this episode. That is kicked down the road for another time. A time in which we’ll see more than Caliban, and the Three Kings backing him, as adversaries.

But, at the very least, Sabrina does win the first battle and gets Nick out of hell. Also, she names Lilith her regent to make her happy. However, as noted, with hell in chaos, this does not bring balance, and with Sabrina trying to juggle two things that need her full commitment, we are witnessing the calm before the storm.

Review/ Commentary


Vodou Representation

You can’t really have a show about witches and not have Vodou. Though, while we appreciate the representation, there is a need to question if Michele is a one-episode character or reoccurring? Specifically, due to the fact Prudence is just using her as a means to find Father Blackwood. It isn’t like they are trying to train, build their skills, and diversify their magic. But, hey, this show isn’t about Prudence and Ambrose so we’ll take what we can get.

Mambo Michele Marie Le Fleur (Skye P. Marshall) talking to Prudence and Ambrose.
Mambo Michele Marie Le Fleur (Skye P. Marshall)

Zelda Stepping Into The Role She Is Meant For

Of all people, Zelda has shown herself to be one of the few who adhered to the teachings of the Dark Lord and was the most aware and fearful of their wrath. So her praying to Lilith, and what they can do not only for her but the long-suffering Goddess? Imagine them as a duo?

Plus, considering with most shows focused on witches we rarely get to see how the coven formed and their teachings, outside of flashbacks, this means we could see Zelda’s built from the ground up.

Prudence & Ambrose’s Chemistry

While I doubt they are end game or will end up exclusive to one another, there is no denying this saga of them without Sabrina, and her madness is a Godsend. Especially since you know they won’t get a proper spin-off, so this is the closest thing we’ll get to that.

The Battles To Come

In the coming episodes, Sabrina will have to face off against her dad, Caliban, possibly Lilith, considering she is power-hungry, the three kings, and who knows what else now that Lucifer is no longer holding the reins. But that isn’t all, we got Ambrose and Prudence vs. Father Blackwood, and then Zelda and Hilda facing off against the council for all they did to Father Blackwood and for trying to convert the children to another faith!

So to say we’re excited is a understament.

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Vodou Representation - 85%
Zelda Stepping Into The Role She Is Meant For - 84%
Prudence & Ambrose’s Chemistry - 90%
The Battles To Come - 89%


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