Everyone’s greatest fear is revealed and, in order to assist Sabrina, Ms. Wardwell might have blown her cover. Network Netflix Director(s) Maggie Kiley Writer(s) Matthew Barry Air Date 10/26/2018 Introduced This Episode Batibat Megan Leitch Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I…

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Everyone’s greatest fear is revealed and, in order to assist Sabrina, Ms. Wardwell might have blown her cover.

Director(s) Maggie Kiley
Writer(s) Matthew Barry
Air Date 10/26/2018
Introduced This Episode
Batibat Megan Leitch

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Meet Batibat: Batibat, Ms. Wardwell, Zelda, Sabrina

With solving the Acheron Configuration, the sleep demon Batibat is released. A demon which used to torture Sabrina’s father and give him insomnia. However, one day, 70 years ago, he trapped her. Making her release quite nice but a bit upsetting. So, of course, she wants revenge. The kind which Zelda was supposed to stop but seemingly didn’t get the job done. For while she was able to seal the house, she didn’t get to seal Batibat, leaving her to begin torturing them.

Something Ms. Wardwell, mother of demons we’re told, doesn’t want her to do – at least to Sabrina. However, with Ms. Wardwell unable to enter as much as Batibat can’t leave, she is paid no attention to.


Batibat (Megan Leitch) talking to someone.
Batibat (Megan Leitch)

Question: How was the Acheron Configuration discovered and do no one think something might have been trapped in there? Granted, we’ve been told Edward was a brilliant mind but do they think he’d be a simple puzzle box maker just as a hobby? Though, flipping the idea, maybe Father Blackwood knew what was inside? But, following that track, why let Nick have a shot at it if he knew a demon was in there?

Also, there is a need to question Ms. Wardwell being the mother of demons. Mostly in the form of how is she the mother? I doubt her and the Dark Lord are messing around and she is giving birth the mortal way. So is she mother just by title or is she, one way or another, actually giving birth to these demons? Of which, based on Batibat, seemingly are rebellious as teenagers.

Your Greatest Fears: Ambrose, Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda, Ms. Wardwell, Salem, Batibat

While all human beings are asleep, Salem roams the house, distracting Batibat a tad. Not knowing that, in doing so, he is helping Ms. Wardwell who is desperately in search of Sabrina. Leading her to go in and out of dreams featuring Ambrose thinking he’ll end up dying alone, Hilda believing she’ll be trapped to Zelda, Zelda believing she’ll one day actually kill Hilda. As for Sabrina? Her greatest fear is telling Harvey the truth and him spreading that around and putting her in an iron maiden.

Luckily, her torture ends with Ms. Wardwell making her aware she is in a dream and following that with using a voodoo doll to cause enough pain to wake Sabrina up. Leading to her going to work to wake up her aunts and Ambrose (who she noticeably rarely refers to as her cousin). During all this, she confers with Salem, who doesn’t vocalize in a way for us to hear him, what she should do. Which is basically run. So, using what little she knows, then Ambrose’s books, she comes up with a plan. One in which she’ll glamore Salem to look like her as she goes into everyone’s dreams. Thus leading her to see all their fears.

Unfortunately for her though, Zelda, the one who would be able to help the most, is hysterical due to guilt. Luckily, Hilda, upon learning she is in a dream, can get herself together enough to mention her familiars being able to help trap Batibat and Ambrose also comes up with a distraction so Sabrina can trap Batibat in the real world – leading to yet another victory for Sabrina Spellman.


Batibat (Megan Leitch) skulking through the house.
Batibat (Megan Leitch)

You gotta wonder if any of these fears will ever be addressed. Especially Hilda and Zelda’s. Not much can be done with Ambrose’s for he is on punishment for who knows how long. However, with Hilda seemingly wanting a life outside her sister, such as working in the town’s bookstore, Zelda could make the kind of moves which would allow her relationship with Hilda to heal. She did, after all, apologize to her about taking her harrowing too far. Would it be silly to believe she could become the sister Hilda wishes she once had?

Oh, and would it have been too much to hear Salem’s voice or did the show not want to compete with the Melissa Joan Hart version so they just made Salem silent? We heard him whisper when we met him so what gives? Can he only be heard to use when in goblin form and all other times he only speaks to Sabrina telepathically?

Pushing the thought, how did Sabrina communicate with Hilda’s familiars? Unless they, like Hilda, are quite friendly. Though, considering they do less than Salem did, despite the powers they hold, and their bites maybe being able to wake up their master, maybe they aren’t that friendly. Also, where was Zelda’s familiar? Much less, considering Ambrose still technically has powers, shouldn’t he have a familiar wandering about too?

What To Do With The Truth?: Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda, Ms. Wardwell, Ambrose

Sabrina, who has not been fond of her family keeping secrets from her, now knows their deepest and darkest secrets. Yet, what can she really do with them? Can she talk about Ambrose’s fear of dying alone with him, or together as a family? What about getting in the middle of the issues Hilda and Zelda have? Is it worth it?

Well, she puts that aside to address Ms. Wardwell. For her entering the dream and waking up Sabrina was kind, but definitely not something her civics teacher should be capable of. So, needless to say, she has some explaining to do.


Sabrina confronting Ms. Wardwell.

Being that Sabrina is a good person, you have to wonder if she may ever really speak about what she saw. The main way you’d expect would be out of anger but you really have to push Sabrina to get a rise out of her. Even with the Prudence situation, she didn’t lash out as much as you’d perhaps warrant her to. Yet, I don’t see these secrets going away.

The only problem is, while you can imagine how Zelda and Hilda’s could get handled, what about Ambrose? What could lead to him free to date and be a carefree Black warlock? Will that ever get put on Sabrina’s agenda or is her cousin not important enough?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why was Prudence and her sisters in nearly everyone’s dream? Especially Zelda’s?
  2. Though I’m sure Sabrina sees Ambrose as family, how does she truly feel about him? She doesn’t really refer to him as her cousin, as he does when speaking about her, ad nauseum, so how does she see him? Also, where and how are his parents?


  1. Though we could fathom everyone’s fear, since most characters are rather transparent, understanding how much Zelda both loves her sister yet perhaps is envious of her wasn’t thought about much. For Zelda is a prickly woman at times and while she is come to for her expertise, just to hang out or spend time with? That isn’t something anyone does. Yet, with Ambrose attracting a young man, Sabrina loving her aunt so much she still lets her tuck her in, confides in her even, you can see a bit of a green monster there.


  1. We didn’t hear Salem talk.

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