Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season 2, Episode 4 “Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberus’ House of Horror” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

A woman, Mrs. McGarvey taps into the greatest fears of many characters in what is largely a “What If?” episode.

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Mrs. McGarvey (Veronica Cartwright) as thunder rolls in the background.

A woman, Mrs. McGarvey taps into the greatest fears of many characters in what is largely a “What If?” episode.

Director(s) Alex Garcia Lopez
Writer(s) Ross Maxwell
Air Date 4/5/2019
Introduced This Episode
Mrs. McGarvey Veronica Cartwright

Matters of The Heart: Sabrina, Nick, Zelda, Father Blackwood, Dezmelda, Harvey, Mrs. McGarvey, Dr. Cee, Hilda

It’s a rainy day, and so Hilda thought it would be just her and Dr. Cee – meaning they could have some fun. However, with the arrival of Mrs. McGarvey, and then one townsperson after another, they have to postpone. Yet, we get to see some of the greatest fears of each character as Mrs. McGarvey does tarot card readings to pass the time. For example, Sabrina, due to Nick lying about killing his familiar, now doesn’t trust him. Thinks he might be doing something unbecoming of a boyfriend with the “Weird Sisters.” Leading her to, after her reading, confirm they are dating and ask of him to stay away from the women.

Then with Zelda, with Leticia being raised in the woods by Dezmelda and her nuptials upcoming, there is a thought of bringing the child out of the shadows until she sees Dezmelda taking her man. That is, after the reveals she ate the child. Thus leaving Zelda and Sabrina more insecure than ever.

But it doesn’t end with them. Harvey also comes in, and while his matter doesn’t deal with a relationship, it does deal with what he is passionate about: Art. Specifically going away to a place in Rhode Island where he meets someone who has also encountered demonic spirits. Leading him to go beyond peering into the other world but being trapped.

Though, as with all the visions, these things are just presented as a worst-case scenario.

What Or Who Are You Willing To Sacrifice: Father Blackwood, Ambrose, Theo, Hilda, Roz, Mrs. McGarvey, Dorothea, Luke

Mrs. McGarvey finds more and more people to read, and they range from Roz, who could have life-changing eye surgery, to Theo, who wants to get more masculine. Starting with Roz, it was made clear in season 1 that she and religion have a complicated relationship. Seemingly it isn’t so much the god factor as much as she thinks her dad is scamming the church. Making the idea of the congregation paying for her eye surgery seem awful for she fears they could do the worse.

Theo seeing himself externally as he sees himself internally.

Switching to Theo, while people accept him as Theo, he doesn’t look like a Theo even with a shaved head, and that presents a problem. One that Dorothea solves by saying to go to the Spellmans but rather than ask Hilda, who seems to be fairly keeping in touch, he just steals herbs, a spell, and for a day or two is the man he wants to be. Well, until he begins to turn into a tree.

Leaving Ambrose. His is a bit weird and mostly hones onto his uneasy relationship with Father Blackwood. As noted before, the coven isn’t all that diverse, and with Sabrina often butting heads with Father Blackwood and Zelda about to marry him, things are kind of weird. Add in Luke and Ambrose is between sandpaper and a hard place.

Leading to a nightmare where he, under the spell of Father Blackwood, kills his family.

The Truth: Lilith, Ambrose, Father Blackwood, Luke

After all the hijinks we learn Lilith was Mrs. McGarvey and seemingly glamoured everyone just to learn a few things. Though, when it comes to Ambrose, she wasn’t too far off in whatever spell she put everyone under. We learn Luke is dead and, as seen in the dream, premonition, what have you, Father Blackwood does want Ambrose to join the Judas Society and perhaps pick up where Luke left off.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How much endurance does it take to glamor people for that long?
  2. So, big picture, how logical was everything we saw? From Prudence and her crew essentially killing Sabrina to Leticia being eaten, were these all worst fears or was there a bit of truth to them?
  3. What caused Luke to die and what was his mission?
  4. Whatever happened to the supposed witch hunter from season 1?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Ambrose was trapped in his aunt’s home for 75 years.

On The Fence

The Value Of This Episode Depends On The Follow Up

The Empress tarot card that Lilith pulls.

“What If” episodes are hit and miss. On the one hand, touching on characters’ irrational fears can be fun. Yet, considering how most of the fears don’t usually get followed up on much, it makes a whole episode dedicated to them seem like a waste of an episode. Especially since some things, like Theo wanting to look more manly or Harvey’s issues with the supernatural, we knew that. Heck, Sabrina’s issues with Nick also were obvious since, unlike the rest, she doesn’t sleep at the academy so anything could happen. Even with Prudence long calling a truce.

Making the only valuable “What If?” scenarios being Zelda’s, since it revealed how uneasy she is about her marriage, and Roz, since it gave us some character development. But, who knows, maybe Theo may ask, rather than steal, a way to be more masculine? Harvey may head back to the mines to face some fears and when it comes to Sabrina, considering Prudence and Ambrose are hitting it off, maybe she just needs to chat with Agatha, and especially Dorcas.

Someone who, by the way, it isn’t clear if she had sex with Nick or he escaped her clutches in the last episode.

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