Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Chapter 8: The Burial” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Ambrose and Zelda are given joy by Father Blackwood as Sabrina finds herself doing the unthinkable in the name of love. Network Netflix Director(s) Maggie Kiley Writer(s) Lindsay Calhoon Bring, Christianne Hedtke Air Date 10/26/2018 Introduced This Episode Dorothea Anastasia Bandey Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase…

Ambrose and Zelda are given joy by Father Blackwood as Sabrina finds herself doing the unthinkable in the name of love.

Director(s) Maggie Kiley
Writer(s) Lindsay Calhoon Bring, Christianne Hedtke
Air Date 10/26/2018
Introduced This Episode
Dorothea Anastasia Bandey

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A Gift From Father Blackwood: Father Blackwood, Ambrose, Zelda, Luke

Between Zelda and Ambrose, it could be hard to argue who is trapped in that house more? The one there for legal reasons or the one who has nothing to leave the house for. Well, outside of a coven event. Making Father Blackwood both of their saviors.

For Ambrose, it comes in the form of him not snitching on the man who was his father figure. You see, while a talented young man, accepted to Oxford and releasing books at the age of 17, even taught Houdini a thing or two, losing his father made Ambrose aimless. That is, until a young Crowley, as Ambrose describes him, filled the role of his father. Making it so his father figures plans became his. Now, as for how Father Blackwood ends up part of this? Well, because he appreciates Ambrose not being a snitch, probably not blackmailing him like the rest of the family as well. So, he plans to help Ambrose get his sentence lessened through community service at the academy. Oh, and I should note, Luke was the one who got this ball rolling.

As for Zelda? Well, with Lady Blackwood withholding sex from Father Blackwood for months, they copulate. Something which Zelda thinks will be a regular thing and it isn’t clear yet if it won’t. Though, with him having twin boys on the way, who knows between sex or flagellation how long these two may last. Especially before being discovered.


Zelda and Father Blackwood kissing.

Don’t trust these warlock hoes. Like, what is the point of marriage in their world considering it doesn’t have the false gods purity or sanctity of marriage stuff involved? Is it simply for status? Considering how patriarchal their world is, would an unmarried man not be taken seriously or seen as someone with leadership qualities without a family? Never mind, without children, seen as impotent?

That aside, I’m glad we finally got some idea of why Ambrose is on house arrest. Also, good on the writers to not make it a boyfriend, or girlfriend, considering Ambrose may not be choosy, being the reason. It being a father figure, much less one which would destroy the Vatican, brings about the idea that there are radicals out there. Those who, like Sabrina, belief witches should have influence over the mortal realm. It’s just Ambrose’s father’s beliefs may not align with witches who may see help as something less drastic and violent.

Leading me to hope this father figure appears – eventually.

There Has Been An Accident: Dorothea, Susie, Sabrina, Harvey, Mr. Kinkle, Agatha, Dorcas, Tommy

Agatha and Dorcas caused the mine to partially collapse. Thus killing Tommy but, thanks to a protection spell, Harvey survived. However, alongside Tommy’s body died what remains of Harvey and Mr. Kinkle’s relationship. Something which is partly Sabrina’s fault, since she put a spell on Harvey to have the courage to speak during his brother’s funeral. But, at the very least, while they didn’t have a body, thanks to Dorothea’s influence, Susie was able to get Tommy’s dented helmet.


Dorothea (Anastasia Bandey) appearing before Susie.
Dorothea (Anastasia Bandey)

All eyes on Dorothea and Susie right now – what’s going on there? Why do I feel like I’m suddenly in Buffy the Vampire Slayer? We got a medium in Susie, a witch in Sabrina, Roz can see the past and future, what kind of super team should I ultimately expect? Also, what is the reason behind Susie seeing Dorothea? Sabrina and Roz’s powers have been explained but Susie’s came out of nowhere. Does her family have some kind of relationship with witches too? Maybe the demon possession of Uncle Jesse, and her being around that so long, made her able to speak with those on the astral plane? What’s going on?

A Life For a Life: Roz, Sabrina, Prudence, Agatha, Dorcas, Tommy, Harvey, Ambrose, Hilda

Thanks to Roz and Hilda, Sabrina comes up with a plan to get revenge and help Harvey. Roz reveals Agatha and Dorcas killed Tommy and Hilda reveals that the reason she comes back to life, after Zelda kills her, is the soil in their cemetery. Allegedly, it is soil from Cain’s garden which is soaked in Abel’s blood. Thus allowing Sabrina to use necromancy to sacrifice Agatha, who Dorcas says was the ringleader, revive her and possibly get Tommy all in one false swoop.

Problem with that idea is, Sabrina is cheating the system by not keeping Agatha dead. Something Ambrose warns Sabrina for doing, but that might be the least of her troubles. If only because she forgot that, when a soul returns, it goes to its body. Meaning Tommy’s soul returned to the body trapped in the mine. Luckily, if you wanna use that word, he gets out of the mind. But, whether he did as a zombie as the Tommy Harvey knew and loved? Well, that’s up for debate.


The ghost of Tommy.

I think we’re coming to that point where binging the show isn’t allowing enough time to recover from the show’s weaknesses. Because Sabrina is doing way too much and getting away with it. Think about it, she got Prudence to betray her sisters, who she has known way longer than Sabrina, because she saved her from Constance? Much less, Agatha could have exposed them to mortals? A mine collapsing, as mines do when you dig through them, collapsing could have exposed them how? Also, she is mad for them lying so she trusted Sabrina on the idea that burying her in some plot would let her come back to life?

Man, this show is twisted. I like it for being so but, I think I’m starting to build up the kind of tolerance which is making me roll my eyes since Sabrina is such a know it all. But, with Tommy back, in zombie mode, maybe she has finally failed? Perhaps she has done something which will land her in serious trouble? Especially if death, whether a being or just a business, punishes Sabrina for popping a stringed quarter in the slot and thinking she can take the candy and run.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Anyone found Ambrose and Sabrina being so chummy at the beginning of the episode off? Her legs up on him and him massaging her calf? That has to be the most intimate scene we have ever seen the two of them have.
  2. If I was Prudence, I would curse Sabrina out for summoning me like I’m some genie in a lamp.


  1. Sabrina may have experienced her first real failure.
  2. Ambrose will be working at the Academy of the Unseen Arts soon!
  3. Hilda explaining how she comes back from the dead and Ambrose explaining why he is on house arrest.
  4. Roz’s powers being rather stable and useful.
  5. No matter what, Harvey and Sabrina are probably one of the cutest couples.

On The Fence

  1. Prudence punishing Agatha seemed off
  2. Zelda’s sexcapade with Father Blackwood.
  3. Dorothea and Susie.
  4. Zombie Tommy.

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